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  • This course is designed for anyone who wants to achieve Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.
  • Gain confidence in using Lean and Six Sigma approaches to make savings and improvements in your work.
  • Achieve two certifications: A QQI certification and a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.
  • This green belt training is very interactive, with plenty of discussions, group activities, and practical exercises.
  • The versatile Lean Six Sigma skills you learn during this green belt course can be applied in any industry.
  • Our trainers are subject matter experts, with a wealth of hands-on experience leading Lean Six Sigma projects.
  • There are no hidden costs. Your training, assessment, and certification costs are included in one inclusive price.

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QQI Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training
  • Cert. 1: Professional Development
  • Cert. 2: QQI Level 5 (5N5407)
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Style: Live, online class (trainer-led)
  • Suitable for: All levels, all industries
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We recommend this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training for anyone who wants to become confident in their knowledge and ability to apply Lean Six Sigma tools while achieving recognised certification.

What is the focus of this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course?

What is the focus of this Green Belt Training?

During this course, you will gain an understanding of Lean and Six Sigma tools. You will learn how to apply them to reduce waste and implement sustainable savings within your environment.

The primary focus of this course is Lean, with an introduction to Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC Cycle.

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How would you like to learn?

QQI Cert. Included
Live Virtual Training Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Level 5

Live Online Training

  • Was €1,495, now €1,395
  • Live, tutor-led learning
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Access from anywhere
In-Company Training Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Level 5

In-Company Training

  • Classroom or Online
  • We come to you
  • Flexible Duration
  • Tailored Team Training

Green Belt Training For Your Team

This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course is ideal for any organisation seeking to introduce process improvement measures.

With in-company training, we deliver a customised programme exclusively to participants from your business on dates you choose.

You can read more about how in-company training works in our “Green Belt for Teams” tab below.

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		Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Level 5

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training Level 5
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More about this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course

This is our most popular Lean Six Sigma course, as certified Green Belt practitioners are always in demand.

Achieving a Green Belt level of knowledge and certification will give you the ability to begin working on, and even managing process improvement projects.

Why Choose this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Programme?

There are so many great green belt training options available. Here are 5 excellent reasons to choose our programme:

  • 1. Gain Confidence with Lean Six Sigma Tools

    This course will provide you with the knowledge and confidence to run Green Belt Projects within any role.

  • 2. Learn from Lean Six Sigma Experts

    Our trainers have extensive experience, not only of delivering green belt certification programmes, but also of leading transformational lean six sigma projects in the real world.

    They will share their knowledge and insights with you throughout the course.

  • 3. A Practical Training Style

    To ensure optimum knowledge retention, the delivery style of this course is very interactive.

    We include plenty of active learning, such as group activities, discussion, and applying skills to your own projects.

  • 4. Learn how to Generate Sustainable Top & Bottom Line Savings

    One of the objectives of this course is to give you the tools to implement improvements that are sustainable within your organisation.

    In one of our recent classes, each student delivered average savings of €100k+ per project.

  • 5. Achieve Respected Green Belt Certification

    Successfully completing this course and its assessment work leads to a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

    You will also gain a QQI Level 5 certificate in Lean Manufacturing Tools (code: 5N5407).

    Good to know:

    Although the course name is "manufacturing tools", the course content is suited to every industry.

    We have participants from every sector attending this course, including hospitality, retail, pharmaceuticals, IT, and telecoms to name a few.

who attends this green belt course?

Who Attends This Course?

There are participants from a wide variety of businesses and sectors attending each Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course we schedule.

As the skills you gain during this course are transferable throughout all sectors, this course is suited to participants within any industry.

Who Benefits?
  • Anyone with experience in a service or manufacturing industry.
  • Those working in a continuous improvement environment.
  • Anyone wishing to learn ways to improve business processes that are both cost-saving and sustainable.
joining virtual training

Live Virtual Delivery

Our public Lean Six Sigma Green Belt dates run throughout the year and are available for anyone to attend.

We deliver training in a “live virtual classroom format”. This means you can connect to live, trainer-led sessions online from wherever you are located.

You can read more about this style of delivery in the next tab, or by downloading our PDF brochure.

Save Your Place on Upcoming Green Belt Dates

You can provisionally hold your place on an upcoming Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course by using the "Reserve My Place" button below.

If you would prefer to speak with our team, you can call us at Freephone 1800 910 810 or ask a question online.

What are the training objectives of this programme?

The 5 main objectives of this course are to equip participants with:

  • Process Improvement Capability

    A range of tools and skills to be able to improve processes in any business environment.

  • Problem Solving Skills

    Confidence to solve process problems using Lean Six Sigma tools and the DMAIC framework.

  • Practical Know-How

    Practical know-how to complete a green belt project to return improvements and savings.

  • Knowledge, Skills, and Competencies

    Knowledge, skills, and competencies to complete the assessment work required for certification.

  • Versatile, Marketable Skills

    Relevant, marketable Lean Six Sigma skills that you can transfer to any role.

How is this Course Delivered?

practical learning

Practical Learning for Best Results

As we mentioned in the previous tab, this is a very practical course.

The hands-on style of learning helps to develop your confidence and cement your new knowledge.

This includes participating in group discussions, plenty of exercises, and application of your learning to your own project (real or hypothetical).

easy access

Easy Access with Live Virtual Classroom

Connecting to our live virtual training is easy. All you need is:

  • A good internet connection (home connections are usually perfect)

  • Any internet-enabled device (smartphone, computer, tablet) that has a web-camera, speakers, and microphone.

Learn More & Get Started

You can read more about live virtual training in our course brochure or by contacting our team to discuss your training options.

Call us directly at Freephone 1800 910 810 or use the button below to request a call back.

What is covered on this Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course?

This is a high-level outline of what we cover during this course. You can get full course and certification details by downloading our PDF Brochure.

Module 1: Introduction

  • Introduction to our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Programme
  • The certification process
  • Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma Concepts
    Key requirements to successfully launch a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Project

Module 2: Define

Set up framework to identify process problems
  • The Project Charter
  • Stakeholder Management
  • The Voice of the Customer
  • Team Dynamics and Managing Change
    SIPOC Maps

Module 3: Measure

Develop a factual picture of the current state and identify weaknesses
  • Develop Current State Value Stream Map
  • Identify Current Time & Quality Metrics
  • Identify Waste (8 Lean Waste Streams)
  • Identify Obstacles to Flow
  • Develop a Data Collection Plan
  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Module 4: Analyse

Understand the drivers of poor process performance and select focus areas for improvement
  • Graphical analysis of data to illustrate current state: Control Charts, Pareto Analysis
  • Team Creativity Techniques to generate causes
  • Root Cause Analysis, 5 Whys
  • FMEA
  • Decision Making: Prioritise possible sources and solutions, Pick Charts

Module 5: Improve

Develop and implement optimum sustainable solutions
  • Kaizen Events
  • 5S
  • KanBans
  • Error Proofing
  • Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM)
  • Action Planning
  • Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED)
  • Construct Future State Value Stream Process Map

Module 6: Control

Verify effective implementation of solutions and ongoing controls are established
  • Visual Management
  • Standardised Work
  • Control techniques for ongoing process control
  • Communicate recommendations for further improvement to stakeholders
  • Documenting Process Improvement Metrics - Time, Quality, Financial
  • Identify and Communicate Future Opportunities for Improvement
  • PDCA Cycle - Review and Action on a continuous basis

Customised Lean Six Sigma training for your business

This Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is also available for in-company training. “In-company” is a style where we deliver training exclusively to your team.

In-company training provides a way of getting maximum impact from every hour your team spend at a course.

Benefits of In-Company Green Belt Training

This customised Green Belt training solution yields many benefits including:

  • Process Improvement Capability

    When beginning to work with Lean Six Sigma tools, it’s important for process improvement teams to have a solid foundation in understanding how each tool should be applied.

    One of the key training objectives for this Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course is to equip your team with this foundation.

  • Consistency

    By training your team in a group, you ensure consistent language, application, and standards of process improvement throughout the business.

    You can feel confident in your team’s ability to implement a steady standard of excellence and a common approach to implementing Lean Six Sigma within your organisation.

  • Flexibility

    In-company training enables you to adapt the training schedule to suit your own business calendar, minimising disruption and launching your process improvement initiative at an optimal time.

    We can come to your location anywhere in Ireland or deliver the programme as live virtual training.

  • Green Belt Certification

    Boost your team’s morale and enhance their skill-set by running this workshop, which leads to both a Professional Development Green Belt certificate and a QQI certification.

  • Cost-Effective Group Training

    Our pricing model for in-company training is per day rather than per person, which adds up to considerable savings.

    When you have a number of candidates for training, in-company almost always works out as the most budget-friendly option.

  • Tailored Training, Focused on Your Organisation

    When planning your training programme, we will work with you to assess how training can be truly relevant to the daily processes and roadblocks of your business.

How can I begin planning this course for my business?

You can speak with our training consultants directly by calling Freephone 1800 910 810. Alternatively, please use the buttons below to ask a quick question, or request your in-company quotation.

Next Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Dates

Online November 20, 21, 22, 27, 28 Live Virtual Hold Your Place

Frequently Asked Questions

No previous experience is necessary.

All you need is a keen interest in learning Lean Six Sigma methodologies.

This is a practical, intensive course for those who want to gain a confident understanding of how to use Lean Six Sigma at a green belt level.

Our shorter, 2-day Yellow Belt Course is a great alternative for those who are seeking a shorter introduction to Lean Six Sigma.

In order to achieve your green belt certification, you will need to complete assessment work in the 8 weeks following training. We provide plenty of guidance and support for your assessment work.

You can learn more about the assessment work and how we deliver this course in our PDF brochure.

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You will receive 2 certifications upon completing this course and its assessments. The first is a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate.

The second is a QQI Level 5 certificate in Lean Manufacturing Tools.

Manufacturing Tools is the official name of the course, but this course is by no means only suited to the manufacturing industry. We have participants from across a range of industry and business sectors on each course date.

The QQI code for this course is 5N5407. It is a minor award worth 15 credits towards a major award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

To achieve this certification, you must attend our 5-day Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course and successfully complete the assessment work that follows the course.

You have 8 weeks from the last date of training to complete your assessment work.

During the course, your trainer will give you full details on and plenty of guidance for your assessment submission.

No, although Lean originated in the manufacturing sector, the practical and versatile nature of these tools have led them to become widely used throughout many different sectors.

Lean Six Sigma can be effective in organisations of any size and in any industry.

Throughout this course, theoretical learning is combined with practical application including project work, group activities, and discussions.

We run our public course as “live virtual classroom training”. That means you can connect online to a real-time, classroom experience delivered by our experienced tutors.

Our in-company programmes are available both as live virtual training or in person, where we come to your location.

Our trainers are experienced Lean Six Sigma professionals who have led many business excellence projects.

Over the years they have delivered breakthrough process improvements and cost savings across a range of business areas.

Here is the timeline for gaining a Green Belt certification with our approach:

  • Training (5 Days):

    Attend our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course.

  • Assessment Work (8 Weeks):

    You have 8 weeks from the last day of training to complete and submit your assessment work.

  • Grading & Certification (1 - 3 Months):

    Once you have submitted your work, it must go through the correct grading and verification channels.

    You will receive a notification of your results approximately 4 - 6 weeks from your submission date. Your official certificate is usually sent to you within 3 months.

Our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt is designed to equip you with the skill and knowledge you need to be able to contribute to and run Lean Six Sigma projects effectively.

We cover each step in the DMAIC Cycle used to implement process improvement, giving you a working understanding of how you can utilise Lean Six Sigma with success.

You can find our current course prices in the “how would you like to learn?” section on this page.

Our course price includes everything you need to achieve your green belt:

  • 5 days of training

  • course materials (slides, templates, supporting documents, etc.)

  • certification costs

Our in-company training is priced a little differently on a per-day rather than per person basis, but is also completely inclusive.

It is a very cost efficient option for organisations with several candidates for green belt certification.

The price for our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course includes everything you need to gain versatile skills and become certified.

  • 5 days of classroom or virtual training
  • Course materials
  • Assessment and certification costs

You can instantly hold a provisional place on one of our upcoming dates by using the “Reserve My Place” button below to view and select dates.

You can also reserve a spot by speaking directly with a member of our team. Call us at Freephone 1800 910 810 or use the button below to request a call back.

We love to help!

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