FAQ: Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI)®

We have listed our most frequently asked questions about the PMI® below. However, if we have not answered your question here, please click "talk to an advisor" on the right-hand side of the page to ask your own question.

1. What is the PMI®?

The PMI® is renowned globally as the foremost certifying body for championing best practices in project management.

2. Are PMI® Qualifications recognised outside Ireland?

Yes, PMI® Credentials are recognised and sought-after on a global scale.

3. What PMI® qualifications are available?

We currently offer 3 PMI® exam preparation courses:

4. What is PMP®?

PMP® is an internationally respected credential for experienced project managers.

5. What Are The PMP® Entry Requirements?

There are 2 routes for PMP® eligibility. To learn more about these options, click here to visit the course page. Here, you can download a brochure with detailed entry requirements.

6. What is CAPM®?

CAPM® is a globally recognised credential for new, or intermediate project managers.

7. What are the CAPM® entry requirements?

The entry requirements for CAPM® are more accessible than those for PMP®. Click here to read more about the course and download a brochure for detailed entry requirements.

8. What is PMI-ACP®?

This Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)® credential is ideal for anyone who works in a fast-paced project environment, such as IT.

9. How do I apply for my exam?

Following your training and a study period, you will apply for your exam directly through the PMI®. We outline the application procedure in detail during each course.

10. Do seperate exam fees apply?

Yes, exam fees are payable directly to the PMI® when you have been approved to sit your PMP® exam.

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