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Our Train The Trainer courses are designed to equip you with the skills you need to become a certified, professional trainer. Each course listed below focuses on a different skill-set for your portfolio, including training design, delivery, and evaluation.

Training Delivery and Evaluation is our most popular Train The Trainer course. It is often called "The New Train The Trainer". We run this course every month, with limited places on each date.

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Our Train the Trainer Courses

Training Delivery and Evaluation Course
QQI Logo Training Delivery and Evaluation is designed to equip you with knowledge and techniques that will enable you to deliver effective training programmes.
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Training Needs Identification & Design Course
QQI Logo QQI Training Needs Identification & Design teaches participants how to evaluate training needs and design effective training courses.
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QQI Training & Development Special Purpose Award
QQI Logo This award will ensure that participants gain in-depth knowledge on how to identify training needs, design training programmes, deliver training effectively and evaluate the outcomes of any training programme.
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Train The Trainer Courses QQI Level 6
QQI Logo Find out about the latest Train The Trainer course options and what has happened to the old train the trainer course.
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  • The Training Cycle

Who Attends Train The Trainer Courses?

These courses are attended by a varied mix of participants. Our courses are open to anyone with an interest in personal or professional development.

  • New To Training?

    No previous experience is needed for our courses, making them the perfect starting point for anyone who would like to become a training professional.

  • Experienced Trainers

    Many seasoned trainers attend our courses to refresh skills, update qualifications and continue their professional development.

  • HR & Training Personnel

    These courses are hugely beneficial for anyone working in a HR or internal training role as they focus on identifying training needs and delivering training to others. Utilising these skills ensures that an organisation maximises its return on any training investment.

  • Professional Life Coaches and Executive Coaches

    Training and coaching are closely interlinked skills. You will often find that professional coaches also hold training certifications.

  • Managers, Team Leaders and Supervisors

    The mentoring skills you gain from our Coaching Models of Practice course and the tools to train others are invaluable to those who manage others.

Who Are QQI?

QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) was set up to bring together the agencies of FETAC, HETAC and NQAI.

Therefore, courses we previously offered as FETAC Level 6 courses have been redesigned and improved to become QQI Level 6 certifications.

These Level 6 certifications are minor awards, placed on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). Each minor award is worth 15 credits towards a major award.

We are also pleased to offer Special Purpose Awards, which combine complimentary skills and courses so that you can achieve a well-rounded certification that carries credibility and weight with clients and employers alike.

Where are these Train The Trainer courses run?

We run our Train The Trainer courses in a variety of nationwide locations including Dublin, Cork, Galway, Tralee and Limerick. These are open or public courses, available for anyone to attend.

Train The Trainer Locations

Any Location, Any Date

We can run these courses anywhere in Ireland, at any date for groups of 10 or more people. If you have a group of people and would like to arrange a Train The Trainer course in your area, get in touch by contacting us.

About In-Company Training

About The Training Cycle

The core skills of all successful trainers lie within The Training Cycle, which is covered over the course of the QQI Training & Development Special Purpose Award.

Training Needs Identification & Design Course
Training Delivery & Evaluation Course
QQI Training & Development Special Purpose Award

Step 1. Training Needs Analysis

This information-gathering step is crucial to the success of any training programme.

Before beginning work on designing training, it’s important to explore the needs of your trainees. Our Training Needs Identification & Design Course will help you identify the right questions to ask and learn how to extract the right information. In other words, you will learn how to complete an effective Training Needs Analysis.

Step 2. Design

Once you have conducted a full Training Needs Analysis, the next step is to decide on training objectives. The design of your course will flow from these objectives. Design methodologies and developing course materials are both subjects covered on Training Needs Identification & Design.

Step 3. Deliver

After the first 2 stages of The Training Cycle, delivery skills come into play. During our Training Delivery & Evaluation Course, we take you through delivery skills, techniques and best practices.

Step 4. Evaluate

A trainer’s work doesn’t end once the course has been delivered. It’s always important to evaluate your own work and the effectiveness of the learning for your trainees. This final stage of The Training Cycle is covered during our Training Delivery & Evaluation course.

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