How to cope with any customer service complaint...

1. Be Clear

Many customer complaints are the result of a misunderstanding. The clearer you are from the very beginning of each transaction or customer relationship, the less chance you’ll have of crossed wires becoming a problem.

2. Understand

Listen. Ask questions. Confirm information with your customer. The most effective way to solve a problem is to learn as much as possible about it, and to reassure your customer that you’re listening to their concerns.

3. Be Flexible

Be as flexible as you can within your role. Sometimes customers respond to the intention of, or attempt at flexibility. Try to meet your customer halfway, for a win-win outcome.

4. See the other side

When a customer brings a complaint to you, it can be difficult to see beyond the inconvenience of the matter and rush to resolve it. However, taking the time to see things from your customer’s perspective can help solve the problem quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.

5. Follow through

It’s a cliché, but “going the extra mile” really does make a huge difference. Showing your customers that you care enough to follow the complaint through to its resolution, and checking in with them to ensure they are satisfied, can turn a complaint into a positive customer experience.