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Social media is the buzzword on most people’s lips right now – and with good reason. Most of your customers use at least one, if not many forms of social media. Quite often, a sense of mystery surrounds social media and how to get the best from it. It’s easy to feel intimidated by the range of options out there and at a loss for how to get started.

During this 2 Day Workshop you'll learn how to use social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+. At the end of the course you will feel confident using Social Media for your business. This course is only available for customised, in-company bookings.

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What will I gain from this workshop?

Stop fearing it and Start sharing it....

Social media can be one of the most accessible and useful tools to promote your business and this two day workshop will:

  • Show you what all the hype is about
  • Help you navigate the most popular social media sites
  • Introduce you to new, exciting forms of social media
  • Teach you to develop a successful social media strategy

What is covered on this Social Media Workshop?

  • Introduction to Social Media

    Why is social media so important?
    How can it work for me and my business?

  • The Main Players: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn:

    How they work
    How they relate to you
    Tips on how to get the best from each site

  • Overview of Video Marketing Including


  • Ones to Watch: Social Media Sites increasing in popularity such as:


  • Successful Blogging

    The principles of creating good content
    Incorporating SEO Principles within your content
    Sourcing content and article topics
    Top tips for effective blog posts

  • Email Marketing

    Understanding the best practices for email marketing
    Developing your database
    Guidelines for achieving the most effective results

  • Planning Your Social Marketing Strategy

    Getting Started!

Frequently Asked Questions: Social Media Workshop

  • Do I need any social media marketing experience for this course?
    No experience is needed for this course. It is helpful to be familiar with how some of the most popular social media sites look and operate, but not essential.

  • Can I attend this as a public course?
    At present, this course is only available for onsite training. However, we do have a number of other digital marketing training options available, which you can view here.

  • What is Onsite Training?
    Onsite training, which is often called in-company or in-house training is a focused approach of delivering training to a specific group of people, usually within a company, community group or organisation.

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