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  • Key Skills: Develop key supervisory management skills including delegation and time management.
  • Confidence: Gain confidence in your ability to manage and motivate your team.
  • Communication: Learn how to communicate effectively with your team and other managers.
  • Choose a Style: We offer our Supervisory Management Course as classroom based or live virtual training.
  • Certification: We offer an option to progress to QQI certification if you would like to do so.

Choose your training delivery style:

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    Connect anywhere to real-time, trainer led sessions
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    Training exclusively for your team
Practical Skills and Confidence
  • Supervisory Management Course
  • Gain: Practical Skills + Confidence
  • QQI Certificate: Optional Progression
  • Styles: Classroom, Virtual, In-House
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Locations: Dublin, Online, Onsite
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This Supervisory Management Course is an excellent choice for anyone working in, or seeking to move into a management, supervisor, or team leader role. It is a clear and practical guide to management skills. This course runs as classroom training in Dublin and is available as live virtual training you can connect with from anywhere.

Effective Management Skills

Effective Management Skills

Over 2 days, we cover the key principles of effective management and examine the characteristics of successful managers. You will learn how to motivate staff and resolve problems proactively to achieve a favourable outcome. We also focus on skills necessary for good communication, so that you leave feeling confident communicating with team members and higher management.

Next Supervisory Management Course Dates

Online June 12, 13
3 Places
Live Virtual Hold Your Place
Online July 15, 16 Live Virtual Hold Your Place
Online August 14, 15 Live Virtual Hold Your Place

How would you like to learn?

Save €55
Live Virtual Training Supervisory Management Course

Virtual Training

  • Was €450, now €395
  • Live, Tutor-led learning
  • Access from anywhere
  • Duration: 2 Days
In-House Training Supervisory Management Course

In-House Training

  • Classroom or Online
  • We come to you
  • Flexible Duration
  • Tailored Team Training

In-House Supervisory Management Training

In-house training is a superb option for companies that have several candidates requiring Supervisory Management Training.

We deliver a tailored training programme exclusively to your team. You choose between a classroom course (we come to you) or live virtual training.

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		Supervisory Management Course

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Supervisory Management Course
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Why Choose this Supervisory Management Course?

This course provides you with versatile skills that are suitable for managers in any industry. We take a very practical approach to management training, incorporating group discussions and exercises to give your learning maximum impact.

5 Key Course Benefits

  • Career Progression

    This course is very popular with those hoping to move into a supervisory management role. Completing 2 days of training gives you a strong foundation of management skills.
  • Communicate Effectively

    Clear communication is the cornerstone of any management skills portfolio. It's crucial to know how to listen, question, and be able to get your message across effectively.
  • Pro-Active Problem Solving

    Addressing and resolving problems is part of every manager's remit. Our trainers will help you to identify issues at an early stage and advise on the best techniques for achieving a win-win result.
  • Support, Confidence, and Best-Practice Methods

    A move into management can be daunting without training. Attending management training builds your confidence and encourages you to use best-practices in all aspects of your role.
  • QQI Certification Option

    We offer a handy QQI certification option for this Supervisory Management Course. Get all the details of how you can easily progress to achieve a management certification in the “QQI Certification” tab or by downloading our PDF brochure
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About Virtual & Classroom Training

This course is available in both classroom and live virtual training formats. Our classroom training is usually held in Dublin training venues. While social distancing is in effect, all of our training will take place as live virtual training.

You can connect with our live virtual training easily. All you'll need is a good internet connection (home Wi-Fi internet is usually perfect) and an internet-enabled device (such as a smartphone, computer, or tablet) with a web-camera.

Who Attends?

We recommend this course for anyone who works as, or has an interest in becoming a Supervisory Manager. Here are some of the kinds of people who attend this course:

  • New or Recently Appointed Supervisory Managers
    Making the move into a management role can be tricky. This course is a superb way to support that move with knowledge and practical learning.

  • Experienced Managers
    If you’ve been working in a management role for some time, training is excellent for refreshing your skills. It’s a fantastic way to gather new ideas and perspectives from your trainer and the other course participants.

  • Potential Managers
    For those who are thinking about moving to a management role, this course can help familiarise you with the responsibilities and day-to-day life of a supervisory manager.

Reserve Your Supervisory Management Course Place

The best way to reserve your place on an upcoming Supervisory Management date is to use either of the "Reserve My Place" buttons below. You can also call us on Freephone 1800 910 810 to speak with our training consultancy team and book your spot.

What is covered on this Supervisory Management Course?

You can see the main objectives and course content outline for Supervisory Management below. For complete course details, why not download our PDF Brochure?

Training Objectives

Following our practical Supervisory Management Training, participants will:

  • Understand different management styles: To perform a role with success, you must first understand it well. We dedicate time to understanding the various styles of management during training.

  • Gain stronger communication skills: Communication is at the heart of almost everything a manager does. During training, we look at how you can get your message across clearly whether you’re communicating with your team or upper management.

  • Possess techniques for organisation and managing their time: This course has a module called “Organisational Skills and Planning”. It includes time management, organisation, and the ever-important skill of delegation.

  • Know how to motivate their team and build strong relationships: Team motivation is high on the list of essential management skills. You’ll learn a variety of ways to build and maintain a strong team culture.

  • Be able to spot and solve problems: It is almost impossible to avoid problems. They will inevitably crop up from time to time. We aim to prepare you with skills for spotting and resolving any issues that arise with ease.

Course Content

  • Module 1: Management Styles

    The qualities of a good manager
    Management vs leadership
    Understand different management styles and their impact on staff
    Evaluate strengths and weaknesses of each style
    Discover and evaluate your own style
  • Module 2: Motivation and Team Building

    Your responsibility as a role model
    Engaging with staff to build great working relationships
    Using motivational techniques
    De-motivation: recognise the symptoms
    Addressing and resolving low morale
  • Module 3: Organisational Skills and Planning

    Managing your time
    Goal-Setting: short, medium, and long term
    Using the SMART goal-setting approach
    Prioritising tasks
    Delegation skills and work allocation
  • Module 4: Communication and Assertiveness

    Understanding how we communicate
    Communicating with confidence and clarity
    Understanding assertiveness
    Learning to say "No"
  • Module 5: Managing Performance

    Setting recognisable performance goals
    Improving staff performance
    Providing constructive feedback
    Addressing poor performance constructively
  • Module 6: Managing Conflict and Tricky Situations

    Identifying areas of conflict
    How to handle difficult conversations
    Responding vs reacting

Customised, In-House Supervisory Management Training for Teams

This Supervisory Management Course is also available for in-house (also known as 'in-company' or 'on-site' training. This is a style where training is delivered exclusively to your team.

Benefits of In-House Training

  • Choose Your Format & Dates

    Selecting the training dates that suit your calendar best is a major benefit of in-company training. You can opt for classroom training, where we come to your location to deliver training in person to your team. If a virtual delivery style suits better, your team can connect in real-time with our trainer online.
  • Customise the Management Content

    When delivering to your team alone, we can tailor the Supervisory Management Course content to revolve around the focus of your business. Additionally, this is an opportunity to incorporate and address any challenges or goals relevant to your team.
  • An Efficient Approach

    In-company training is a very effective and efficient way to train your team. Not only do you avoid the disruption of having to travel to attend training. You optimise your team’s training time by delivering very focused, targeted content.

Getting Started

If you think in-company training may be the right fit for you team, we’ll be happy to advise on the path that will achieve the best results for your business.

You can reach us by phone on Freephone 1800 910 810. Alternatively, click below to request an in-company quotation or ask us a quick question.

Do You Want to Achieve Certification?

Our Supervisory Management course runs alongside our 3-day QQI People Management Course. This means that you have the opportunity to progress to achieve a management certification. Here's how it works:

  • Additional Training Day

    If you choose to go for certification, you will need to stay for an additional 3rd day of training immediately following Day 2.
  • Opt In Anytime

    You can opt for this when you make your initial booking, or during the 2-day training.
  • More In-Depth Content

    During this 3rd day, you'll cover game-changing skills such as coaching your team, understanding relevant legislation, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Assessment Prep Work

    You'll also begin preparing for the assessment work that accompanies the certified version of this course.

What Certification Will I Achieve?

If you choose to progress to certification, you will achieve a QQI Level 6 award in Managing People. The award code is 6N3945. To achieve this, you will need to successfully complete and submit assessment work in the 8 weeks following training. We will give you a detailed assessment brief to support your work.

Find Out More

You can learn more about the QQI People Management course by clicking the "Learn More" button below.

If you have a specific question about the certification option, we'll be happy to help. Click "Ask A Question" to send us your query online, or call our team at Freephone 1800 910 810 (Monday - Friday).

Next Supervisory Management Course Dates

Online June 12, 13
3 Places
Live Virtual Hold Your Place
Online July 15, 16 Live Virtual Hold Your Place
Online August 14, 15 Live Virtual Hold Your Place

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is suited to participants of all experience levels, including absolute beginners and those who are thinking of making a career change to management.

If you have been managing people for some time, this course can serve as a refresher and a source of new ideas.

More experienced managers may prefer to extend to attend our 3-day, certified QQI People Management Course

You don't need to bring anything with you. For classroom training, we will supply course materials, lunch, and refreshments.

For virtual training, we will provide you with access to online course materials (slides etc.). You will need a steady internet connection and a web-enabled device with a web-camera to access virtual training.

This is an interactive, workshop-style course. Theory and practical learning are blended to create a highly productive learning environment.

Virtual training is available to access from wherever you are currently located.

Our classroom Supervisory Management course runs all year-round in Dublin. Each Dublin training venue is located close to the M50, helping you steer clear of city centre traffic. Complimentary parking is provided at all training venues.

You can expect a very practical introduction to management skills. Over 2 days, you will cover essential skills a manager needs to be able to perform well. These include; communication, organisation and delegation, and problem-solving skills.

There are a number of ways to reserve your place on this course:

  • Call us: You can reach our training consultants at Freephone 1800 910 810 during office hours (Monday – Thursday, 9.00am – 5.30pm, Friday, 9.00am – 5.00pm).
  • Reserve Online: Use the "Reserve a Place" buttons below. Choose from classroom or virtual.

This is a skills-based course, with no exam or certification attached. If you’re looking for a certified management course, we recommend our QQI Level 6 People Management Course.

Yes, we offer tailored, in-house training for teams in all sectors. Our in-house management courses can be customised to fit your team and business needs. Find out more by reading the "In-House Training" tab on this page, downloading our PDF brochure, or using the buttons below to request a quote.

We love to help!

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