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Public Courses in Dublin: Supervisor Training

Our Supervisor Training Course is recommended for managers, team leaders and supervisors of all levels. This 2-day workshop runs once a month in Dublin and is available for both private and corporate participants to attend.

This training runs as part of our Management Skills course. For a full list of our upcoming Supervisor Training dates in Dublin, click "Get 2017 Schedule". We'll send our schedule to your inbox instantly.

  • Course Benefits
  • Tailored Supervisor Training

Some Benefits of Completing our Supervisor Training Course

  • You will Gain Versatile Management Skills

    Our course is designed to offer you guidelines for successful management in any industry.
  • Develop Stronger Communication Skills

    Learn how to communicate more effectively, listen actively, and ask the right questions to get answers you need.
  • Get Guidelines for Successful Team Building

    Get to grips with team building techniques to bring a new level of motivation and enthusiasm to your team.
  • Advice and Feedback from Subject Experts

    Our team of management trainers have extensive experience working in management roles and will offer feedback to you during the course


In-Company Supervisor Training in Dublin

This Supervisor Training course is also available for in-company training.

Choosing an in-company training solution is an effective way to train a group of supervisors at once, and focus the message of the training to fit your company's priorities and goals.

With in-company training, we deliver a programme at your Dublin location, on a date that works best for your busy schedule. This minimises any disruption to your team's productivity, and enables us to concentrate solely delivering high-impact training to your supervisors.


How can in-company work for you?


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In-Company Training


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