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Six Sigma Black Belt Salary Ireland

What is the Average Six Sigma Black Belt Salary in Ireland?

If you are considering achieving a six sigma black belt certification, it is likely that you’re already familiar with the role and that you have experience in process improvement.

Those thinking about becoming a black belt should study the different benefits that come with the qualification and change in role.

Of these benefits, the six sigma black belt salary tends to be the element many people zone in on first.

After all, if you are going to spend the time and financial investment necessary to gain your black belt, you want to know if it will positively impact your bank balance in the long run…

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Is Six Sigma Black Belt Worth Achieving?

Knowing a little about what it takes to become a six sigma black belt can often prompt the question, “Is a six sigma black belt worth it?”.

That question is so often asked, that we have created a separate article, focusing on the different benefits achieving a black belt can bring.

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What does a Six Sigma Black Belt make?

How mch does a six sigma black belt make?

According to Payscale.com, one of the world’s leading salary comparison tools, the average salary for a six sigma black belt in Ireland begins at approximately €60K. (*source)

As with any role, there are several varying factors that can impact your salary potential.

For example, with a black belt role, the following factors all play a part in how high a salary you can command:

  • your educational background
  • your experience, in particular with process improvement
  • the sector you work within
  • your geographic location
  • the role you are applying for
  • the organisation you would like to work with

Estimate Your Salary

Although it can be difficult to get a precise salary prediction unless you are aiming for a particular role, there are ways to begin creating a clear picture of what you can achieve.

Here are 3 tips for your research:

  • 1. Ask Around

    If you intend to stay within your current organisation, enquire about black belt level roles available or how this progression in knowledge and certification may impact your current salary and benefits.

  • 2. Study Your Sector

    Spend a little time researching jobs available on recruitment sites in your sector. You can gain insights into the type of role requirements you can expect and learn a little more about the salaries offered.

  • 3. Explore Role Titles

    As you research, bear in mind that the title “black belt” may not always be used. Terms like “continuous improvement manager” or “senior process manager” may be interchanged here.

Achieving Your Six Sigma Black Belt

There are many different training and certification programmes available, all with different merits and structures.

Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course> is designed to equip participants with:

  • a strong understanding of and capability to perform the role of six sigma black belt in any environment.
  • advanced lean six sigma knowledge and skills.
  • versatile skills that can be adapted to respond to any situation.
  • two recognised and respected black belt qualifications (a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and the much sought-after ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB)).
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