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How Can Agile Basics Help You?

If you would like to find a more flexible way to work, but don’t want to completely change your approach to managing projects, acquainting yourself with the basics of Agile can give you:

  • A fresh perspective
  • New ideas
  • A way to make small adjustments with a big impact

Our Agile Foundation Course is a short, 1-day workshop that is designed for anyone who wants to gain an introduction to Agile along with practical techniques you can implement immediately in your day-to-day work.

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In this Article:

About Agile Basics

What is Agile?

Agile is a hugely popular, flexible approach to managing projects that have some or all of the following features:

  • Difficult-to-define requirements
  • Likely to have changing requirements throughout
  • Require early value delivery

Although traditionally associated with project management – and utilised by thousands of project teams worldwide – Agile can also be a mindset and approach you adopt for all of your work.

Agile Basics

Understanding the basic principles of Agile and having a solid foundational knowledge of how it works can open your mind to new ways of doing things in all areas of your working life.

For example, during our 1-day Agile Foundation Course, we teach you about Agile Principles and Processes, and look at how Agile projects work.

Discovering these key concepts and acquiring tips and guidelines for how to apply them can make an instant positive impact on the way you work.

Getting Started

Getting Started Quickly with Agile

As mentioned above, our 1-day Agile Foundation Course is a fantastic way to kick-start becoming more flexible in your approach to handling projects.

It runs over 1 day (9.30am - 5.00pm) as a "live virtual classroom". Live virtual classroom means that you'll be joining real-time training, where you can interact with the trainer and other participants.

Delivered by experienced Agile trainers with plenty of real-world project management experience, this 1-day course is a great way to become familiar with agile in the most time-efficient way possible.

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Who Benefits from this Workshop?

We developed this workshop specifically for anybody who would like “a little bit of Agile”.

It serves as an introduction for those who may want to go further with Agile or Scrum in the future, but who want a foundation first.

It’s also ideal if you want a more responsive way to manage the fast-paced environment you work in, whether you’re looking to get into “agile projects” or not.

What is covered?

This is a high level overview of the modules we cover in our Agile Foundation Course. For a full, detailed outline, download our PDF brochure.

  • Module 1: Introduction to Agile
  • Module 2: Agile Organisation
  • Module 3: How Agile Teams are Formed
  • Module 4: Introduction to Agile Processes

Want a more in-depth Agile approach?

If you’re interested in Agile and Scrum, but want to take a more detailed approach from the beginning, we have a number of more in-depth, certified courses.

These can be taken as a follow-on from, or independent of the Agile Foundation Course. All of the courses below are available as self-led e-learning, with Agile Master Certified and Scrum Master Certified running as live virtual classroom dates.

Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM)

Online Learning + International Certification - No experience needed

Read More about Agile Master Certified Training

Gain a confident understanding of how Agile works and how to apply it to your projects while achieving an internationally recognised certification.

This course provides you with versatile Agile skills that can be applied to any sector.

There are no pre-requisites, so it’s ideal for beginners or those with non-Agile project experience.

We also run this course as live virtual training. “Live Virtual” means that you can attend a real-time classroom-style course online, delivered by our expert trainers.

Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM)

Online Learning + International Certification - No experience needed

Read More about Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Scrum Master is one of the best-known roles within the Agile and Scrum project management world.

Completing this course will provide you with an understanding of Scrum, teach you how to perform the role of Scrum Master, and the internationally recognised Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) qualification.

Our Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) Course is also available in live virtual classroom format. This option is great for those who want to attend real-time training with an experienced Scrum tutor.

Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOCTM)

Online Learning + International Certification - No experience needed

Read More about Scrum Product Owner Training

The key Scrum Team role of Scrum Product Owner is ideal for anyone who communicates and prioritises well, or who has an interest in learning to do so.

This online course will give you a strong foundational knowledge of Scrum, along with the capability to carry out the role of Scrum Product Owner.

Successfully completing this course and its included exam leads to the international Scrum Product Owner (SPOCTM) certification.

Scrum Developer Certified (SDCTM)

Online Learning + International Certification - No experience needed

Read More about Scrum Developer Certified

A Scrum Developer is anyone working on the Scrum Team that isn’t the Scrum Master or Product Owner.

This course is a super choice for anyone who works on or interacts with a Scrum Team (managers, business owners etc.).

It’s also a wise choice if you’re interested in Scrum, but aren’t sure which role is right for you yet.

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