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Benefits of Choosing a Registered Education Provider (R.E.P.)

What is an R.E.P.?

An R.E.P., or Registered Education Provider, is an organisation which has been reviewed and approved by the Project Management Institute, Inc. (PMI)® to provide project management training.

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Is Professional Development an R.E.P.?

Yes, Professional Development is an R.E.P. This means that our trainers and course materials have undergone a series of thorough quality checks by the PMI®. Our R.E.P. status verifies that we meet the PMI's standard for delivering effective project management training.

Why choose an R.E.P. for your project management training?

Quality Assured Training
When an organisation takes the time and effort to apply for R.E.P. status, they are demonstrating a commitment to excellence in project management training at a international level.

If an organisation achieves R.E.P. status, you can feel confident in receiving training and exam preparation support that meets PMI® standards.
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5 Benefits of Choosing an R.E.P.for Your Training

  • Quality Assurance

    An R.E.P. is quality approved to offer exam preparation training for PMI® certifications and credentials.
  • Maintain Your Credentials

    A PMI® R.E.P. is pre-approved to offer professional development units (PDUs) for your existing PMI® qualification, helping you maintain your PMP® certification with ease. Learn more about PDUs by clicking here.
  • Verified

    Before acceptance, and every 3 years after acceptance every R.E.P.’s qualifications are verified by the PMI®.
  • Approved Course Materials

    Each R.E.P. course registered with the PMI® has been independently reviewed, along with the course’s learning outcomes.
  • Involved with the PMI®

    An R.E.P. remains connected with the PMI® network, keeping up-to-date with changes to procedures or changes that are relevant to your training.

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