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Course Focus

PRINCE2® Foundation Course

Delivery: Live Virtual Classroom Training

We recommend this PRINCE2® Foundation Course for anyone seeking training, exam preparation, and certification at PRINCE2® Foundation level. In addition to preparing you to sit the official exam, the aim of this course is to provide you with the knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2® methodology you need to work effectively as part of a PRINCE2® project management team.

We also offer a complete PRINCE2® solution for both Foundation and Practitioner training and certification. You can learn more about PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner by clicking here.

Live Virtual Classroom Training

  • What: Virtual classroom training delivered by experienced PRINCE2® trainers.
  • When: Click our PRINCE2® start dates to select your preferred training date.
  • How: Connect from wherever you are with any internet-enabled device that has a web camera.

Next PRINCE2® Dates

20th of April 2020 Virtual Classroom Reserve
25th of May 2020 Virtual Classroom Reserve
6th of July 2020 Dublin Reserve
31st of August 2020 Dublin Reserve
  • Course Benefits
  • Objectives
  • Course Content

What are the benefits of this PRINCE2® Foundation Course?

  • Broader Career Options

    PRINCE2® is widely adopted by companies in every country, especially within Ireland and the UK. Therefore, project managers who have trained and certified in the PRINCE2® methodologies are in-demand. By achieving PRINCE2® certification, you gain greater career flexibility and may increase your salary potential.
  • Understanding of a Widely Recognised Project Management Framework

    As the PRINCE2® methodology is used in so many different sectors and businesses, a knowledge of the PRINCE2® framework enables you to slot into a new project team with ease.
  • Advice and Guidance from Experienced PRINCE2® Trainers

    Our trainers are experienced in the field of project management, and are PRINCE2® qualified. During your training, you'll gain the benefit of their expertise, including tips, guidelines and best-practice approaches to understanding the PRINCE2® framework.
  • Opportunity for Progression to PRINCE2® Practitioner Level

    Our PRINCE2® Foundation Level is directly followed by PRINCE2® Practitioner Level training. We give you the option to continue on to PRINCE2® Practitioner Level for a complete certification solution.

What are the objectives of this PRINCE2® Foundation Course?

Through completing this course and its accompanying study work, participants will:

  • Learn about the benefits and characteristics of the PRINCE2® methodology

    PRINCE2® is one of the most popular frameworks for managing projects on a worldwide scale. One of the main aims we have for this Foundation course is for participants to understand the defining characteristics of the PRINCE2® methodology and be aware of the benefits it can deliver to projects.
  • Gain an understanding of the 7 Principles, 7 Themes and 7 Processes

    The 7 Principles, 7 Themes and 7 Processes are the foundational stones upon which everything in PRINCE2® is built. Therefore, it’s important to learn about the purpose of these elements and how the apply to PRINCE2® projects.
  • Preparation for the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

    In order to support you in sitting your exam on Day 3 of training, the delivery style of this training leans mainly towards exam preparation.
  • Be able to work as part of a PRINCE2® project management team

    Through learning about the fundamentals of how PRINCE2® works and studying for your exam, you will gain the knowledge and capability to work as part of a PRINCE2® project management team.

PRINCE2® Foundation Course Content

3 Reasons to Choose This Course:

  • Achieve the PRINCE2® Foundation Certification in a short, focused timeframe
  • All course materials, pre-course familiarisation reading, exam and certification costs are included
  • Gain an understanding of the globally implemented PRINCE2® framework

Course Content

Here is an overview of what we cover during our 3-day PRINCE2® Foundation Course:

Course Content

  • Module 1

    Overview of project management and PRINCE2®
    PRINCE2® principles and themes
  • Module 2

    Starting a PRINCE2® project
    Organising PRINCE2® project management teams
  • Module 3

    Initiating a project
    The business case
  • Module 4

    Planning a PRINCE2® project
    Quality Management
    Risk Management
    Change Management
  • Module 5

    Managing and directing Project Delivery
    Managing and controlling stage boundaries
  • Module 6

    Configuration management
    Stage closure
  • Day 3: Afternoon

    PRINCE2® Foundation Exam

Download PRINCE2® Course Brochure

PRINCE2® Foundation Course Brochure

Download Brochure

Frequently Asked Questions

PRINCE2® Foundation is the first level of PRINCE2® certification.

Our 3-day PRINCE2® Foundation Course is designed to prepare you to sit the Foundation exam on the afternoon of Day 3 of the course.

This is an intensive exam preparation course. The content draws from the official Axelos textbook, “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2® (provided as part of your course materials).

You will gain an understanding of how the PRINCE2® approach to project management works while preparing for your exam.

We will provide you with access to pre-course familiarisation reading before the course begins.

This reading is crucial for your exam success. It is essential that you complete this pre-course reading, which usually takes between 5 – 6 hours.

It is also important to allow time for study on the evenings during the course. We always recommend that participants minimise any other commitments as much as possible during training.

PRINCE2® Foundation is the first level of certification you’ll achieve when learning the PRINCE2® methodology. This level of knowledge is focused around understanding the fundamentals of how PRINCE2® works.

Practitioner certification is the next step. This stage is centred around tailoring PRINCE2® to different projects. You must achieve PRINCE2® Foundation certification before you can achieve the Practitioner certification.

This course includes everything you need to achieve your PRINCE2® Foundation Certification:

  • 3 days of classroom training with our expert PRINCE2® trainer
  • Access to pre-course reading
  • Course materials, sample exam questions, and the official Axelos textbook, “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2®” (2017 edition)
  • Exam fees
  • Certification costs

Yes, we frequently deliver tailored, corporate PRINCE2® training for teams.

We offer both Foundation and Practitioner level certifications. You can opt to train your team in both levels, or begin with Foundation only. If your team have already achieved Foundation Level certification, we can deliver Practitioner only training.

Learn more about our in-company PRINCE2® training.

Taking our approach, you can achieve PRINCE2® Foundation in 3 days + 5 – 6 hours of pre-course reading. The pre-course study time can vary slightly from person to person.

We have a 3-step process for achieving PRINCE2® Certification:

  • Step 1: Complete pre-course reading.
  • Step 2: Attend training and study in the evenings.
  • Step 3: Sit your exam.

Once you have passed your exam, you will gain your PRINCE2® Foundation certification.

Your Foundation certification will never expire or need to be renewed.

The best ways to reserve your spot are:

  • Call us on Freephone 1800 910 810 to speak with our team and reserve your place on an upcoming PRINCE2® date.
  • Use the “Reserve My Place” button on this page or select a date and click “Reserve” to secure a spot on one of our next dates.

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