Effective Communication Skills

Effective Communication Skills

No matter what we do in our working life, we are communicating on some level every day.

Whether by speaking, writing, questioning, or listening our personal communication skills are continually called into action.

Do you have effective communication skills? Do you really consider how you communicate, what you say, how you process information?

What difference does developing and practicing good communication in the workplace make?

In this article, we address this question, under the following sections:

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Why are Effective Communication Skills so Important?

The ability to communicate well impacts every level of your personal and professional life.

Once you master how to converse clearly, listen attentively, and address conflict, you'll find that every area of your day-to-day life improves.

"Surely I already have the communication skills I need?"

We are constantly communicating, but often we don't pay enough attention to developing our existing skills to ensure they are doing the best job.

This begs the question, "What are effective communication skills?".

  1. Clarity:

    Clarity in communication is more difficult than it sounds. You may think you're being clear, but others may pick up the wrong meaning or miss the point of your message.

  2. Active Listening:

    Active listening is one of the most underrated communication skills, yet it is one of the most valuable tools for communication you can possess.

    How many of us are not really listening, but waiting for our turn to speak? How often do you lose the thread of what someone says because you're busy thinking of your reply?

  3. Assertiveness:

    Another key factor in effective communication skills in the workplace is handling tricky or sensitive situations.

    Walking the line between assertive and aggressive is a learned skill, and one that can mean the difference between confusion and frustration or a positive outcome.

Now that we know the foundations of great communication, let’s look at how they can make your working life better…

4 Benefits of Great Communication Skills

Strengthening your communication skills will have a positive impact on your entire working life. Here are just 4 of the ways it does this:

1. Achieve More
1. Achieve More

Misunderstandings and the inability to express ideas can waste time, cause confusion, and hold us back from achieving our goals.

Through developing the ability to communicate clearly, you will get more done faster and with better accuracy.

2. Lower Your Stress Levels

When you communicate your needs and ask the right questions, you'll feel in control.

Learning how to be appropriately assertive enables you to stay calm in situations that may have previously caused significant stress.

2. Stress Less
3. Business Relationships
3. Improve Your Interpersonal and Business Relationships

So much of our interpersonal dealings boil down to understanding and being understood.

Through good communication, you will easily build better rapport and smoother working relationships with co-workers and clients.

4. Get Confidence to Handle any Situation

Unfortunately, conflict and awkward conversations are unavoidable, no matter how hard you try.

Improved communication skills enable you to address conflict with confidence.

Through having a reassuring set of techniques for tackling difficult conversations, you will feel sure of yourself and be able to navigate these situations well.

4. Confidence

6 ways to improve how you communicate today

Here are our 6 quick tips for enhancing your communication skills right now:

  • Think Before You Speak

    Before you speak, take a beat to think about the point you want to get across. Keep this in mind as you communicate.
  • Check Non-Verbal Signals

    Check your nonverbal signals. Are you frowning or crossing your arms?
  • Listen Actively

    Practise active listening - maintain focus on what the speaker is saying and express interest as they talk.
  • Consider Others

    Think about how what you’re saying may be interpreted by others.
  • Keep it Simple

    Keep your message simple and use clear, straightforward language.
  • Build Your Toolkit

    Build a strong toolkit of versatile, effective communication skills by attending training.
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3 Steps to Truly Great Communication...

The following 3 easy steps are a fast way to build and maintain really effective communication skills in the workplace – or any other situation!

Step 1: Complete Training

Training is the very best place to begin.

Through attending training, you will acquire a set of proven skills for communication and the guidance of experts.

Find a training course that fits your needs, your schedule, and your budget, and get started.

Communication Skills Course

1 Day Online - Practical Skills - €175

As an example, our 1-day Communication Skills Course suits everybody. It is a practical training that gives you excellent, versatile communication skills.

Through interactive learning, you'll develop the confidence and capability you need to get your message across clearly and efficiently.

This course is delivered online in a live virtual classroom format by our experienced communications trainers.

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Step 2: Apply Your Learning

Following training, the most valuable thing you can do is to begin putting your knowledge into practice immediately.

Schedule some time on your first morning back to review your key takeaways from the course and create some action plans for putting your new skills into action.

Step 3: Reflect & Improve

You will see immediate improvements from completing steps 1 and 2.

However, continuous reflection and improvement is the key to keeping your skills fresh and building consistent practices.

Communication for teams

Communications for Teams

We offer an in-company workshop, solely focusing on communication within your team, department, or organisation. This is available for teams of all sizes.

We will tailor the content to address any challenges specific to your environment or team. We can come to your location to deliver training in person or deliver the course online in our live virtual classroom format.

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