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  • Practical: This Process Mapping Training takes an active approach to teaching process mapping skills.
  • Customised: We tailor the course content to focus on processes within your business.
  • Flexible Format: Choose from class (we come to you) or virtual (connect remotely) training styles.
  • Expert Delivery: Learn from Lean Six Sigma experts with a wealth of process mapping experience
  • In-House: We deliver the training exclusively to your team, on dates and in the format you choose.

Available training delivery styles:

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    Training exclusively for your team
Process Mapping - Active Learning
  • Process Mapping Training
  • Focus: Skills & Active Learning
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Styles: Classroom or Virtual
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This Process Mapping Training is a high-impact workshop for organisations seeking to develop a clear and structured picture of each process within the business. It is highly practical, and can be delivered as a stand-alone workshop, or as part of a complete continuous improvement programme for your organisation.

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Want to Attend as an Individual?

This workshop is only available for in-house (in-company) training sessions. If you would like to attend a similar course as an individual, our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt courses are excellent alternatives that incorporate process mapping.

How does In-House Process Mapping Training Work?

Focused on Your Processes

We deliver a Process Mapping workshop to your team exclusively. The content is focused on mapping processes they encounter within your business.

We can come to your location or deliver the training virtually, so that your team can connect from wherever you are based.

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		Process Mapping Training

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Process Mapping Training
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What is the focus of this Process Mapping Course?

We take a very practical approach to this workshop, applying the learning to existing processes within your business. In advance of the training start date, we will agree which processes you would like to address, and incorporate them within the workshop content.

On completion of this 2-day Process Mapping Workshop, participants will be equipped with skills, knowledge, and competencies to work in collaboration with the business to:

  • Produce accurate representations of existing processes using process mapping techniques.
  • Identify the impact of agreed proposed changes to those processes (upstream and downstream) plus other business processes.
  • Create future stream process maps using group decision making and team facilitation techniques.
joining virtual training

Connect Your Team Virtually When Working From Home

Although we usually also offer this Process Mapping Training in classroom-based format, during social distancing, we are delivering all of our courses virtually.

This is an excellent way to keep your team working together and focused on forward-thinking solutions as they work remotely.

Find Out More...

Feel free to ask us a question about this Process Mapping Workshop by clicking below, or download the full PDF brochure. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone on Freephone 1800 910.

What is covered on this Process Mapping Course?

You can see the outline of this course content below. For full details on how we run this Process Mapping Course, we recommend downloading our PDF brochure.

  • Module 1

    Workshop format and training context
    Exploring the benefits of process mapping
    Types of process maps
    Challenges facing your team and organisation
    Your role as a facilitator
    Questioning and listening skills
  • Module 2

    Identify processes to be mapped
    Identify process changes (which will be agreed prior to the workshop start date)
    The process of mapping, SIPOC, and swim lane
    Map the current state processes as they are right now
    SIPOC maps to establish high level process steps
    Value stream maps
  • Module 3

    Identify value add, necessary value add, and non value add activities
    Analyse time and quality metrics
    Root cause analysis
    Summarising findings
  • Module 4

    Group decision making techniques
    Create future state value stream map
    Identify impact of proposed changes on other processes
    Identify impact of proposed changes on other functions

What are the Benefits of Process Mapping?

Process Mapping is one of the wisest practices you can put in place for keeping your business in top shape. Let's take a look at 5 ways Process Mapping does this:

  • Visibility

    A process map enables you to see all elements within a process. Clearly seeing what's required for each component provides insight into areas for improvement.
  • Ownership

    Effective process maps provide clarity around who does what within a process. This in turn, eliminates confusion and promotes ownership for each task.
  • Training

    Because a process map gives an excellent overview of a process, it naturally doubles as a training tool for both new and existing team members. Utilising a process map for training ensures everyone is on the same page.
  • Continuous Improvement

    Process maps are a very effective resource for continuous improvement. They give a clear picture of each factor within a process, which enables you to see how it can be streamlined and become more efficient.
  • Team Engagement

    A process map gives everyone a sense of direction and purpose. Each member of the team is informed about what's required for success, and understands how to make the process work at an optimal level.

Get Started

You can begin organising a Process Mapping Workshop for your business by calling us at Freephone 1800 910 810, or clicking below to request a quotation.

Attend a Public Lean Six Sigma Course

Although this Process Mapping Workshop is designed for in-house delivery, those with an interest in process improvement can gain similar skills, along with certification by attending our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt or Green Belt Course. Each of these courses covers elements of Process Improvement. Here is a snapshot of what you can expect from each of these courses:

Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course - 2 Days

  • An introduction to Lean Six Sigma
  • Learn about the 8 forms of waste and DMAIC Cycle
  • Be able to run small-scale process improvement projects and contribute to Green and Black Belt projects
  • Achieve a Professional Development Yellow Belt certification
  • Available as classroom and virtual training

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Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course - 5 Days

  • A more in-depth understanding of Lean Six Sigma methodologies
  • Be able to run Green Belt level process improvement projects and assist with Black Belt projects.
  • Gain the ability to deliver sustainable savings and improvements in your working environment
  • Achieve a recognised QQI certification
  • Available as classroom and virtual training

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Find out which course is right for you

If you'd like some guidance on which course will work best for your next training, our training consultants will be happy to help. You can reach us by calling Freephone 1800 910 810 or by using the buttons below.

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