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Business & Report Writing Training Course

Report Writing Course
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The Business & Report Writing training course is for anyone who is responsible for communicating through the written word and wants to present a positive image.

What is this course about?

It is very important to present a positive image when writing to others. This Course will improve your ability to write in a more concise and effective manner. You will learn clear guidelines for writing business letters, notes, emails, memos and reports.

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What the Course Covers

  • Planning what you want to Communicate.
  • Using sentences and paragraphs to maintain clarity.
  • Choosing the right punctuation.
  • Spelling.
  • Good openings.
  • Grammar.
  • Building the main body of the document.
  • Logic and sequence.
  • Effective writing, using plain understandable words.
  • Effective endings.
  • Sequencing ideas.
  • Avoiding jargon and clichés.
  • Keeping it businesslike.
  • Making it professional.
  • Adopting a polite, friendly, non-aggressive style.

Full Course Brochure

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The Next Step…

After a great training course, the natural questions are “What next?”, “What else can I learn?” and “How can I progress these skills even further?”

Continual development is the sign of a healthy career. Those who are steadily learning and adding to their personal skillset will always have plenty of new challenges, career paths and achievements on the horizon.

Take a look at some of these “next step” options that we feel will benefit you once you have completed our Business and Report Writing Course.

Why not give us a call to discuss the best follow-on course for you?

Business & Report Writing Courses held throughout Ireland

Our Business & Report Writing courses are designed to guide managers in how best to deal with people and drive them to realise their potential so that targets are met.

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