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Lean Problem Solving

This 1-day workshop in Lean Problem Solving is designed to introduce your team to the core principles of lean, and to demonstrate how lean methodologies can be implemented to effectively solve problems and improve processes within your organisation.

This is an in-company workshop, which means we deliver the training exclusively to your team. To maximise the programme's impact, we customise the content to centre around your business needs and address problems that are currently on your radar. If you wish to attend similar training as an individual, we recommend our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course.

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Key Benefits of Implementing Lean Principles in Your Business

  • A Structured Approach to Problem Solving

    Using lean methods to address and solve problems within your business is hugely beneficial. It provides you with an effective, consistent process for resolving any current or potential issues that my impact your overall productivity.
  • Eliminate Waste & Improve Processes

    To begin with, Lean helps you identify and eliminate waste from your day-to-day business processes. This helps you to streamline each process and identify areas for improvement.
  • Save Money

    Cutting out waste across the board will lower your costs, and improving processes will reduce mistakes and delays. This, in turn, will result in savings for your business.
  • Increase Profitability & Productivity

    When correctly applied, lean methodologies serve to sustainably increase both your organisation's productivity and profitability.

What is covered during this Lean Problem Solving Workshop?

  • Module 1

    Introduction to Lean
    Introduction to Problem Solving
    The 8 Wastes
  • Module 2

    Selecting a problem to solve
    Constructing a Problem Statement
  • Module 3

    Group techniques
    Root Cause Analysis
    Fish Bone Diagram
    Questioning Techniques
    5 Whys
    Identifying and prioritising potential solutions
    Using Pick decision making techniques
    5s - the fundamentals
  • Module 4

    Implementing and controlling the situation
    Identify next steps

Tailored Training for Your Organisation

This Lean Problem Solving workshop is only available for in-company (on-site) bookings. As the problems facing every organisation differ greatly, in-company is the most effective format for delivering relevant training for this skill-set.

We tailor the workshop content by incorporating processes, goals, and challenges that are relevant to you and your team, so that each participant will leave with a confident understanding of how to use lean for solving problems and reducing waste in your business.

In-company training gives you the added benefits of choosing training dates that work best for you, and minimising disruption to your team's productivity by hosting the training at or near your premises.

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Looking for lean training, but want to attend a public course?

Our Lean Problem Solving workshop is only available for in-company bookings. However, our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course is an excellent choice for those seeking to gain both skills and certification in lean methodologies.

What are the Key Benefits of this Course?

  • Achieve confidence with Lean Six Sigma tools
  • Opportunity to gain to a respected Lean certification
  • Learn how to implement sustainable process improvement

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