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Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Course

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  • A complete Scrum Master solution: training, course materials, exam, and certification.
  • You can choose from trainer-led classroom or self-led online training.
  • Achieve a respected, internationally recognised Scrum Master certification.
  • Gain a confident understanding of the role and responsibilities of a Scrum Master.

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Key Course Points

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  • Certificate: SMCTM Certification
  • Exam: Online Exam Included
  • Format: Instructor or Self Led
  • Duration: 2 Consecutive Days
  • Location: Dublin, Online, Onsite
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Our Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) course for anyone who is seeking a recognised, international Scrum Master Certification. This course is ideal if you want to become a Scrum Master (no experience needed), or if you already work in a Scrum Master role and would like to add to your certifications.

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Our Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) course for anyone who is seeking a recognised, international Scrum Master Certification. This course is ideal if you want to become a Scrum Master (no experience needed), or if you already work in a Scrum Master role.

Next Scrum Master® Dates

Classroom 4th of June 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 21st of September 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 3rd of December 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 4th of June 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 21st of September 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 3rd of December 2020 Dublin Reserve

How would you like to learn?

Classroom Training Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Course

Classroom Training

  • Location: Dublin
  • 14 Max Participants
  • Instructor-led Learning
  • 2 Consecutive Days
Save 20%
Live Virtual Training Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Course

Virtual Training

  • Course Run Online
  • Unlimited Participants
  • Instructor-led Learning
  • 2 Consecitive Days
Save 50%
Online Training Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Course

Online Training

  • SMCTM Certification
  • Multiple Choice Exam
  • Online self-learning
  • 180 Days Access
Online Training Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Course

In-House Training

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  • SMCTM Certification
  • Multiple Choice Exam
  • Online self-learning
  • 180 Days Access

Training needs for your team?

Are you developing a new company ethos, brand or product? Do you wish to expand skills within your organisation, address challenges or introduce new processes?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, in-house training is the solution for you. Our in-house training process ensures that training is designed around your needs and tailored to fit your business.

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		Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Course

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Scrum Master Certified (SMC) Course
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Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) Course Benefits

Our Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) course for anyone who is seeking a recognised, international Scrum Master Certification. This course is ideal if you want to become a Scrum Master (no experience needed), or if you already work in a Scrum Master role and would like to add to your certifications.

We cover the essential tools you need to be an effective Scrum Master. It also prepares you to sit the SCRUMstudy Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) exam and achieve this internationally recognised certification. Study materials, exam and certification including a free copy of the 322 page SBOKTM guide are included in the course price.

What You'll Learn on this Scrum Master Certified Course

  • Scrum Hooks! (My favorite part of Scrum!)
  • Scrum Master React Router
  • Scrum State Management Patterns
  • Work with tons of libraries and tools
  • Scrum Design Patterns and Strategies
  • The basics of Scrum
  • Drag & Drop With Scrum
  • Common Scrum Router Patterns
  • Learn the ins and outs of Scrum
  • Optimize Scrum components

Who is this Scrum Master Certified Course for?

The SCRUMStudy Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) credential is a globally recognised and respected scrum master certification. SCRUMStudy is a global accreditation body for Scrum and Agile certifications. It is widely accepted by large, multi-national companies.

Holding an SMCTM certification informs prospective employers that you have the skill and competence to implement scrum processes in their organisation.

PMP® Course Content

Module 1: Overview

  • Introduction to the PMI® and PMP® certification
  • Project management domains:

    - People
    - Processes
    - Business Environment
  • Overview of exam content outline and completing your application
  • Project life cycles and environment
  • Overview of project management approaches and practices and how to select the best one for your project

    - predictive (plan-based)
    - agile (change-driven)
    - hybrid project approaches

Module 2: Keeping the Business in Mind

Ensure that the project is aligned with the ongoing business requirements by:

  • Managing compliance requirements
  • Evaluating and delivering project benefits and value
  • Evaluating and addressing changes to the internal and external business environment
  • Supporting organisational change
  • Driving continuous process improvement

Module 3: Creating a High-Performing Team

You will learn how to create a high-performing team by:

  • Building a team while appraising skills and competencies
  • Defining team ground rules
  • Creating a shared understanding about the project
  • Establishing a transparent governance structure
  • Negotiating and agreeing project agreements
  • Training and empowering team members and stakeholders
  • Engaging and supporting virtual teams

Module 4: Starting the Project

You will learn how to effectively engage with stakeholders to effectively plan and manage your project using a suite of approaches including:

  • Engage with team and stakeholders
  • Determine appropriate project methodology and practices
  • Establish project governance structure
  • Integrate project planning activities
  • Plan and manage

    Scope of deliverables and work
    Schedule and resources
    Quality of products and deliverables
    Project / phase closure

Module 5: Doing the Work

While up and running with the project you will learn how to:

  • Execute project to deliver business value
  • Manage communications with stakeholders
  • Create and manage project artifacts
  • Manage project changes
  • Manage project issues and risks
  • Ensure knowledge transfer for project continuity

Module 6: Keeping the Team on Track

You will learn how to keep the team on track by developing a range of leadership, people management, and interpersonal skills:

  • Lead a team
  • Collaborate with stakeholders and mentor relevant stakeholders
  • Apply emotional intelligence to promote team performance
  • Support team performance
  • Address and remove impediments, obstacles, and blockers
  • Manage conflict

What is Scrum?

Scrum is the most popular form of Agile project management.

What is Agile?

Agile is an iterative approach to project management. It enables you to divide a project into time-divided sections and react promptly to change. Agile is used for projects with end results that are difficult to define, or where there is a high likelihood of changing requirements. Although Agile originated within the IT sector, there has been a rapid expansion into other industries in the last few years.

There are a number of subsets (forms) within Agile, including Crystal, Extreme Programming and Test Driven Development. However, Scrum is by far the most widely used of all the forms of Agile.


What does a Scrum Master do?

A Scrum Master's top priority is to establish and maintain a productive, effective work environment for the Scrum Team and Scrum Product Owner, so that each project can be completed successfully. They are the key enablers, overseeing application of the scrum process to the project, helping to overcome any obstacles that crop up, and protecting the team from distractions.

Every Scrum Master must have a confident and complete understanding of scrum processes. By becoming Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM), you will gain the skills you need, and achieve an internationally recognised Scrum Master certification.


Why Choose Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) Training?

The Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) certificate is awarded by SCRUMstudy®, an established global provider of Scrum and Agile certifications. This certification is based on the comprehensive Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOKTM) Guide, which you can download free of charge.

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Professional Development is a SCRUMstudy Authorised Training Partner (A.T.P.).

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11 reasons why SCRUMstudy is the best Scrum accreditation body
  1. Most popular and widely accepted
  • Over 400,000 students trained in delivering successful projects
  • Over 5,000 students per month certified in Scrum/Agile
  • Largest partner network of over 275 Authorised Training Partners (A.T.P.s)
  1. Based on Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOKTM Guide)
  • All exams are based on SBOKTMGuide
  • This is a definitive and comprehensive guide endorsed by Scrum/Agile experts
  1. Industry-wide acceptance
  • Applied by organisations to manage a diverse range of projects in wide mix of industries
  1. Scalable
  • Scrum/Agile can be scaled to all levels within an organisation and can be aligned with a businesses work practices
  1. Established name in Scrum/Agile Certifications
  • SCRUMstudyTM has the largest global network of A.T.P.s
  • SCRUMstudyTM is widely regarded and acknowledged by some of the largest Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, PepsiCo, Apple, HP, IBM
  1. Active practitioner engagement and continuous professional development
  • Active discussion forums on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+, Twitter as well as numerous other forums and blogs
  • Most active group for Scrum on LinkedIn
  1. Free Resources
  • 5+ hours of free high quality videos available, useful case studies and interactive mobile apps, blogs and articles
  1. Free Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFCTM) Course
  • This free certification comes with up to 10 hours of free online self-study through videos, case studies and guides
  1. Credible testing
  • Integrity is maintained by conducting all exams online using a live online proctoring systems
  1. Proven teaching methodology
  • Classroom focused, tutor facilitated, teaching methodology is highly interactive and encompasses role-playing as well as case studies and simulations using the on-line e-learning platform
  1. Experienced and certified Trainers
  • All training is delivered by SCRUMstudyTM Certified Trainers (SCT) who are required to undergo a thorough assessment process
  • They are required to successfully pass three SCRUMstudyTM certification exams before they are allowed to deliver a SCRUMstudyTM certified course



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Next Scrum Master® Dates

Classroom 4th of June 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 21st of September 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 3rd of December 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 4th of June 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 21st of September 2020 Dublin Reserve
Classroom 3rd of December 2020 Dublin Reserve

Frequently Asked Questions

Scrum is very popular and effective approach to managing projects. The approach centres around the project team (called “The Scrum Team) and their clearly defined roles.

Scrum Master is one of the most important roles within the Scrum Team. There are a number of respected Scrum Master certifications available for those who want to train and be recognised as someone capable of performing the role of Scrum Master successfully.

With our approach to Scrum Master training and certification, it’s possible to achieve your certification within 1 month.

This may vary depending on course start dates and your availability for study following training.

Our Scrum Master Certified course takes a streamlined, intensive approach to getting certified.

  • Step 1: Attend our classroom-based Scrum Master Certified Course (2 days).
  • Step 2: Study and prepare for your exam (between 2 and 4 weeks).
  • Step 3: Complete your online Scrum Master Certified exam.

There are several Scrum Master certifications available, and really there is no “best” certification on the market.

In order to find the best Scrum certification for your needs, we advise checking for the following when selecting a training course:

  • Is the certification for this course internationally recognised?
  • Does the training provider have experience delivering Scrum programmes?
  • Look at the course content (syllabus). Does it include comprehensive coverage of how to run a project using Scrum?

This course comes with everything you need to get Scrum Master knowledge and achieve your certification:

  • 2 days of classroom training with our experienced Scrum trainer
  • All course materials including the Scrum Body of Knowledge (SBOKTM Guide)
  • Access to online learning portal and study support materials
  • Examination fees
  • Certification costs

This public Scrum Master course runs in Dublin throughout the year.

Our Dublin training venues are located close to the M50, helping you to avoid city centre traffic. You will find free parking at all of our training venues.

A Scrum Master performs several key functions within the Scrum Team.

They are the upholders of Scrum values and ensure its correct application. They create the right kind of working environment for the Scrum Team, mentoring them and protecting them from interruptions.

Scrum Masters also liaise with the Scrum Product Owner to review progress of a Sprint and prioritise requirements.

No previous experience is needed. On this course, we see a mix of those who are already informally performing the role of Scrum Master and those who are completely new to Scrum.

You can book a spot on our next Scrum dates instantly by calling us on Freephone 1800 910 810.

To book a provisional place online, use the Reserve My Place button located on this page.

Through this training and exam, you will achieve an internationally recognised Scrum Master Certified (SMCTM) qualification.

This certification is awarded by SCRUMstudy. SCRUMstudy is a globally established provider of Agile and Scrum qualifications.

There is a 120-minute online exam for this Scrum Master Certification (SMCTM). The exam has 100 multiple choice questions.

During the study period following training, you will schedule your Scrum Master exam online when you are ready.

Yes, we provide several in-company Scrum training options for your team. These courses can be tailored to fit your business needs, and the roles within your team. View our in-company Agile and Scrum courses.

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