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Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt In-Company

This Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course is ideal for any business that wants to introduce process improvement measures. Over 5 days, we will equip your team with a strong understanding of both lean and six sigma principles.

This course leads to certification and a consistently high standard of lean six sigma practice in your organisation. No previous experience is needed to attend. It can be adapted to focus on elements of your business, incorporating highly practical learning.

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What are the Benefits of this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course?

  • Process Improvement Capability

    When beginning to work with Lean Six Sigma tools, it’s important for process improvement teams to have a solid foundation in understanding of how each tool should be applied. One of the key training objectives for this Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course is to equip your team with this foundation.
  • Consistency

    By training your team in a group, you ensure consistent language, application, and standards of process improvement throughout the business.
  • Flexibility

    In-company training enables you to adapt the training schedule to suit your own business calendar, minimising disruption and launching your process improvement initiative at an optimal time.
  • Green Belt Certification

    Boost your team’s morale and enhance their skill-set by running this workshop, which leads to both a Professional Development Green Belt certificate, and a QQI certification.

Course Content

What is covered on this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course?

    • Module 1: Introduction

      Introduction to our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Programme
      The certification process
      Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma Concepts
      Key requirements to successfully launch a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project


    • Module 2: Define

      The Project Charter
      Stakeholder Management
      The Voice of the Customer
      Team Dynamics and Managing Change
      SIPOC Maps


    • Module 3: Measure

      Develop a factual picture of the current state and identify weaknesses
      Develop Current State Value Stream Map
      Identify Current Time & Quality Metrics
      Identify Waste (8 Lean Waste Streams)
      Identify Obstacles to Flow
      Develop a Data Collection Plan
      Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


    • Module 4: Analyse

      Understand the drivers of poor process performance and select focus areas for improvement
      Graphical analysis of data to illustrate current state: Control Charts, Pareto Analysis
      Team Creativity Techniques to generate causes
      Root Cause Analysis, 5 Whys
      Decision Making: Prioritise possible sources and solutions, Pick Charts


  • Module 5: Improve

    Develop and implement optimum sustainable solutions
    Kaizen Events
    Error Proofing
    Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)
    Action Planning
    Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
    Construct Future State Value Stream Process Map
  • Module 6: Control

    Verify effective implementation of solutions and ongoing controls are established
    Visual Management
    Standardised Work
    Control techniques for ongoing process control
    Communicate recommendations for further improvement to stakeholders
    Documenting Process Improvement Metrics - Time, Quality, Financial
    Identify Future Opportunities for Improvement
    PDCA Cycle - Review and Action on a continuous basis

Why Choose In-Company Training?

In-company training provides of way of getting maximum impact from every hour your team spend at a course. This customised training solution yields many benefits including:

  • Date & Venue Flexibility

    You choose when and where we deliver the training. We can come to your location anywhere in Ireland.

  • Cost-Effective Group Training

    Our pricing model for in-company training, combined with the fact that you are eliminating travel costs for participants adds up to considerable savings.

    When you have a number of candidates for training, in-company almost always works out as the most budget-friendly option.

  • Consistent Skills Throughout Your Team

    You can feel confident in your team’s ability to implement a steady standard of excellence and a common approach to implementing Lean Six Sigma within your business.

  • Tailored Training, Focused on Your Organisation

    When planning your training programme, we will work with you to assess how training can be truly relevant to the daily processes and roadblocks of your business.

Why Choose In-Company Training?

  • Do participants need any previous experience with Lean Six Sigma?

    No previous knowledge of Lean Six Sigma is required for this training. To help each participant absorb the most from the course, it is helpful for them to bring an enthusiastic attitude and minimise social commitments in the evenings.

  • What is the assessment process?

    Following training, students engage in a self-directed learning period, and complete their assessment work. We provide guidance for self-directed learning, and a detailed assessment brief for anyone who attends our training. Assessment work is submitted 8 weeks after training is completed. Within 5 - 6 months, each successful candidate will have their certificate.

  • Can I attend this course as an individual?

    Yes! We run this course every month as public / open training. Click here to learn about our public Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course.

  • How can I begin planning this course for my business?

    You can speak with our training consultants directly by calling Freephone 1800 910 810. Alternatively, please use the buttons below to ask a quick question, or request your in-company quotation.

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