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Sales & Marketing Course
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Our Sales and Marketing Courses are developed for individuals who are looking to find new customers, generate and close more sales. So whether you are new to sales or have some experience this course is ideal.

This no-nonsense practical course gives you an understanding on how to effectively market your goods and increase your impact on the web. How to identify strong sales leads and the importance of establishing their requirements in order successfully close the sale.

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What is covered in this Sales and Marketing Course?

  • How to find new customers:
    • Where to start
    • Overview of Digital Marketing
    • How to use the internet and digital marketing
    • Setting clearly defined call objectives.
  • Analyse Digital Marketing Methods:
    • Search Engine Optimisation
    • Google Adwords (Pay per click advertising)
    • Email marketing and lead generation
    • Social media marketing (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn)
    • Using video on the web
  • Prospecting and business development:
    • A review of appropriate plans and systems.
    • An outline of a definite procedure for developing new business 
    • How to analyse web traffic using Google Analytics
  • Sales presentation skills:
    • Emphasising the necessity for using a planned approach.
    • How to make a perfect pitch
  • Establishing customer needs:
    • How to ask the right questions and not talk too much.
    • How to use probing questions and listen.
    • How to plan questions.
  • Presenting the sales case:
    • How to put the story across in customer language.
    • How to use supporting sales aids and demonstrations.
  • Answering customer objections:
    • Identifying the most common objections, including "price", "I'll think about this" etc.
  • Closing the sale:
    • Analysis of why some salespeople are slow to close.
    • Outline and examples of specific techniques for closing including, The Alternative Close, The Assumptive Close, Minor Point Close.
  • After the sale:
    • The importance of delivering what you promised.
    • Building customer relations to ensure repeat business.
  • The Selling Game:
    • This session gives participants an opportunity to practice the skills acquired on the course and involves a specially designed case study which allows them to apply their skills in a "live" selling situation.

Our Sales Training Rating: 8 out of 10, from 79 client reviews.

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  • Exporter of training courses to UK and Europe
  • Regular contributors to National Press and TV on management and personal development
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