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6 Benefits of the QQI Training & Development Special Purpose Award

What is this QQI Special Purpose Award?

The QQI Special Purpose Award in Training and Development is part of the suite of "Train The Trainer" courses we offer.

In a nutshell, achieving this Special Purpose Award is a way to show potential clients and employers that you hold a full spectrum of professional training skills.

You can read more about this award by using the tabs below, or downloading our free, 12-page guide.

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6 Benefits of Achieving this Special Purpose Award

6 Benefits of Achieving the QQI Special Purpose Award

1. Certification with Credibility

Combining two QQI Level 6 awards to gain this Special Purpose Award will communicate to clients and employers that you are accomplished in the skills required by professional trainers.

2. Training Needs Analysis Skills

Identifying the training needs of learners is a vital skill for any professional trainer.

3. Training Design, Delivery and Evaluation Skills

The syllabus for these courses works towards establishing best-practice methods and promoting excellence in training.

4. Learn to work with Group Dynamics & Cope with Challenging Situations

These courses address ways of handling difficult situations as they arise. You also learn about group dynamics and how to work with different kinds of learner groups. These are practical skills you will need in your career as a trainer.

5. Gain Confidence and Capability

Our combined approach of practical and theoretical learning ensures that you feel ready to tackle the design and delivery of a training course.

6. Practice

Training in our classroom environment gives you access to support, feedback and advice from our expert trainers.

How Can I Achieve this Award?

How to Achieve the Special Purpose Award

"How Can I Achieve the QQI Special Purpose Award in Training and Development?" The Training & Development Special Purpose Award is comprised of 2 components:

  1. Training Needs Identification & Design (6N3325) - 3 Days
  2. Training Delivery & Evaluation (6N3326) - 4 Days

We run both components as public courses. You can complete both of these components (courses) in whichever order works best for you. Gaining these 2 minor awards will automatically earn the Training & Development Special Purpose Award (6S3372).

You can learn more about both of these courses, and working towards the Special Purpose award by downloading our free guide, "Why Achieve a Special Purpose Award in Training and Development?".

"I already have FETAC Level 6 Train The Trainer"

  • Those who are FETAC Train The Trainer (award code: E30179) certified may claim an exemption from having to complete the Training Delivery & Evaluation component of this award.
  • This means that you would only need to attend and successfully complete the Training Needs Identification & Design component.
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Timeline for claiming Exemptions

  • There is a limited timeframe for claiming your exemption.
  • From January in 2016, only Train The Trainer certifications which are no more than 5 years old, at the time exemption is sought, may be used to claim an exemption.
  • What this means is that in 2016, certificates dated before the equivalent month in 2011 cannot be used for the purpose of exemption. In 2017, the cut-off year will be 2012, and so on.
  • You must have achieved your Training Needs Identification & Design certification before your exemption cut-off point occurs. The process of attending training, completing assessments, and processing certification can take up to 6 months in some cases, so we strongly recommend attending Training Needs Identification & Design at least 6 months before your cut-off point for claiming an exemption occurs.
  • If you have missed the cut-off point for claiming your exemption, you can still achieve the Special Purpose Award, but you will need to complete both components.

You can learn more about claiming your exemption and working towards this Special Purpose Award by downloading our free guide, "Why Achieve a Special Purpose Award in Training and Development?".

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