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  • All Inclusive: Our course price includes everything you need for preparation, training, exams, and certification.
  • Choose Your Style: This PRINCE2® Course is available in classroom, live virtual, online, and in-house formats.
  • 2 Certifications: Achieve both PRINCE2® Foundation and PRINCE2® Practitioner Certifications.
  • PRINCE2® Experts: Our PRINCE2® certified trainers have plenty of experience delivering this course successfully.
  • Focused Approach: Our intensive exam preparation approach to PRINCE2® training has a very high success rate.

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  • Certificates: Foundation + Practitioner
  • Exam: Exam Included
  • Exam Style: Classroom or Online
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Locations: Dublin, Online, In-House
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This PRINCE2® Course is intensive exam preparation that will prepare you to sit both the Foundation and Practitioner exams during the course. Our goal is that you will understand the processes, roles, principles, and themes of the PRINCE2® framework, and feel confident that you can pass your exams first time.

A complete PRINCE2 solution

A Complete PRINCE2® Solution

Our course format means that you get everything you need to become PRINCE2® certified in 1 transparent price. For classroom and virtual, we include 5 days of training, pre-course familiarisation reading, course materials and sample exam questions, the Axelos PRINCE2® Manual, and both examinations. Online training includes 360 days access to all online course materials, plus your exams and certification.

Next PRINCE2® Dates

Classroom 21st of September 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 9th of November 2020 Dublin Reserve

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Classroom Training ONLINE Prince2 Foundation Practitioner

Classroom Training

  • Tutor-led learning
  • Location: Dublin
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Focused learning
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Live Virtual Training ONLINE Prince2 Foundation Practitioner

Virtual Training

  • Live, Tutor-led learning
  • Access from anywhere
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Learn from home
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Online Training ONLINE Prince2 Foundation Practitioner

Online Training

  • Self-led learning
  • Access from anywhere
  • 180-day unlimited access
  • Learn at your own pace
In-House Training ONLINE Prince2 Foundation Practitioner

In-House Training

  • Classroom or Online
  • We come to you
  • Flexible Duration
  • Tailored Team Training

In-House PRINCE2® Training

We recommend in-house training for any organisation that has several candidates for PRINCE2® certification. It's a brilliantly flexible and efficient way to train your team.

We offer in-house training in all formats: classroom, live virtual, and online. We can advise on the right fit for your team's training when you request a tailored quote.

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		ONLINE Prince2 Foundation Practitioner

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ONLINE Prince2 Foundation Practitioner
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More About our PRINCE2® Classroom and Virtual Courses

The delivery for classroom-based and live virtual training is very similar. The main difference is where you are based for the course.

Classroom training offers the benefit of being in a very focused learning environment. Virtual training is perfect for those who cannot travel to the Dublin training venues or who prefer to learn from home.

Training Objectives

As this course focuses on achieving both Foundation and Practitioner certifications, we have divided our objectives and the course into two sections:

Days 1 – 3: Foundation Certification

By the end of days 1 - 3, you will gain a thorough knowledge of the "Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® - 2017 Edition" manual, including:

  • The characteristics and context of a project and the benefits of adopting PRINCE2®.
  • The purpose of PRINCE2® roles, management processes and themes.
  • The PRINCE2® principles and processes.
  • You will be prepared to sit the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam.

Days 4 & 5: Practitioner Certification

By the end of days 4 and 5, you will be able to apply and tailor PRINCE2® to address the needs and problems of a given project scenario. Your ability to do this will be examined by the use of official Axelos case studies. You will:

  • Understand the relationships between the roles, management products, principles, themes, techniques, and processes.
  • Be able to apply the principles, themes and processes to a case study project (official Axelos approved case study is used).
  • Be prepared to sit your PRINCE2® Practitioner exam on the final day of training.

Be Prepared

Pre-course familiarisation reading is important for all participants of PRINCE2® courses. Each participant will also need to set aside time during the evenings of the training for study.

We will guide you at each stage of the planning process, making sure that you have advance access to the pre-course reading that is required to support their training.

Book a Classroom or Virtual Place

If you're ready to get started, click below to reserve your spot on an upcoming date. Choose from reserving a classroom or virtual place.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak with one of our expert training consultants, you can reach us at Freephone 1800 910 810. Alternatively, click below to Ask A Question online.

More About our Online PRINCE2® Course

By choosing our online PRINCE2® course, you'll work through the syllabus at your own pace.

As PRINCE2® is an intensive programme, this does require considerable focus and self-discipline. It is, however, the ideal solution for several types of student. Here are some of the reasons that online training could be the right choice for your training:

Who Chooses Online PRINCE2® Training?

  • Ready to Go: If you're ready to get started on your PRINCE2® training and certification now, our online option might be the best fit for your needs.
  • Time-Starved: You may have a hectic schedule and struggle to find several days free to attend training. In this case, if really want to work towards achieving PRINCE2® certification, online offers a way to learn whenever you have the opportunity.
  • Self-Paced: Some people prefer to learn at their own pace. Online training enables you to choose your speed and intensity for PRINCE2® learning.
  • Refresher: Those who have attended PRINCE2® training previously, and are seeking an effective way to refresh their knowledge and prepare to sit their exam.

What is Included?

  • 360 days of access to PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner online material
  • 47+ engaging training videos, divided between 18 chapters
  • A glossary of over 580 terms and definitions
  • 18 helpful study guides
  • Over 588 test questions to help cement your learning
  • A progress tracker to help you stay focused on your goal
  • A user-friendly platform and mobile app that enables you to learn on the move
  • Both PRINCE2® online exams
  • Foundation and Practitioner certification costs

Purchase This Online Course

If you're ready to get started with your PRINCE2® online training, purchasing this course is an easy process.

Use the "Buy Now" button below to add this course to your cart. When you're ready, head to the checkout to complete your purchase swiftly and securely. We'll send you confirmation immediately and activate your online access as soon as your card transaction has been approved (within 12 hours, usually sooner).

If you have any questions about PRINCE2® or online training, why not get in touch with our team directly? You can click below to ask us a question, or call us at Freephone 1800 910 810.

PRINCE2® Training for Your Team

We also offer our PRINCE2® programmes for in-house training.

In-house (also known as 'in-company') is a focused style of training that affords you greater flexibility and a higher level of impact for your team. Here are some of the key benefits you'll gain with in-company training:

Why Choose In-Company Training?

  • Complete Flexibility

    Choose from classroom, virtual, or online training. In the case of classroom training, we come to you. This cuts out any travel costs and minimises disruption to your team.
  • Focused on Your Team

    We train your team exclusively. In-company training is an excellent way to train and certify your entire team in the PRINCE2® framework.
  • Work with Your Schedule

    Ensure minimum disruption to productivity by choosing training dates that fit your business calendar.
  • Certification Options

    You can complete both certifications (Foundation and Practitioner) at the same time, or deliver one module first, followed by the second at a later stage.

Learn More and Get Started

You can use the buttons below to request your customised in-company quote or ask us anything about in-house PRINCE2® training. To reach us by phone, call Freephone 1800 910 810.

What is Covered in this PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Course?

You'll find a content outline for our classroom, virtual, and in-house training below. The online training outline may differ slightly, but will work from the same syllabus.

You can read the full course outline and learn more about achieving your certification by downloading our course brochure.

Days 1 - 3: PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Prep & Exam

  • Module 1

    Overview of project management and PRINCE2®
    PRINCE2® principles and themes
  • Module 2

    Starting a PRINCE2® project
    Organising PRINCE2® project management teams
  • Module 3

    Initiating a project
    The business case
  • Module 4

    Planning a PRINCE2® project
    Quality Management
    Risk Management
    Change Management
  • Module 5

    Managing and directing Project Delivery
    Managing and controlling stage boundaries
  • Module 6

    Configuration management
    Stage closure
  • Day 3: Afternoon

    PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

Days 4 & 5: PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam Prep & Exam

  • Module 1

    Overview of PRINCE2®
  • Module 2

    Overview of tailoring PRINCE2® to project environments
  • Module 3

    Case study exercises aimed at preparing you for your certification exam
  • Module 4

    Practitioner exam technique and exam preparation
  • Day 5: Afternoon

    PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam

Next PRINCE2® Dates

Classroom 21st of September 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 9th of November 2020 Dublin Reserve

Frequently Asked Questions

This PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner training is available in all formats: online, classroom, virtual, and for in-house team training.

Classroom training is in-person, scheduled courses that run in Dublin throughout the year.

Virtual training is similar to classroom, but you connect remotely from wherever you're located.

Online is self-led learning, ready to purchase on-demand.

In-house means that we deliver the training to your team only. This can be in any style (classroom, virtual, or online). For classroom training, we come to your location.

We run our classroom course throughout the year in Dublin. Our Dublin training venues are all located outside the city centre, helping you to avoid traffic! Each training venue is situated close to the M50 and offers free parking for our delegates.

You can access our virtual and online training courses from anywhere in the world!

The classroom and virtual version of this course takes place over 5 consecutive days. Each day runs from 9.30am – 5.00pm. Training takes place on weekdays (usually Monday – Friday).

Here is our effective format for PRINCE2® certification with classroom and virtual training:

Once you confirm your course place, you’ll receive access to our pre-course familiarisation reading. This takes between 5 – 6 hours to complete in advance of attending training. It is very important that you complete this reading.

Our training is 5 consecutive days in length. You will complete both the Foundation and Practitioner level exams during training. Note: You will need to allow time for study each evening during training.

Once you have passed your exams, you will receive your PRINCE2® certification!

Using our classroom or virtual format, it is possible to get PRINCE2® certified within 1 week during training plus the 5 – 6 hours of pre-course reading.

This course has an exam preparation focus, meaning that it is very intensive and theoretical in style.

Although you will certainly gain knowledge and understanding of the PRINCE2® framework, you will spend a high proportion of time during training concentrating on exam preparation.

The PRINCE2® Foundation certification will never expire or need to be renewed. You will need to renew your Practitioner certification every 3 years.

This can achieved either by re-sitting your Practitioner exam, or through Axelos membership (costs apply).

There are 3 things we ensure all delegates for our classroom and live virtual training know before the course begins:

  1. It is very important that you take the time to complete the pre-course reading we provide. This usually takes about 5 – 6 hours.

  2. You will need to allow time for study every evening during training. With this in mind, we recommend keeping other commitments during the course to a minimum where possible.

  3. This is an exam preparation course. As such, it is quite intensive and does not incorporate a lot of practical work.

There are no official experience requirements set out by Axelos for those working towards PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner certifications.

Although we sometimes have participants with no project management experience, we have found that some familiarity with a project management environment is helpful.

Classroom & Virtual Training

You will complete both the Foundation and Practitioner exams in class, during training.

The Foundation exam takes place on the afternoon of Day 3. You must pass this exam to progress to Practitioner level.

The Practitioner exam takes place on the afternoon of Day 5.

Online Training

When you're ready, you'll schedule and sit your online exam.

  • Classroom & Virtual Training

    There are 2 ways to secure your place on one of our next classroom or virtual PRINCE2® dates. You can Reserve a Place online by using the buttons below. This provisionally holds your place for a maximum of 2 working days.

    During office hours, you can reserve a place directly with our training consultants by calling Freephone 1800 910 810 or 01 861 0700. Our office is open 9.00am – 5.30pm from Monday – Thursday, and 9.00am – 5.00pm on Fridays.

  • Online Course

    You can get started with our online PRINCE2® training by using the "Buy Now" button below.

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  • In-House Training

    You can all us on Freephone 1800 910 810 to discuss your team's needs. Alternatively, click below to request your customised quotation.

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