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Course Focus

Finance for Non-Finance Managers Course

Delivery: Live Virtual Classroom Training

This course is designed for those who deal with financial documents in their work, but may not have had any previous financial training. Our finance courses is suitable for people from any background. We break financial reports, terminology, and documentation into approachable, easily understandable formats. At the end of 2 days, you will be able to understand financial statements and balance sheets more easily.

This course is only available for in-company bookings, where we come to your premises and deliver tailored finance training to your team. This format is perfect for equipping your team with consistent skills, relevant to your business environment.

Live Virtual Classroom Training

  • What: Virtual classroom training delivered by experienced finance trainers.
  • When: Request a quote to find out how this will work best for your team.
  • How: Your team can connect from anywhere with any internet-enabled device that has a web camera.

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  • What Are The Benefits?
  • Course Content
  • In-Company Training

What are the benefits of attending this Finance Course?

  • Confidence

    One of our objectives is to take the "fear" away from working with financial reports and documentation. At the end of this course, you will have the competence and confidence to work with financial reports.
  • Understanding

    Our goal is to ensure that you understand financial jargon and how financial reports are put together.
  • Practical Skills

    Our Finance Course equips you with relevant, practical skills that you can apply immediately in your own workplace and personal life.
  • Experienced Trainers

    Our Finance Trainers work actively as accountants and financial advisors in addition to their professional training roles. This enables them to give you advice and feedback based on proven processes.

What is covered on this Finance Course?

  • Financial Fundamentals

  • Template to evaluate financial statements

  • Financial terminology

  • Cash reporting versus profit reporting

  • Adjustments to financial statements - accruals and prepayments

  • Accounting for stock

  • Fixed assets and depreciation

  • Issues not revealed in financial statements

  • How to read and analyse an Income Statement / Profit and Loss Account

  • How to read and analyse a Balance Sheet / Statement of Financial Position

  • Working capital management

  • Financial forecasting fundamental

  • Breakeven analysis for decision making

How does In-Company Training Work?

If you have several participants who would benefit from becoming more familiar with financial terminology and confident in understanding reports, in-company training could be hugely beneficial for your organisation.

How is In-Company Training Delivered?

In-company training means that we come to your premises, or a venue chosen by you, to deliver training exclusively to your team. This style of training gives you date flexibility, and is a cost-efficient way of delivering training to many participants at once.

Customised to Fit Your Business Needs

One of the key benefits of in-company training is the opportunity to have the course content tailored to address challenges, priorities, and day-to-day happenings in your organisation. Our trainer will adjust the course's outline to include examples that reflect how your team works.

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You can find out more about how finance in-company training would work in your business by clicking the buttons below get an in-company quote, or visit the in-company page.

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