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Certified Project Management Course In-Company

We recommend this Certified Project Management Workshop for teams with little or no project experience, teams with mixed levels of experience, and teams requiring intensively practical project management training. It's a highly effective way to provide your team with a strong foundation in project management excellence.

Over 4 days, we will cover each stage of a project’s lifespan, from planning and executing to closing the project. We also look at how to manage project teams, and engage with stakeholders.

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Why Choose Certified Project Management In-Company Training?

  • Practical Approach - Instant Application

    Your team will benefit from the ability to immediately apply the learning from this course to active projects. When planning the training, we can schedule it to coincide with a project you would like to bring special attention to.
  • Certification for your Team

    This course and its assessment work lead to a QQI Level 6 certification in project management.
  • Project Management Institute (PMI)® Framework

    We have developed the content of this workshop to align with the Project Management Institute (PMI)® framework. This will give your team a proven, structured approach for their project management processes, and a common language during all stages of a project.
  • Customisation

    Customisation is one of the key benefits of choosing in-company training. In customising this course for your team, we can focus on challenges and processes that your team encounter on a regular basis.

What is covered in this Certified Project Management Course?

  • Module 1: Introduction to this Certificate in Project Management

    The Project Management Framework
    Introduction to A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) - Sixth Edition
  • Module 2 : Project Initiation and Stakeholder Management

    Developing a business case
    Using a project charter
    Governance and Organisational Structures
    The role of the Sponsor, Project Manager, Project Management Team
    Identifying and classifying project stakeholders
    Developing a Stakeholder Management Plan
  • Module 3: Planning The Project

    3A: Project Scope Management

    Planning the Project Scope
    Using a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) & a Scope Statement

    3B: Project Scheduling

    Time and Resource Management
    The Time Planning Process
    Scheduling tools
    Creating a schedule baseline

    3C: Project Cost Management

    Understanding the Cost Estimating Process
    Developing the budget

    3D: Project Change Management

    Change Control Procedure

    3E: Project Risk Management

    Methodologies to identify risk
    Using a Risk Register
    Analysing Risk
    Developing Risk Responses

    3F: Project Quality Management
    Introduction to quality management
    Defining SMART quality performance metrics
    Quality Assurance and Quality Control tools

    3G: Project Procurement Management
    Contract Types
    Selection Criteria
    Vendor Documents
    Evaluating Tenders using Weighted Grid Technique
  • Module 4: Managing Project Teams

    Role of the Project Manager
    Communication Models
    Leadership Styles
    Managing Performance
    Using Constructive Feedback
    Managing Meetings
  • Module 5: Executing, Monitoring and Controlling the Project

    Monitoring and controlling the project baselines: Scope, Schedule and Cost
    Controlling changes, assessing impact, updating plans, authorisation and sign off
    Monitoring and controlling risk, procurements, quality and stakeholders
  • Module 6: Closing the Project

    Essential steps to close a project effectively

Why Choose In-Company Training for Project Management?

The in-company format is especially effective for project management teams. In fact, if you have a number of candidates for project management training, it can have a much higher impact than sending individuals on public courses. Here’s why:

  • Relevance

    When delivering this Certified Project Management course to your team, we can tailor the content to address a project your team are currently working on or planning for.
  • Consistency

    You will also ensure that all members of the team receive training in the same approaches and terminology. This contributes to the smooth running of projects and enables your teams to be more efficient.
  • Convenience

    By choosing an in-company format, you’ll eliminate travel costs for your team and minimise any disruption to your working schedule. You also gain the option to choose dates that suit your business calendar best.
  • Value

    The pricing structure we offer for in-company training works out as much more cost-efficient than public courses, in cases where a number of people require training.

Find Out More

To find out more, contact us by phone on Freephone 1800 910 810, or click below to ask a question. Alternatively, you can request your in-company quotation by clicking “Get In-Company Quote" near the top of this page.

What Steps are Involved in Gaining Certification?

There are 4 main steps involved in achieving the QQI Level 6 certification that accompanies this course:

  • Attend the Certified Project Management Course

  • Schedule and run our Certified Project Management Course for your team.

  • Complete Self-Directed Learning and Assessment Work

    Each participant will need to complete a period of self-directed learning, and assessment work in the 8 weeks following the last day of their course. Assessment work includes a project portfolio of work and a written assignment. Self-directed learning includes research, reading, study, practice, reflection and preparation of assessment work.

    We will provide each participant with a detailed assessment brief, and guidance for completing the work and self-directed learning.

  • Submit Assessment Work

    Participants must submit their assessment work within 8 weeks of completing their training.
  • Achieve your Certification!

    Participants will receive their QQI certificate approximately 5 - 6 months after they have submitted assessment work, and received a passing grade.

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