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Training for Confidence in Financial Skills

Finance Training at your Dublin Location

Our finance courses are designed to give practical skills to those who work with financial reports, but who may not have had previous financial training. You don't need any experience to attend our finance courses.

Our finance courses are designed for in-company (sometimes called "in-house") training.

In-company training means that we will deliver finance training at your premises or a location chosen by you, anywhere in Dublin. This minimises any disruption to your team, and also gives you the ability to choose training dates that fit in with your business calendar.

Our Finance Courses

Our finance course suite includes a range of skill-sets, such as budgeting and forecasting, debt collection, and a "Finance for Non-Finance Managers" course.

Click the buttons below to download a full, detailed course brochure for Finance for Non-Finance Managers, or to learn more about in-company training.

Our finance courses are currently only available for in-company (in-house) training programmes.