Resilience in the Workplace - Spring Back Into Shape No Matter What Comes Your Way

Resilience In The Workplace

Why resilience? Because it makes your working life easier.

We launched a new Resilience Training workshop in 2020. It was developed in response to requests from several clients.

We also saw a need in every sector for the ability to thrive throughout challenges that the past 12 months have brought.

Here, we take a quick look at how resilience makes your life easier in your workplace.

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What is resilience in the workplace?

Resilience refers to many different things, but in the context of the workplace, having resilience means that you will be able to weather difficult times and challenging situations.

It has never been needed more than in the past year.

You may have heard this often-quoted, Charles R. Swindoll phrase:

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

It’s true. Much is out of our control, but how we react to and handle situations is within our control.

While this is enlightening, simply knowing this truth is not enough to ensure you’ll react flawlessly in any situation. It’s more like a good point to start from.

When you know that you’re in control of your reaction - and therefore of your experience of events - you can begin to develop the skills to navigate even the trickiest of times with skill, effectiveness, and even ease.

In fact, as you work on your resilience skills, you may even begin to thrive in challenging situations.

Resilience and Your Wellbeing at Work

Resilience is an essential skillset for your overall wellbeing at work.

Humans work faster than ever. We’re taking on more projects, bigger to-do lists, and have more action-packed schedules than ever.

We work in increasingly intensive and often fast-paced environments, where things can change and the potential for stress is high.

It’s no wonder that wellbeing in the workplace as a concept has become more popular and a focus of leading organisations in the past decade.

Along with mindfulness, resilience is a key part of supporting your wellbeing work. It equips you with ability to:

  • Respond calmly in a crisis
  • Work towards solutions
  • Recognise pressure triggers
  • Bounce back when things don’t go as planned

Building your Resilience Toolkit

There are many ways to develop a versatile resilience toolkit.

Online reading, research, and communities can expand your understanding of resilience and give you tips to improve your working situation.

Our 1-day Resilience Training workshop is a focused way to equip yourself with the knowledge and skills to begin really making a difference in your working life straight away.

This practical workshop has limited places on each date. You can view upcoming dates and hold your place using the "Get Dates" button below.

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