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Influencing Skills and Personal Impact Course

This course is designed to help build your confidence and enhance your personal and professional potential. Personal impact is about creating self-awareness and strengthening communication skills to have a positive effect on how you interact with others. Increased self-confidence is a natural by-product of self-awareness and improving how you communicate.

This course is currently only available for in-company training, or for group bookings. This is because Influencing Skills and Personal Impact works best when the programme content can be customised to suit the working environment, and the course participants.

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What are the benefits of this Influencing Skills and Personal Impact Course?

  • Strong Influencing & Personal Effectiveness Skills

    We focus on enhancing your skills throughout this workshop. Discover how to communicate with clarity, listen effectively, and ask questions to get the outcome you want.
  • Self-Awareness

    Creating a sense of self-awareness is the first step of any personal impact workshop. Learn about what motivates you, what your needs are, and any limiting beliefs you may have.
  • Ability to Handle Difficult Situations

    The skills you acquire during this workshop will help you cope with challenging situations in a proactive, constructive manner.
  • Techniques for Everyday Life

    You can apply these new skills immediately to everyday business and personal situations.

What is covered on this Influencing Skills and Personal Impact Workshop?

  • Habits of Effective People

    What are your needs?
    Discover your own social type
    What motivates you?
    Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Influencing Skills

    What is influencing?
    When should it be used?
    Understanding other people's social type
    The art of persuasion
  • Communication Skills

    Principles of effective communication
    The link between your communication skills and your personal effectiveness
    Making your point clearly
    Effective listening skills
    Asking powerful questions
  • Assertiveness

    Understanding the difference between assertive and aggressive behaviour
    Using assertiveness in a positive way
    Saying "no" when necessary
  • Handling Challenging Situations

    Dealing with anger and criticism calmly
    Project a professional image of self-confidence
    Take charge without intimidating others
    How to diffuse stressful situations

What is In-Company Training?

In-company training is a course delivered exclusively to your team, at a time and date of your choosing. This Influencing Skills and Personal Impact course works so well as an in-company programme because it gives your team a platform to work together to develop communication skills, and address goals and priorities specific to your company.

Here are some at-a-glance benefits of in-company training:

  • Flexibility:

    You choose the training dates and venue, minimising disruption to your team.
  • Cost-Saving:

    Depending on how many participants you have, in-company training can work out as a much more cost-effective form of training.
  • Targeted:

    We tailor the course content to meet your requirements and goals, so that you get maximum benefit from each session.

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