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Lean Business Ireland

The Transformational Power of Lean for Business

Lean Business in Ireland

Ireland is currently a growth economy. We’re on the move again, and this time round, Irish businesses are tuned into continuous improvement.

We know that economies rise and fall, and following our last recession, organisations in Ireland are geared towards wasting nothing and doing everything they can to create services and processes that run at optimum levels of efficiency.

We don’t intend to rest on our laurels, trusting an economic climate to carry us through whatever may come. Irish business leaders are nurturing cultures of continuous improvement to consistently stay at the top of their game.

This Is Where Lean Comes In...

Lean is one of the most widely-adopted ways to approach continuous improvement. Originating in the late 19th century within the manufacturing industry, lean was refined and developed over the years, until the 1980s, when it became the game-changing process improvement approach we know today.

It is frequently combined with another methodology, Six Sigma, to support dynamic business transformation.

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Lean Six Sigma

Why Continuous Improvement?

Think about your business, or your current role for a moment. Are there any problems that need to be solved? Would you like to improve how you do things, so that everything runs more efficiently?

Answering ‘yes’ to either questions, means that process improvement is a natural next step for you. Lean and Six Sigma are the most popular forms of process improvement in today’s business world.

The Lean Journey

Every organisation that adopts lean undergoes a ‘lean journey’.

Lean is a long-term plan and solution, rather than a quick fix, and no two companies’ journeys are identical.

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How will it work for your business?

Lean originated in the manufacturing industry. Because of this, many people still see an image of car manufacturing plants when they hear about lean processes.

The truth is that lean is now transforming businesses of all sizes in every single sector. The key principles of lean thinking and application are relevant everywhere.

Once you’ve mastered lean, it seems like common sense, but every organisation needs help developing and maintaining a process improvement culture.

How Can You Get Started?

If you’ve been thinking about introducing Lean Six Sigma to your business, or simply searching for a way to work smarter, Lean Business Ireland (part of Enterprise Ireland) has a Lean Business Offer .

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As a Lean Education and Training Provider with Enterprise Ireland, we have seen first-hand the changes that businesses using the Lean Business Offer have implemented.

There are 3 layers within the Lean Business Offer, each providing support, guidance, and funding to enable your business’s Lean journey.


Take your first steps towards becoming a Lean organisation with LeanStart. This short-term programme helps you to:

  • start introducing Lean principles and approaches to your business
  • begin removing waste and saving money with Lean immediately (catch the low-hanging fruit!)
  • complete the groundwork for developing more in-depth lean process improvement projects.


LeanPlus is perfect for businesses ready for the next stage of their transformation. It’s a medium-term programme, in which you undertake a more in-depth lean project. We recommend this for those who have already reaped the benefits of the “low hanging fruit” savings in their organisations. This programme incorporates:

  • a focus on delivering sustainable savings, and next level improvements
  • beginning to establish a lean culture in your organisation
  • start introducing a company-wide process improvement programme


This one is for organisations who are in it for the long run. Lean is most effective when you commit fully to creating a long-term culture and strategy revolving around lean and process improvement. Here’s what businesses undertaking LeanTransform will gain:

  • support in implementing a company-wide culture shift in the long-term
  • guidance in creating an ongoing lean strategy

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Get Advice on Your Training Needs

If you’re thinking about a lean culture or project for your business, we’ll be happy to advise. You may just want to take small steps, and try out a project that seeks to improve one process within your organisation, or you may be ready for radical, transformative change.

For Your Business

We deliver a full suite of customisable lean and six sigma programmes for in-company training. We can tailor the programme to suit your current goals and requirements.

Click below to learn more about our lean six sigma in-company programmes, or to request your in-company quotation.

For Your Career

If you’re interested in continuous improvement on a more individual level, our public lean six sigma courses could be the next step you are ready for.

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Lean Six Sigma Public Courses