Resilience and Your Wellbeing - 3 ways being resilient supports your wellbeing at work

Resilience Skills: Key for Your Workplace Wellbeing

Our wellbeing at work is so important. With such a hectic and challenging year behind us, we are more aware of this now than we have ever been before.

Wellness at work is something we need to actively focus on and take steps to improve.

Among other factors, workplace wellbeing incorporates:

  • stress management
  • job satisfaction
  • respect while at work
  • work-life balance

One way to support your stress management is by developing resilience skills.

“Resilience” means being able to respond to unexpected circumstances and potentially stressful situations calmly and productively.

Want to know how to get resilience skills fast?

3 Ways Resilience Skills Improve Your Wellness at Work

1. Lower Stress

1. Stress Management Skills

When you acquire resilience skills through completing training, you will inevitably cover stress management techniques.

Our 1-day Resilience Training has a focused section on stress management, equipping you with methods and approaches you can use to turn the dial down on your stress levels during trying times.

2. Reliable Skills

2. Ways to Respond, Not React

Being resilient means that you’ll be equipped with tools to help you manage when things don’t go as planned.

Through developing your resilience skills with training and practical application, you will possess techniques for handling any situation.

3. Bounce Back

3. Bounce Back More Easily

During training, you’ll discover how to adopt a different mindset that will help you transform how you experience challenging situations.

With resilience skills and understanding of your own reaction to challenging circumstances, you will be able to bounce back from a change or even crisis much more easily.

How Can You Get Resilience Skills?

The best way to gain a good foundation in resilience skills is by attending a focused training course, like our 1-day Resilience Training workshop.

This workshop is an excellent all-rounder, equipping you with versatile resilience skills you can apply in your own working situations.

We have limited spaces available on our July 13th course at an introductory rate of only €175.

Here's What You'll Learn:

Module 1 - Understanding Change & Self-Awareness

  • Understanding the change curve
  • How individuals and teams react to change and uncertainty
  • Thought patterns and physical reactions
  • Self-limiting beliefs and letting go
  • Recognising pressure triggers and taking responsibility for our reactions
  • Responding versus reacting

Module 2 - Building Resilience & Handling Challenging Situations

  • What is resilience, and can anyone learn it?
  • Developing positive thought patterns
  • Positioning change as a positive opportunity for improvement
  • Clarity of thought and decision making
  • Stress management
  • Bouncing back when things don’t go as planned
  • Personal action plan
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