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Course Focus

Training Needs Identification & Design Course

Delivery: Live Virtual Classroom Training

During our Training Needs Identification & Design course, you will learn how to accurately identify training needs and, using this information, design training programmes that are both effective and engaging for participants.

This 3-day workshop is an excellent choice for anyone who has a need to design training for others as part of an existing role, or is considering working as a professional trainer. This course leads to a QQI Level 6 certificate in Training Needs Identification & Design (code: 6nN3325).

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  • Course Benefits
  • Objectives
  • Course Content
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What are the Benefits of this Training Needs Identification & Design Course?

What are the benefits of this QQI Level 6 Training Needs Identification & Design Course?

  • A Respected Certification

    This QQI award is placed at level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).
  • Opportunity for Progression

    This course is one of two modules that comprise the QQI Training & Development Special Purpose Award.
  • Training Needs Analysis Skills

    Identifying the training needs of learners is a vital skill for any professional trainer.
  • Design & Development Methods

    Get the skills and confidence to design training programmes that deliver results.

Training Needs Identification and Design Objectives

We cover a wide scope of material during this programme. You will gain many new skills and plenty of knowledge. Here are the 5 key objectives of this training.

Upon completion of this Training Needs Identification and Design 6N3325 programme, you will:

  • Understand the concepts of and factors affecting training.

    The first module of this course is dedicated to the principles of training and adult education. We look at factors that can affect training, including barriers to training and the impact organisational strategy can have on learning and development.
  • Be familiar with commonly used Instructional Design (ISD) Models.

    We cover the most popular ISD models, so that you can use them to structure and optimise your training process. Models covered include Honey and Mumford Adult Learning Styles, Kolb’s Learning Cycle, and Kirkpatrick’s Levels of Evaluation.
  • Know how to carry out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA).

    In order to create training sessions that make a difference, you must first be able to accurately identify the gaps in knowledge and needs of your trainees. You’ll gain those crucial skills as part of this programme.
  • Be equipped with versatile training design skills.

    Once you have identified your objectives through a TNA, you’ll need the right toolkit to design a training session that helps you reach your goals. A significant part of this course is dedicated to providing you with the right skills to design excellent training.
  • Be prepared to complete self-directed learning and your assessment work.

    In order to achieve your QQI Level 6 Certification in Training Needs Identification and Design (6N3325), you will need to complete self-led learning and assessment work in the weeks following training.

    We provide you with a supporting assessment brief and your trainer will take you through guidelines and best-practices for your assessment work.

What is covered on this QQI Training Needs Identification & Design Course?

3 Reasons to Choose This Course:

  • Gain a respected training certification (QQI Level 6, code: 6N3325)
  • Understand the essential elements of carrying out a Training Needs Analysis (TNA)
  • Learn how to design engaging, high-impact training sessions

Course Content

  • Module 1: Concepts of Training

    The principles of adult learning, training, development and education
    The purpose of training and development in an organisational and / or individual setting
  • Module 2: Instructional System Design (ISD) Models

    The Training Cycle
    Honey & Mumford Adult Learning Styles
    Kolb's Adult Learning Cycle
    Kirkpatrick's Levels of Evaluation
  • Module 3: Factors Affecting Training

    Internal and external factors influencing training requirements
    Identifying barriers to training and development
    The impact of organisational strategy on training and development
  • Module 4: Training Needs Analysis (TNA)

    The importance and benefits of a TNA
    The stages of conducting a TNA
    A range of approaches and techniques for conducting a TNA
    Evaluating TNA outcomes in terms of gaps in knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Module 5: Design Training Programmes

    Outline training objectives
    Devising a training programme based on prioritised training needs to include a cost benefit analysis
    Creating sample training sessions incorporating a range of design factors
    Selecting appropriate adult learning theory
    Devising suitable exercises to support the learning
    Developing relevant training content and materials

Is Train The Trainer Still Available?

The old Train The Trainer FETAC Level 6 certification (code: E30179) was deactivated by QQI in December 2014.

The Training Delivery & Evaluation Level 6 course is its closest replacement in style and content.

You can progress to the QQI Training & Development Special Purpose Award by completing Training Delivery and Evaluation along with this course, Training Needs Identification & Design.

Is the old Train The Trainer Award still valid?

Yes, if you have the old FETAC Train The Trainer Level 6 Minor Award, this will continue to be recognised by QQI. An exemption from one of the components of the Special Purpose Award in Training and Development is available to anyone holding the Train The Trainer (E30179). However, you only have a limited time to claim this exemption from when you achieve your initial Train The Trainer (E30179) award.

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Click below to reserve your Training Needs Identification & Design place. You can also click below to ask us a question about this course or claiming an exemption with a FETAC Level 6 Train the Trainer. You can also call us on Freephone 1800 910 810 to talk with our training consultants.

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Training Needs Identification & Design Course  Brochure

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this course is suited to participants of any experience level. Our courses always have a mix of seasoned trainers and those who are new to the area of training and development.

In order to complete your assessment work, it is important to be able to use and have access to a computer.

Our QQI Training Needs Identification and Design course combines practical with theoretical learning.

Over 3 days, you’ll gain valuable tips and insights into the techniques needed for training needs analysis and training design.

To achieve the Training Needs Identification and Design QQI certification, you will need to complete assessment work following training. You will need access to a computer for these written assignments.

We provide you with a detailed assessment brief outlining what needs to be completed. During the course, your trainer will give guidelines on how to approach the assessment work.

This course leads to a QQI certification. When you attend our course and pass its assessments, you will achieve a QQI Level 6 certificate in Training Needs Identification & Design.

This is a Level 6 minor award on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ). The course code for Training Needs Identification & Design is 6N3325 and this award is worth 15 credits.

There are 3 steps involved in achieving your QQI Training Needs Identification and Design:

  • 1. Attend Training: Complete our 3-day Training Needs Identification and Design course. During this course, we will provide you with an assessment brief and guidance for your assessment work.
  • 2. Self-Led Learning + Assessment Work: You have 8 weeks from the last date of training to complete and submit your assessment work. During this time, you will also continue with self-led learning which includes study, research and practical work.
  • 3. Certification: Once you submit your assessment work, it will go through a grading and verification process. If you have passed, you will receive your certificate within 3 months of submitting all of your work.

The QQI Special Purpose Award in Training & Development is comprised of this course, Training Needs Identification & Design (code: 6N3325) and a second course, Training Delivery & Evaluation (code: 6N3326).

Achieving this certification represents your level of professionalism and capability as a trainer.

By completing both courses and assessments successfully, you will achieve the QQI Special Purpose Award.

No. You only need to attend both Training Needs Identification & Design and Training Delivery & Evaluation if you would like to achieve the Special Purpose Award. They can also be completed as stand-alone courses.

This QQI Training & Development Special Purpose Award will give your skills and competency as a trainer added credibility with potential employers.

The in-depth work on all 4 elements of the Training Cycle will help you build confidence in your ability to develop, design, deliver and evaluate training programmes.

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This course runs several times a year in Dublin. Places for Training Needs Identification and Design fill up far in advance, so we recommend reserving your spot as early as possible.

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