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5 Benefits of Agile Certification

What are the Benefits of Agile Certification?

Agile is a responsive approach to project management, focusing on delivering value both early and consistently throughout a project.

This project management methodology can be a powerful ally in the challenging task of managing a project effectively, and achieving results on-time and within budget.

Unlike conventional approaches to project management, Agile breaks a project into small chunks, so that project teams can deliver value regularly and react to change when necessary.

We have listed some benefits of Agile certification below, along with a checklist to help you decide whether Agile is right for you, and tips and guidelines for getting started.

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Agile At a Glance

Agile & Scrum Certifications at a Glance

You can get a great overview of our Agile and Scrum certifications and their benefits by instantly downloading our PDF brochure.

Top 5 Benefits of Agile Certification

There are many reasons that you may decide to get Agile certified. Perhaps you're ready to take a new approach to managing projects or want to make a career move.

Whatever reasons you have for choosing Agile, here are 5 important benefits you'll gain through achieving an Agile certification and using Agile in your project work.

  • Deliver Value Early and Consistently

    One of the key benefits of Agile project management is the ability to deliver value to your stakeholders throughout a project.
  • React and Adapt to Change with Ease

    Agile was designed for constantly changing projects. Its core structure revolves around adapting a project to accommodate change.
  • Strengthen Your Stakeholder / Customer Relationships

    Agile's early value delivery and ability to give clearer visibility to stakeholders / customers at all times encourages an excellent relationship.
  • Achieve Control over Time, Cost, and Scope Management

    Because you're constantly evaluating a project's status, you can develop a more realistic, controlled view of your costs and estimated time.
  • Gain More Clarity and Better Communication

    Daily stand-ups - a vital part of Agile project management - get your team into the habit of communicating clearly with each other.

    In addition, the clearly defined roles within Agile eliminate much confusion over who will complete which tasks.

Deciding if Agile is Right for You

Do any of the following statements ring true for you? If yes, then Agile could be the perfect for you.

  • "I work on projects where the requirements can - and do - change regularly."
  • "I need a flexible project management approach."
  • "I want to deliver value to my stakeholders / customers as quickly as possible."
  • "I'm seeking greater visibility at every stage of a project."
  • "We need better communication within our project management team, and with our stakeholders."
  • "I need to be able to react quickly to any changes or obstacles that arise."
  • "'Bottlenecks' are a productivity block in my working environment."
  • "I want greater control over a project's time and cost management."
  • "More clearly-defined roles would greatly increase the productivity of my project team."
Good to Know

Agile and Other Project Management Methodologies

It's helpful to know that you don't have to stick rigidly to an Agile approach. Agile works really well when combined with other conventional project management methodologies.

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Getting Started with Agile

Our self-led, online Agile certification course makes it very easy to get started on your Agile journey right now.

You can download the course brochure below or visit the course page for full details, but here are some at-a-glance points about our most popular Agile course.

  • Start When You're Ready:

    This training is available on demand. Once your purchase is complete, you'll have full access to our online learning portal for 180 days.
  • Achieve International Certification:

    This training leads to an internationally-recognised Agile Master Certified (SAMCTM) qualification.
  • Excellent Resources:

    Our learning portal includes 42 training videos, chapter tests, an interactive case study, and your PDF textbook.
  • Suitable for All:

    Although some familiarity with running projects is helpful, no experience is required for this Agile certification.
  • All-Inclusive:

    Your training, online exam, and certification costs are all included in the course price you pay.
  • Versatile:

    The Agile skills and knowledge you'll learn during this online training can be applied in any industry.

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