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Our courses include everything you need to become confident and certified in Lean Six Sigma. Choose from our Yellow Belt, Green Belt, and Black Belt programmes. Download our PDF Guide for tips or find your course below.

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Our Lean Six Sigma online courses give you all the benefits of classroom training, while enabling you to connect from wherever you are located. You can easily access our live virtual training for courses delivered by Lean Six Sigma experts. Each course gives you a blend of practical learning and theoretical knowledge and leads to a respected certification.
We have Lean Six Sigma courses for all levels of experience. Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt is ideal for anyone who wants an introduction to Lean Six Sigma. Our Green Belt Training is our most popular online course for those who want a confident knowledge of Lean Six Sigma. Our Six Sigma Black Belt programme suits those with experience in process improvement.
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Your Guide to Lean Six Sigma

Our brochure "A Guide to our Lean Six Sigma Courses & Certification" gives you a clear overview of the courses and certifications we offer.

It's a helpful tool for deciding on the right Lean Six Sigma course for your training and certification.

You can download this brochure instantly using the link below, or call us on Freephone 1800 910 810 to ask about which course is most suitable for your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Lean Six Sigma courses are delivered by qualified, experienced Lean Six Sigma trainers. They bring knowledge gained from their own background in process improvement to every course.

We offer 3 public Lean Six Sigma courses. Our Yellow Belt course is a great, 2-day introduction to Lean. Our Green Belt course is great for those who are new or have intermediate experience with Lean Six Sigma. Our Black Belt course is intended for those with extensive experience in process improvement.

Our goal is to provide you with a strong understanding of Lean Six Sigma concepts and techniques, and equip you with everything you need to achieve a respected certification.

Our certification process varies depending on whether you are aiming for Yellow, Green, or Black Belt certification.

You’ll be able to see full details of what’s involved in the certification process on each course page, or in each brochure. Here is a high-level overview of achieving certification:

Yellow Belt Process: Attend training and complete an open-book exam on Day 2.

Green Belt Process: Attend training, self-directed learning and assessment work period, complete and submit assessment work.

Black Belt Process: Attend training, complete project, study period, sit exam.

No experience is needed for our Lean Six Sigma Yellow or Green Belt courses. Participants on our Black Belt course must have a solid level of Lean Six Sigma or process improvement experience.

Our public Lean Six Sigma Courses (available for individuals to attend) are held in Dublin throughout the year.

Our training venues are conveniently situated, minutes from the M50. We provide free parking for all delegates on our courses.

We also offer tailored, in-company Lean Six Sigma training for teams. This can be delivered anywhere in Ireland. Find out more about Lean Six Sigma courses for teams.

Our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt course runs over 2 consecutive days.

Our Green Belt course is 5 consecutive days. It usually runs from Monday to Friday.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programme is 15 days, delivered over a 4 month period. Each instalment is 4 days or 3 days.

Training days run from 9.30am until 5.00pm.

Yes, Lean and Six Sigma are two separate methodologies used to improve processes. They originated in different places and at different times.

Lean’s main focus is eliminating waste to streamline processes. Six Sigma aims to reduce variation and “problem solve” by identifying and eliminating flaws.

They are extremely powerful when used together, and they are frequently combined for a more thorough and sustainable process improvement. Therefore, the term “Lean Six Sigma” is widely used.

Yes! Lean Six Sigma knowledge and certification is a very valuable asset for project managers, leaders and executives, and of course, process improvement practitioners.

When correctly applied Lean Six Sigma can introduce significant and sustainable savings and improvements to any business. This makes Lean Six Sigma capability a huge boost to your career potential.

The answer to this question depends upon your situation and goals.

If you are near or at the beginning of your Lean Six Sigma career, we recommend beginning with either our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt or Green Belt training. Yellow Belt is best for an introduction, while Green Belt is ideal for those who really want to dive into Lean Six Sigma skills.

If you have been working with process improvement for a significant amount of time, our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course may be better suited to your needs.

Take a look at each course page and PDF brochure to determine what fits your needs better.

View Yellow Belt Course View Green Belt Course View Black Belt Course

Lean and Six Sigma are process improvement methodologies. They can be used independently or combined.

Using a series of analytical techniques, they identify areas of waste within any given process or task. Once areas for improvement are agreed upon, Lean Six Sigma practitioners will utilise specific strategies and tools to implement sustainable improvements.

You do not need to bring anything with you to our Lean Six Sigma courses as we supply all course materials. You can get more details on this in the “What is Included?” section of each course web page and brochure.

You will need to choose a project to work with for both the Green and Black Belt programme assessment work.

This can be a live project or a case study example that you choose. We do not supply case studies for you to work with; you must choose this yourself.

As you will work on the project during training, it is important to select your project before training begins. (more details in this in the Green and Black Belt PDF course brochures)

Green Belt Brochure Black Belt Brochure

Lean Six Sigma belts identify the level of knowledge, capability and certification a process improvement practitioner holds.

From introductory level to advanced level, these are: White Belt, Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, and Master Black Belt. You do not necessarily need to begin at the introductory level. In fact, many people begin at Yellow or Green Belt level.

You can learn more about this in our article, “What are Lean Six Sigma Belts?”.

You can view our upcoming course dates easily by visiting the webpage of the course you are interested in attending.

You’ll also find “reserve” and “reserve my place” buttons on each course webpage. These buttons will help you to reserve a spot on an upcoming date.

You can also get in touch with us by phone to reserve your place. You can reach our training consultants at Freephone 1800 910 810 or 01 861 0700.

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