5 Tips for Public Speaking

Overcoming Your Public Speaking Fear

We all get it... that nervous feeling in the pit of our stomach when we have to speak in front of a group of people. No matter how informal the occasion, how small the group, or how well you know your audience or subject material, for most people, public speaking is a part of life that we could happily do without.

Help is at hand! We've listed our top 5 tips for successful public speaking below.

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  • 5 Tips for Public Speaking
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Get Comfortable with Your Content

Make sure you know your speech inside out. The more familiar you are with the structure of your speech, the more confident you will be when delivering it.

Get a Fresh Perspective

When designing and delivering a speech, it's easy to get "too close" to the material. Ask a friend or colleague for feedback on the presentation itself, and on your delivery style.

Practice, Practice, Practice

With your delivery time in mind, practice your presentation as many times as possible. Practice will boost your confidence and increase the ease with which you can deliver your presentation.

Be Prepared for Questions

Try to anticipate what kinds of questions may be asked, and prepare for these in advance.

Prepare both Mentally and Physically

Try to get a great night's sleep before your presentation or speech. Don't skip breakfast, lunch, or whatever meal comes before your speech. Where possible, take some quiet time before you speak.

Get 5 More Tips on Public Speaking

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Develop Your Skills with our 2-Day Workshop

Our popular Public Speaking Workshop will help you cope with any nerves you have about delivering a speech. During this interactive course, we teach you best-practice preparation and delivery skills for public speaking in any environment.

Our trainers are experienced public speakers, and qualified training professionals. They bring the benefit of their experience and skill to each course, giving you helpful feedback as you learn.

Course Highlights Include

  • Key Preparation Techniques
  • Overcoming Your Nerves
  • Professional Delivery Skills
  • Practical Experience

You can learn more about our Public Speaking Course, download a brochure, and ask about dates by clicking the "Visit Course Page" button below. Alternatively, you can "Ask a Quick Question" and we'll come back to you with the information you need.

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