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Originally Published, 25th of March 2020

It has been a crazy few weeks for everyone. We hope that you’re finding ways to stay calm and safe amidst the changes in how we live our lives.

We spent last week regrouping and planning the safest, smoothest way to provide a great training experience for our trainees during this unusual time.

After all, one of the best ways to stay calm is to keep busy and spark your brainwaves by learning something new.

We’re delighted to confirm that we are open and that we have a seamless solution for your training over the next while...
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In This Article:

Welcome to Live Virtual Classroom Training

Live Virtual Classroom Training

Almost all of our usual scheduled courses are available as live virtual classroom training.

This means that you’ll be able to connect with your training from wherever you’re based right now.

What is “Live Virtual Classroom Training”?

Live Virtual Classroom Training is different from self-led, online training. It’s a trainer-led course that you can access from wherever you’re currently based.

Essentially, joining live virtual classroom training is very similar to attending a classroom-based public training course in a training venue.
  • You’ll gain the guidance, interaction, and support from our experienced trainers.
  • You’ll safely interact with your fellow trainees in group discussions, breakout exercises, and Q&A sessions.
  • You’ll have access to the course slides and supporting materials.

The main benefit right now is that you can gain all of this from the safety of your own home without compromising on your learning experience.

Up to 25% Off All Virtual Training*

We know things are tricky right now. We want to make it easier to access the training you need.

For this reason, we're offering up to 25% off all live virtual classroom training. You'll see the discounted price when you visit your preferred course page.

*Discount cannot be combined with any other voucher or offer.
up to 25% Discount

Here’s How it Works

We’re offering almost every course for live virtual classroom training (aside from a couple of courses that require very practical, face-to-face interaction).

As always, you can select the date you’d like to attend via the course page on this website and reserve your place on an upcoming date.

Once we receive your provisional booking, we’ll get in touch to walk you through the process of joining training. It’s easy with our user-friendly virtual training platform.

What Are The Benefits?

Aside from the fact that you’ll get to attend training in your PJs if you choose, here are the 5 main benefits you’ll gain from this style of training and our virtual classroom delivery platform:

Benefit 1

Learn in Comfort and Safety

Our number one priority right now. This virtual classroom solution means that you can get all the benefits of classroom-based training without leaving the safety of your own home.
Benefit 2

Real-Time Trainer Interaction

The connection through our virtual classroom platform enables you to get feedback from your trainer, ask questions, and even give quick interactions via emojis and yes / no responses to questions.
Benefit 3

Interact with other Trainees

Be social at the safest social distance possible – online! Using our virtual classroom delivery platform, you can share ideas and have discussions with other trainees via virtual breakout rooms and whiteboards.
Benefit 4

Online Materials and Resources

During the live training session, the trainer can screen share to clarify slides or diagrams. We will also give you access to slides and supporting course materials via cloud-based sharing platforms such as Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Box.
Benefit 5

Easy to Access and Use

Our virtual classroom platform doesn’t require heavy tech or massive broadband capability. As you’ll read below in the next section, you probably already have what’s needed in your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
What our Virtual Students Say

Feedback from our Virtual Students

Here are some snippets from recent virtual students on our courses...

"I like the virtual classroom, it’s really handy in this type of scenario (global outbreak). The trainer was amazing... Being able to practice with real tests to have an idea of what we will find the day of the exam was great."
- Eva, May 2020


"I thought the virtual delivery was great. I was worried about spending so much time sitting in front of a computer but the time flew and we had good breaks that helped."
- Sharon, May 2020

"...worked very well and the class size worked very well for the content we were covering. I’m glad that I got to do the training with a PMP group also as it gave me insights into the experience of the other course goers."
- Claire, April 2020


"I was apprehensive at first doing both the Training Delivery and Evaluation and Training Needs Identification & Design courses back-to-back virtually. However I didn't need to worry as the training courses were so well organised...

... I had the same tutor for both courses and she was brilliant. She made all the trainees feel at ease with the pace of the training perfectly timed. Although, our tutor and my fellow trainees didn't actually physically meet, it didn't really matter as we all got to know each other and we even set up WhatsApp groups at the end of both courses so we could keep in touch. I wouldn't have a problem doing a virtual training course again after my positive experience with Professional Development."
- Martina, May 2020

What Will You Need?

One of the best features of this style of training is that you won’t need any crazy extras to take part.

Here’s what you’ll need to access any of our virtual classroom courses:

  • An internet enabled device (tablet, smartphone, computer) and a steady internet connection (No large broadband requirements needed - ideally a capacity of c. +5Mps. This is usually standard from most domestic broadband connections.)
  • A web camera, speaker, and microphone. Luckily almost all web-enabled devices have these features as standard.
  • A quiet corner, where you can settle in and focus on the training. A set of headphones will help here for busy households!

Guidance at Every Step

If you’re completely new to this kind of training, or feel overwhelmed by what seems like a more technical approach to training, don't worry.

We have tested this approach with our team, our trainers, and some clients who were ready to get started over the past week. In each case, we’ve had extremely positive results.

When you book, we'll be here to get you set up and ready to learn with no headaches.
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Virtual Training for Your Team

If your team is currently working from home, now is a fantastic time to keep them connected with some tailored team training (usually called "in-company training").

Over the past week, we've been helping our clients with scheduled in-company training to stay in touch and remain productive with live virtual classroom training.

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