Be at the top of your Customer Service game!

1. Listen and understand your customer’s needs

Everyone wants to be heard. Whether you’re looking after a new enquiry or handling a complaint, listening attentively is the first step to take.

2. Be available and respond promptly

One sure way to irritate your customers is to avoid them, or to leave them waiting for an answer to their question. By keeping in touch – even just to let them know you’re still working on their query – and remaining available to them when they call, you’ll reassure your customer that their matter is a priority.

3. Be approachable

Evaluate your attitude. How would you feel if someone spoke to you the way you speak to your customers? Confused? Intimidated? Valued?

4. Become an expert

Whatever it is that you speak with customers about, learn everything you can about it. The more you know, the more confidence you can instil in your customers and the more often you can resolve their query instantly.

5. Don’t take it personally

This one is for your benefit! Customer service can be a tough job. You will encounter people who are angry, frustrated, or simply just rude. When you don’t take their attitude personally, your job instantly becomes a happier place.

6. Time Management

It’s a little known fact that customer service is a role where your time management skills can make or break your day. Master time management skills and you’ll accomplish more every day.

7. Talk

Not only with your customers, but with your team. By keeping communication open within your customer service team, you’ll learn from your colleagues, get support and keep up to date with any changes to procedures.

8. Exceed Expectations

Wherever you can, offer a little more – a discount, an added extra, or simply a call-back to make sure your customer was happy with their product, service or experience. These are the things that create true customer loyalty.

9. Learn from experience

Mistakes will happen. Tough calls will happen. Complaints will happen. The only time they are negative is when you don’t learn from them.

10. Do what you say you’ll do

If you say you’ll call at 4 o’clock, call at 4 o’clock. Instil trust in your customers and build a reputation for reliability.