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Team Building Training Course

Team Building is vital for all motivated, successful teams. It's important to learn how to communicate clearly within your team, resolve conflict, and work to the strengths of the team. Our Team Building Workshop involves plenty of discussion, team building exercises, and communication activities.

We offer this course as a tailored, in-company (on-site) programme, solely focused on your team. We can address any challenges you are facing, help build strategies to work towards your goals and set up structures for handling projects or difficult situations.

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What are the Benefits of this Team Building Course?

  • Higher Productivity & Accuracy

    When teams learn how to communicate easily and understand each other's strengths, both productivity and accuracy of work will increase.
  • Improved Team Communication

    A key part of this workshop is strengthening communication skills and developing easy communication within your team.
  • Boosted Morale & Motivation

    Participating in a team building workshop gives teams renewed enthusiasm and motivation towards working together to achieve goals.
  • Effective Problem Solving Techniques

    Conflicts will arise in even the closest of teams. We address ways to resolve conflict pro-actively during our Team Building Workshop.

What is covered on this Team Building Course?

  • What Makes A Successful Team?

    Understand the characteristics of a successful team
    The importance of team building

  • Communication Skills

    The basic principles of communication
    Recognising and overcoming barriers to communication
    Get your message across
    Listening skills
    How to ask the right questions

  • Handling Difficult Situations

    Addressing conflicts as they arise
    Maintaining a professional attitude when resolving conflict
    Developing a process for resolving conflict

Are You A Team Leader?

This course is specifically designed for team building, focused on training your team as a group. If you would like to develop your skills as a team leader, we recommend our Team Leader Course.

Why Choose Team Leader Training?

The skills covered in our Team Leader training are beneficial for team leaders at any level. Our 2-day workshop will help you gain versatile team leader skills that will make your job easier, and help you lead with confidence.

  • Understanding Management Styles
  • Core Management Skills
  • Team Motivation Techniques
  • Strengthening Communication Skills

Frequently Asked Questions: Team Building Course

  • Can individuals attend this course?

    This workshop is designed to be delivered to teams, and therefore is not available for individuals. If you would like to improve how you interact and communicate with others on your team, why not try our Communication Skills Course? If your focus is improving your management techniques, we recommend our Team Leader Training Course.
  • How is this course delivered?

    This is a very practical, interactive course, with plenty of discussion and group activities. As it is an in-company programme, we can customise the delivery to suit your preference.
  • How many people can participate?

    For best results, we recommend no more than 12 - 14 people in the training group. For larger teams, we may advise running a number of sessions.

Do you have any other questions?

We will be happy to help. You can click to ask a question below or call us on 01 861 0700.

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