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  • Our Resilience Training addresses the need for response and action in challenging times.
  • This Resilience Training focuses on building resilience in the workplace.
  • You’ll learn how to handle difficult situations, understand change, & respond effectively.
  • We also look at developing self-awareness and bouncing back from crisis mode.

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Spring Back with Resilience Skills
  • Key Skills: resilience, handling change
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Style: Virtual or In-House
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Locations: Online or onsite
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In changing times, responding to challenges becomes a part of everyone’s role. When things are changing at a rapid pace, it can breed uncertainty, stress, and even panic. Having the right skills to handle change and remain calm and focused can make a huge difference to an organisation’s profitability and each team member’s wellbeing during difficult times.

Respond to Change

Skills for Your Needs

Our Resilience Training is designed to give you skills to develop resilience while addressing change and handling the unexpected. Through understanding change and gaining self-awareness, you can begin to build a personal action plan for responding effectively in any situation.

How would you like to learn?

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Live Virtual Training Resilience Training

Virtual Training

  • Live, Tutor-led learning
  • Access from anywhere
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • Learn from home
In-House Training Resilience Training

In-House Training

  • Classroom or Virtual
  • We come to you
  • Flexible Duration
  • Tailored Team Training

In-House Resilience Training

Running this Resilience Training as a virtual workshop for your team has never been more important than it is during the current Covid-19 situation.

Through completing this training virtually, your team can stay connected and productive while working from home. They will also gain the essential skills they need to navigate these unprecedented times.

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April 2021

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		Resilience Training

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Resilience Training
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What are the benefits of Building Resilience?

  • Stress Management:

    There is no doubt that changing, challenging times can be stressful for everyone in a business. Possessing the tools to handle that change and remain steady during demanding situations is helpful for your business but is also very reassuring for you. Knowing that you have a tried and tested toolkit at your disposal is invaluable during trying times.
  • Be a Key Team Player:

    When a crisis occurs, or a business is going through a precarious time, it’s important to have those who can remain focused and productive on the team. Team members with resilience skills are instrumental in finding the way ahead and supporting others in working towards solutions.
  • Skills for the Time We Live In:

    Right now, more than ever building resilience has become crucial. We live and work in uncertain times. While much that happens is out of our control, we can take charge of our own mindset and actions within our work. Resilience in the workplace helps us to respond to unprecedented challenges and retain a sense of control in how we react.
  • Resilience is Personal:

    We are all individuals, so resilience will look slightly different for each person. Gaining key resilience and change management tools through training will help you to discover which resilience skills are most important to you and develop your own action plans and response patterns.

Get Started

To begin gathering resilience tools and taking control of the most formidable situations, reserve your place on our next virtual Resilience Training or begin organising an in-house virtual training for your team.

You can instantly reserve your place on a virtual date or request your in-house quote by using the buttons below. Alternatively, contact our team at Freephone 1800 910 810.

Connect to Resilience Training Wherever You Are

Virtual training enables you to connect to live, trainer-led sessions from wherever you are. It’s easy to connect and you’ll gain the benefits of a classroom style of training while enjoying the convenience of learning from home. Our virtual training dates are available for anyone to attend.

Why Virtual Training?

  • Learn from Home:

    This is an ideal solution for anyone who works from home. You can connect with real-time training sessions from wherever you're currently based.
  • Delivered by Experts:

    By choosing our live virtual training, you'll learn from subject matter experts. You'll also benefit from the ability to ask questions and gain advice from our trainers.
  • Group Training:

    Our Resilience Training enables you to interact virtually with your fellow trainees. Via our online platform, you'll be able to take part in group discussions and exercises without leaving home.
  • Focused Learning Environment:

    One of the key advantages of an in-person classroom style training is the focused learning environment. Live, trainer-led virtual training also provides this high-impact format.

How Virtual Training Works

Once you confirm your place on one of our upcoming virtual training date, we'll send you the information and link you need to join the training.

To connect with our live training, you'll need a steady internet connection and a device with a web-camera, speakers, and microphone. Most home internet connections work perfectly for virtual training. These days, almost all smartphones, computers, and tablets have built-in web cameras, speakers, and microphones.

Our training consultants will advise you on how to get connected. It's an easy, user-friendly process.

Taking Action

If you’d like to join one of our upcoming virtual resilience training workshops, you can do so quickly and easily. Use the “Reserve My Place” button below or call us on Freephone 1800 910 810 to secure your place on our next date.

Resilience Training for Your Team

We run this Resilience Training workshop for in-house (sometimes called “in-company” or “on-site”) training. This means that we deliver training exclusively to your team on a date you choose. There are many benefits to choosing an in-house style of delivery.

Here are some important features and benefits of this workshop:

  • Interactive Learning

    Our workshop incorporates a highly active style of training, with facilitated discussion and exercises. This high level of engagement solidifies the skills gained.
  • Tailored for Your Team

    As we will be delivering this training exclusively to delegates within your organisation, we can tailor the content to focus on change and challenges relevant to your business and your team.
  • Flexible Delivery Style

    We can deliver this training as an in-person, classroom style course (where we come to your location), or by live, virtual classroom training.
  • Consistent Skills and Action Plans

    This workshop is a truly efficient way to equip your team with a consistent set of skills and action plans targeted on making a positive impact on your business.

Run Resilience Training for Your Team

Now is the ideal time to organise this workshop for your team. To get started, contact us either by using the buttons below or calling our team at Freephone 1800 910 810.

What is Covered on this Resilience Training?

The content below is an overview of the virtual and in-house Resilience Training outline. Download our PDF brochure for full details on this training and how to get started.

Module 1 - Understanding Change & Self-Awareness

  • Understanding the change curve
  • How individuals and teams react to change and uncertainty
  • Thought patterns and physical reactions
  • Self-limiting beliefs and letting go
  • Recognising pressure triggers and taking responsibility for our reactions
  • Responding versus reacting

Module 2 - Building Resilience & Handling Challenging Situations

  • What is resilience, and can anyone learn it?
  • Developing positive thought patterns
  • Positioning change as a positive opportunity for improvement
  • Clarity of thought and decision making
  • Stress management
  • Bouncing back when things don’t go as planned
  • Personal action plan

Talk to Us

If you have any questions on resilience training, we would love to talk to you. You can reach our team of training consultants by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810), or by clicking below to ask a question.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a very practical course, with plenty of discussion and active learning. You can expect plenty of interaction with your trainer and fellow trainees.

Our Resilience Training is available for individuals as live virtual training, and for teams as "in-house" training.

In-house training (also called "in-company training") can be delivered in person at your location, or online in a live virtual training format.

This Resilience Training is suited to anyone who has a requirement to develop their resilience skills.

It's ideal for executive leaders, managers, team leads, and supervisors who have challenging roles within an organisation.

No experience is needed for this Resilience Training.

We love to help!

Chat with our experienced team to get started

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