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What is a Six Sigma Green Belt?

What is a Six Sigma Green Belt?

If you’re interested in learning how to make improvements within any business role and deliver sustainable savings, it’s no surprise that you’ve landed on this page.


Lean thinking and six sigma processes are becoming increasingly important in an economy geared towards doing more with less. Green Belts are key players in this thriving, streamlined business environment.

Let’s take a look at how Green Belts make a difference, and why a Green Belt certification could elevate your career and the role you work in.

Covered in this Article:

About Lean and Six Sigma…

Lean and Six Sigma

First things First: What is Lean Six Sigma?

To understand what a green belt does, you need a clear picture of lean, six sigma, and how they are combined as a dynamic duo.

If you have a little time, why not read our detailed “What is Lean Six Sigma?” article to delve deeply into the origin and outline of these process improvement methodologies.

For the purpose of this article, here’s our shortest description of lean six sigma:

  • Lean is geared towards identifying and eliminating waste.
  • Six Sigma focuses on statistics to reduce variations and defects in a process.
  • Both are effective as standalone methodologies. When used together, they are transformational.

What does “Green Belt” mean?

The ‘belt’ system applies mostly to six sigma, and it’s a way of structuring the level of knowledge, input, and responsibility of each six sigma practitioner.

Green Belts are instrumental to the progression of any process improvement project, and work closely with Black Belts to achieve significant improvements and savings.
What is a Green Belt?

Is there a difference between a “Lean Six Sigma Green Belt” and a “Six Sigma Green Belt”?

Some certifications focus solely on the six sigma methodology. Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt combines both approaches.

We have chosen this method of learning, as it gives each practitioner a fully rounded knowledge of how to transform a business environment.

What does a Six Sigma Green Belt do?

A Green Belt is someone who is actively involved in process improvement projects, often under the guidance of a Black Belt practitioner.

Green Belts work towards solutions and are key contributors to the progress and success of any process improvement project.

Training a Team of Green Belts

10 Reasons to Go for Green Belt

There are many reasons and benefits of choosing to work towards a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. Here, we have summarised 5 benefits for your career and professional development, and 5 reasons that will benefit the company you work for.

You can get into each of these 10 points in more detail by visiting our article, "10 Reasons to Go for Green Belt".

  1. Understand Lean and Six Sigma tools and techniques.

  2. Gain Confidence & Practical Skills

  3. Boost Your Career Potential

  4. Greater Job Satisfaction

  5. Achieve Potential for Further Progression
  1. Ability to Reduce Waste

  2. Improved Efficiency and Quality Standards

  3. Deliver Sustainable Savings

  4. Gain a Competitive Edge

  5. Champion a Process Improvement Culture

How can you become Six Sigma Green Belt Certified?

There are many approaches to becoming green belt certified.

We’ve developed a course that combines practical and theoretical learning in a focused, intensive timeframe.

Here’s what you need to know about achieving our Green Belt Certification:

  • How long does it take?

    Our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Business course is 5 days in length. We run the course from Monday to Friday, beginning at 9.30am and finishing at 5.00pm daily.

    You will have 8 weeks to complete and submit your assessment work after the training dates. The work then goes through grading and verification processes.

    Your certificate will be issued approximately 5 – 6 months after you have submitted your assessment work.
  • How much does it cost?

    Our course is currently available at the 24% discounted rate of €835. This fee includes both training and certification fees.
  • Do I need experience?

    No prior experience is required for those who wish to attend our Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Business course and achieve certification.
  • What is the certification process?

    Following training, you will work on a process improvement project and written assignment. We will provide a detailed assessment brief, guiding you in the requirements for both assessment techniques. During the course, your trainer will provide guidance on tips on the best way to structure your self-directed learning and assessment work.

    Following training, you will have 8 weeks to complete and submit your work.

Training a Team Of Six Sigma Green Belts

We offer a fully tailored Lean Six Sigma training and certification for in-company (in-house) training.

This is a wonderful solution for organisations that want to train a team of process improvement specialists, or introduce a culture of continuous improvement.

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