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  • Focused: This FMEA Training will focus on processes and situations relative to your business.
  • Actions: The aim of this training is to quip your team with FMEA skills they can put into action fast.
  • Versatile: The skills we cover can be utilised in different situations and industries.
  • Flexible: We deliver this training in both a classroom and virtual format.
  • Experts: Our Lean Six Sigma trainers are experts with extensive real-life experience.

Available training delivery styles:

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    Training exclusively for your team
Gain FMEA Skills
  • FMEA Workshop
  • Focus: Actionable FMEA Skills
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Styles: Classroom or Virtual
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FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) is a highly effective form of risk management and "failure proofing" a process, product, or project. By utilising this Lean Six Sigma approach, you identify all the ways in which your product, project, or service could potentially fail, and how that failure could impact your business.

Attend a Public Course

Want to Attend as an Individual?

This FMEA training is only available for in-house bookings. If you would like to attend similar training as an individual, our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course is a great option. Its in-depth course content – incorporating some work on FMEA – gives you a confident understanding of Lean Six Sigma tools and processes.

How does In-House FMEA Training Work?

Tailored for Your Business

Our 1-day, in-house FMEA workshop is designed to equip your team with practical knowledge and skills they can apply in your working environment straight away.

We will work with you to arrange training on dates that suit your schedule best. You choose the delivery format. We can come to your location anywhere in Ireland or deliver training virtually (online) to your team.

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		FMEA Workshop

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FMEA Workshop
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What are the Benefits of this FMEA Course?

Our course is aimed at providing your team with actionable skills and knowledge that can begin contributing to your business right away. Here are the top 4 benefits of this training:

  • An Understanding of FMEA

    At the end of this workshop, your team will have a theoretical and practical understanding of using an FMEA approach to "mistake-proofing".
  • The Confidence to Implement FMEA

    We incorporate practical learning so that each participant will feel confident implementing FMEA in their own environment, to new or existing projects.
  • Advice from Expert Trainers with Real-Life Experience of FMEA

    Our trainers are qualified Lean Six Sigma experts, with ample experience of implementing FMEA within varied working environments.
  • Opportunity for Progression

    If, after completing this workshop, you would like to further develop your process improvement knowledge, we offer options for progression on either an individual or team basis.
joining virtual training

About Virtual Delivery

During social distancing, all of our training is running as live virtual training. This means that your team can connect to a real-time, trainer-led FMEA workshop from wherever they are located.

It's easy to connect with our virtual training. You only need a steady internet connection and a web-enabled device that has a web-camera (most smartphones, tablets, and laptops have these features as standard). You can learn more about virtual training by downloading our PDF brochure.

Find Out More...

If you think that FMEA Training could be a great fit for your team, get in touch with our team. We can advise on how it will work for your business. You can call us at Freephone 1800 910 810 or click below to request your custom quote.

What is covered on this FMEA Training?

This is our FMEA course outline, which can be tailored to fit your business goals and challenges. For full details on how this course works, we recommend downloading our PDF brochure.

  • Module 1: Introduction

    The fundamentals of FMEA:
    typical deployment
    FMEA as part of a Quality Management System (QMS)


  • Module 2: Supporting Quality Tools

    Quality Tools: review and practise the use of a range of quality tools, such as:
    cause and effect
    mistake proofing
    Establishing goals / targets
    Understanding process mapping as a prerequisite to FMEA


  • Module 3: Implementation

    Facilitation Skills
    Typical deployment strategy
    Overcoming resistance / organisational challenges to FMEA

How is this FMEA Training delivered?

Our FMEA Workshop is available for in-house training. This is a style of training where we deliver a customised programme to your team. Here are some key features of in-house (also called ‘in-company’ or ‘on-site’ training).

  • Relevant & Effective

    In-house training is an ideal format for running an FMEA workshop, as it means we can customise the content to work in harmony with your business strategy.
  • Flexible

    You gain additional flexibility when choosing an in-house workshop, as it enables you to organise training on a date that works best for your busy schedule.
  • Virtual or We Come to You

    You choose the delivery format. We can come to your location anywhere in Ireland to deliver classroom training in person. You can also opt for live virtual training, which enables your team to connect from wherever they are located – this is a fantastic option for teams or groups spread over different locations.

Get Started

You can begin planning your FMEA workshop by getting in touch with our training consultants. Call us at Freephone 1800 910 810 or click below to get a quote for your team.

Attend a Public Lean Six Sigma Course

FMEA is exclusively available for in-house training bookings. However, if you would like to attend one of our public training dates that covers similar skills, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training is an excellent fit.

Our 5-day Green Belt Training is one of our most popular courses. It’s an intensive Lean Six Sigma training that blends practical and theoretical learning to give you a solid knowledge of process improvement.

Key Benefits of Certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt for Business

  • Confidence with Lean Six Sigma process improvement tools
  • Opportunity to achieve a respected QQI certification
  • Techniques for implementing sustainable process improvement
  • Available in both classroom and virtual format

Learn More About our Certified Green Belt Course

Click "Learn More" below to visit the course webpage and get full details on our Green Belt Training. Alternatively, you can call us with any questions at Freephone 1800 910 810 or download the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt brochure using the button below.

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