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  • This QQI Management Coaching Course is designed for managers and leaders from all backgrounds.
  • It is a very practical, workshop style course focused on developing your coaching skills & confidence.
  • Through completing this course and its assessments successfully, you’ll gain a recognised QQI Certification.
  • Live Virtual Training: Join real-time, tutor-led training online from wherever you are located.
  • This QQI Management Coaching Course is available for both individuals (public) and teams (in-company).

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Practical Skills and Certification
  • QQI Management Coaching Course
  • Gain: Practical Skills + Certification
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Designed For: Managers & Leaders
  • Certificate: QQI Level 6 (code: 6N3087)
  • Award: Coaching Models of Practice
  • Available for: Individuals and Groups
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Our QQI Management Coaching Course is designed to support those who manage others. It’s a practical, 4-day course that equips you with the skills and understanding you need to effectively coach those you manage to achieving their professional best.

Get QQI Certified

QQI Certification

This course and its associated assessments lead to a recognised QQI Level 6 award, “QQI Coaching Models of Practice”. You can learn more about this award in the “QQI Certification” tab below.

How would you like to learn?

Including Certification
Live Virtual Training QQI Management Coaching Course

Virtual Training

  • Live, Tutor-led learning
  • Access from anywhere
  • Duration: 4 Days
  • Learn from home
In-Company Training QQI Management Coaching Course

In-Company Training

  • Classroom or Online
  • We come to you
  • Flexible Duration
  • Tailored Team Training

Management Coaching for Teams

This course is available for both individuals and teams. We often run this QQI Management Coaching Course as an in-company programme for management teams who want to introduce an element of coaching to their management style.

You can learn more about how we deliver this training for businesses by downloading our PDF brochure or in the “In-Company Training” tab below.

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		QQI Management Coaching Course

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QQI Management Coaching Course
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What are the objectives of this QQI Management Coaching Course?

This QQI Management Coaching Course is designed to provide managers, supervisors, and leaders at all levels with practical skills they can use within the workplace.

Upon completion of this course, participants will:

  • understand the principles of coaching

  • have gained essential coaching communication skills

  • be familiar with important coaching models of practice

  • be confident in their style of coaching others

  • know how to carry out one-to-one coaching sessions with team members

5 Key Benefits

  • Understanding of Coaching Models and Principles

    This course aims to equip you with key coaching techniques that you can apply to your daily work.

  • Practical Learning = Increased Confidence

    This is a very practical, interactive course with plenty of discussions and exercises to help develop and strengthen your own style of coaching.

  • QQI Certification

    When you successfully complete our 4-day workshop and its assessments, you will achieve a QQI Level 6 Certification in Coaching Models of Practice, adding credibility to the skills you have gained.

  • Powerful Communication Skills

    During this course, we cover important communication skills you will need to coach successfully. These include questioning and listening skills.

  • Guidance from Expert Coaches

    Our trainers bring the value of years of coaching experience to this programme. They will share advice and tips gained from their time coaching others to benefit your learning.

online live virtual training

Delivery Style: Live Online Training

This course has a very interactive style of learning. It is delivered in a “live virtual classroom” format that provides you with a classroom experience while connecting online. Live virtual training means real-time training sessions and the ability to interact with your trainer and fellow trainees.

You can learn more about how our live virtual training works by downloading our PDF brochure.

Find out More

You can ask us anything about this course using the “Ask a Question” button below. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700.

What is Covered on this QQI Management Coaching Course?

Here is a high-level overview of what we cover during this QQI Management Coaching Course. Download our PDF brochure for more detail on how we deliver this course.

Module 1: Understanding Coaching & the Role of a Coach

  • Defining coaching and the role of a coach
  • Coaching or mentoring?
  • The benefits of coaching within the organisation
  • Building the coaching contract & managing the session
  • 4 Cornerstones of Coaching

Module 2: Coaching Tools

  • The Wheel of Life / Performance
  • Honey & Mumford’s Learning Styles and Coaching
  • Using the GROW model

Module 3: Essential Coaching Skills

  • Self-awareness and coaching
  • Building rapport with your team members
  • The importance of listening skills
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Understanding values & challenging limited beliefs

Module 4: Goal Setting & Action Planning

  • Exploring positive alternatives
  • Giving supportive feedback

Day 4 - Assessment Work

Day 4 is dedicated to your QQI assessment work and preparation.

You will complete your skills demonstration, which takes the form of a practical coaching session. Progressively building your knowledge and practical skills during training prepares you for this skills demonstration.

On day 4, we will also focus on preparation for the second part of your assessment work: your written assignments. We will provide you with a detailed assessment brief and guidance on how to approach your written assignment work.

Get Started

You can get further details on our QQI Management Coaching Course by downloading a PDF brochure using the button below.

You can also call us directly at Freephone 1800 910 810 to ask any questions or reserve a provisional place.

Management Coaching Training for Your Team

This QQI Management Coaching Course is a popular choice for businesses of all sizes.

With in-company training, we deliver training solely to a team or teams from your organisation.

Benefits of In-Company Training

Here are some of the benefits you’ll gain by running an in-company QQI Management Coaching Course in your business:

  • Flexibility

    You choose the training dates and style. We can deliver the course either online (live virtual classroom) or in person at your premises.

  • Customisation

    When planning the training, we will tailor the content of the course to reflect your specific business needs.

    Training will be relevant to the challenges your team face and the kind of teams they manage.

  • Consistency

    This style of training is a fantastic way to begin introducing a management coaching culture within your organisation.

    By training your entire management team at the same time, you will ensure consistent skills and knowledge across departments.

Plan Your Management Coaching Course

If you would like to know more about how this QQI Management Coaching Course could work for your organisation, get in touch.

You can reach us directly by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810 or Dublin 01 861 0700) or by using the “Get a Quote” button below.

About the QQI Coaching Models of Practice Certification

This course and its associated assessments lead to the QQI Coaching Models of Practice award (award code: 6N3087, credits: 15). This is a Level 6 Award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).

Achieving certification is a great way to add credibility to the skills you’ll gain through attending this course.

“How do I get certified?”

Certification is gained through a combination of course attendance, self-directed learning, and assessment work.

Your assessment is compiled of 3 separate techniques:

  • Skills Demonstration: a 30 – 40 minute coaching session during Day 4 of training.
  • Written Assignments (2): you will have 8 weeks to complete and submit your written assignments following training.

Support & Guidance

We will provide plenty of support and guidance on your assessment work.

  • You will receive a detailed assessment brief before training begins.
  • You will begin to prepare for your skills demonstration through practical work during training.
  • On Day 4 of the course, your trainer will provide guidance on completing your written assignments.

Ask About Certification

If you have any questions about QQI Certification, we are here to help.

Use the “Ask a Question” button below to get in touch online or call us at Freephone 1800 910 810.

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend this course for anyone who manages others.

Gaining understanding of and capability in coaching techniques is a great way to connect with your team and help them to achieve exceptional results.

This is a very practical course, focused on providing managers with practical skills for coaching others in a workplace environment.

There are plenty of exercises, practice coaching sessions, and discussions throughout the 4 days of training.

This Management Coaching Course is delivered online as a live virtual classroom. Live virtual training means that you can connect to real-time, trainer-led sessions online.

Learn more about how it works by downloading our PDF brochure.

No experience is needed for this course. It’s suitable for managers, team leaders, and supervisors from all backgrounds.

This is a 4-day course, with each day running from 9.30am5.00pm. There is typically a break between Days 1 & 2 and Days 3 & 4.

Yes, this programme is very popular for in-company training.

We run Management Coaching for teams of all sizes. It is suitable for every kind of business.

Learn more about how training for teams works in our brochure, or use the button below to request a quote.

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You will achieve the associated QQI certification for this course through successfully completing training and the relevant assessment work.

Read more about certification in the “QQI Certification” tab or by downloading our PDF brochure.

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