Public Courses in Dublin: Supervisor Training

Our Supervisor Training Course is recommended for managers, team leaders and supervisors of all levels. This 2-day workshop runs once a month in Dublin and is available for both private and corporate participants to attend.

This training runs as part of our Management Skills course. For a full list of our upcoming Supervisor Training dates in Dublin, click "Get Course Schedule". We'll send our schedule to your inbox instantly.

Course Benefits

Here are some of the key benefits you'll gain by completing our Supervisor Training Course:

You will Gain Versatile Management Skills

Our course is designed to offer you guidelines for successful management in any industry.

Develop Stronger Communication Skills

Learn how to communicate more effectively, listen actively, and ask the right questions to get answers you need.

Get Guidelines for Successful Team Building

Get to grips with team building techniques to bring a new level of motivation and enthusiasm to your team.

Advice and Feedback from Subject Experts

Our team of management trainers have extensive experience working in management roles and will offer feedback to you during the course

In-Company Supervisor Training in Dublin

This Supervisor Training course is also available for in-company training.

Choosing an in-company training solution is an effective way to train a group of supervisors at once, and focus the message of the training to fit your company's priorities and goals.

With in-company training, we deliver a programme at your Dublin location, on a date that works best for your busy schedule. This minimises any disruption to your team's productivity, and enables us to concentrate solely delivering high-impact training to your supervisors.

How can in-company work for you?

Click the button below to find out more about in-company Supervisor Training, and how it can work for your organisation.

In-Company Training