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Presentation Skills Training Course

During this interactive, Presentation Skills training workshop, we address the 2 most important elements of delivering a successful presentation: Preparation and Practice. Our 2-day workshop is designed for anyone who is required to make presentations, or to speak in public as part of their role. It’s particularly beneficial for managers, directors and leaders, and sales executives.

We operate this course exclusively for in-company bookings. This means we can tailor the content to suit the needs of your team and your business. You can view our public courses here.

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What are the Benefits of this Presentation Skills Course?

The objective of this course is to help you cope with the inevitable nerves that accompany making a presentation. We also address delivery and preparation skills, so that you leave with the following benefits:

  • Confidence

    This course is very practical, with plenty of time given to practicing your presentation delivery skills in a constructive, supportive environment. Over 2 days, you will make short, easy presentations that will develop your confidence.
  • Delivery Skills

    Our trainers have a wealth of experience delivering presentations and speaking in public. They bring this knowledge, including many tips on tone, style and body language to the course.
  • Handle the Unexpected

    Sometimes, the most daunting part of giving a presentation is the possibility of unexpected questions. We teach you how to handle these questions with ease.
  • Key Preparation Techniques

    "Fail to prepare, prepare to fail" - this well known quote certainly applies to giving a presentation. This course equips you with preparation techniques to set yourself up for success.
  • Valuable Feedback

    Our proven course format provides time for practicing, receiving feedback and improving as you learn.

What is covered on this Presentation Skills Training Course?

  • Overcoming Your Nerves

    What causes nerves?
    Essential tips to help you relax while delivering a presentation
  • Preparing for your Presentation

    How to make the most of your preparation time
    Structuring your presentation for a natural, conversational flow
    Preparing easy-to-reference notes
  • Connecting with your Audience

    Encouraging the audience to interact with you - questions, feedback etc.
    Holding your audience's attention
    How and when to use humour
    Incorporating visual aids
  • Perfecting Delivery Skills

    Understand which "power words" grab attention
    Projecting your voice
    Using body language to emphasise a point and keep your audience engaged
    Achieving colourful delivery that will make an impact
  • Dealing with the Unexpected

    Maintaining your composure when questioned aggressively
    Handling technical hiccups with ease

In-Company Presentation Skills Training for Your Team

How Can In-Company Training Benefit Your Business?

We regularly run our Presentation Skills as an in-company workshop for clients who have sales or management teams that are required to make presentations or speak in public as part of their roles.

In-company training is a highly-effective and efficient way of delivering a consistent skill-set to your team. If you have several potential candidates for training within your team or organisation, in-company could be the best way to deliver that training for maximum impact.

5 Benefits of In-Company Training

  • Date Flexibility

    When we deliver an in-company workshop, you choose a training date that works in-line with your business calendar.
  • Cost-Efficient

    Our per-day in-company rate can work out at a significantly lower cost per person than if each participant attended a public course.
  • Customisation

    We will tailor the workshop content to centre around the priorities, goals, and challenges of your team.
  • Minimum Disruption

    As you choose the date and we come to your premises to deliver training, there is minimum disruption and downtime for your team's productivity.
  • Consistency

    Holding a Presentation Skills workshop in your business ensures that each member of the team receives the same foundation skills and preparation techniques.

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