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A Black Belt Like No Other

Searching for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training in Ireland?

True Black Belts are like gold dust. They are game-changers for any organisation.

They lead transformational change, support other Lean Six Sigma practitioners, and effect savings and improvements at a strategic level.

With so many different routes to becoming a Black Belt available, deciding on the right path for your career can be a little overwhelming.

This article is a compact guide to why our International Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training stands out…

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Why are Black Belts like Gold Dust?

If you're thinking about becoming a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, you'll probably already know that it's a wise career move.

To emphasise why Black Belts are so valuable everywhere, we've listed 3 reasons Black Belts are in such demand:


Black Belts Are the Change Bringers

Black Belts bring about higher levels of savings and sustainable, long-term improvements.

Anyone practicing Lean Six Sigma methods can bring about positive change in a team or business. Black Belts take savings and improvements to a new, higher level.

Black Belts are Big Picture Thinkers

With a Black Belt in your organisation, you’ll have a valuable asset in your leadership team.

Black Belts are key strategic thinkers. They look at all angles and elements, using solid data to back up ideas and decisions.

Black Belts Mentor Others

One of the most valuable things a Black Belt does is to mentor others working with Lean Six Sigma.

They provide guidance and support to process improvement projects in all departments of an organisation.

Learn More

You can really get into the role and responsibilities of a Black Belt in our article, “What is a Six Sigma Black Belt?”.

Challenging and Rewarding

You can see how having a Black Belt practitioner on board is highly valuable for any business. You may also notice that these elements make for a very rewarding career.

Carrying out the work of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt brings fresh challenges and a sense of achievement and satisfaction in your work.

A Brief Introduction to Our Black Belt Training

Our Black Belt training is a perfect blend of ideas and strategic thinking backed up with concrete data and knowledge.

It runs in 5 instalments over a series of months, giving you time to absorb, review, and apply the learning between modules.

Upon completion, you will have a solid understanding of how to perform the role of a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt with confidence.

You will also be ready to study for your ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) Exam.

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What's So Great About Our Black Belt Training?

4 Reasons To Choose Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Training

1. We Include Everything You Need

Our goal is to provide you with a complete Black Belt solution to be able to carry out the role and be prepared to sit your exam. We incorporate everything you need to take your Black Belt goals from idea to realisation. Our programme rate includes:

  • 14 Days of classroom training with our expert trainers.
  • Course materials - monthly instalments of slides, templates, and supporting documents.
  • Sigma XL software.
  • Sample ASQ exam questions and answers.
  • 365 days access to an online ASQ Exam Simulator

The only additional cost is your Black Belt exam. You'll pay this directly to ASQ when you're ready to apply for and sit your Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) exam.

2. Our Trainers Wow Us… and Our Clients… Every Time

Simply put, our Black Belt trainers are experts of the highest standard. They have ample experience both delivering intensive Lean Six Sigma training and actively working as consultants.

The surge in demand we have seen for Lean Six Sigma training, combined with rave reviews from our clients mean that we have limited availability – and therefore limited places – for our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt programmes this year.

3. Our Timing is On Point

As you research, you’ll find a dramatic difference in the timelines for Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training in Ireland. Ours sits happily in the mid-section of timescales.

We have planned this programme in cleverly focused, short instalments to balance intensive learning with time to process, gather questions, and apply the knowledge to a live project or case study.

We find that 14 days over 5 months is just right for allowing you to get into your stride and develop confidence in your abilities.

4. Application Makes Perfect

Through practical work you become a more self-assured and capable Black Belt practitioner.

That’s why we have designed a double certification result for this programme. You’ll achieve your ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt certification by successfully completing your exam following training and study.

Your second certification is a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Black Belt award. This is gained through project-based work, focused on an active project you’re undertaking or a hypothetical example to which you apply your learning.

Ask Yourself: Do you want a piece of paper or do you want to create transformational change?

This is a question to ask yourself when deciding upon Lean Six Sigma Black Belt training.

There are many fast ways to achieve a Black Belt. We have chosen a mid-point: focused learning modules over several months.

We have chosen this, as we strongly believe – and have seen – that true Black Belts are those that have taken time to fully understand Black Belt tools and knowledge, and strengthened their skills.

These are the Black Belts that stand apart from the crowd.

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