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Managing Change Effectively with Training

Managing change in any environment can be challenging. Our Change Management Course aims to help you understand the fundamentals of change and the strategies needed to implement change successfully. We look at how to manage others through change and maintain productivity at all stages.

As "change" differs from company to company, this Change Management programme is currently only available for group or in-company (on-site) bookings. We can deliver our Change Management Course in any location in Ireland.

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What is covered during this Change Management Course?

We've given a brief overview of our objectives and course content below.

You can download our brochure for a more detailed description. You'll also learn how this course could be customised to address elements of change happening in your organisation.

  • Understanding Change:

    what are the fundamentals of change?
  • Tactics and Strategies:

    what actions can you take to help your team adapt to change?
  • Productivity:

    how can you maintain a steady level of productivity during a period of change?
  • Communication:

    master these key skills for successfully managing change.

Public Courses to help you Manage Change

Although Change Management is exclusively available for customised, in-company courses, we run a number of public courses that provide you with skills relevant to change management. You can learn more about these courses below.

QQI Managing People Course

Training Venue: Dublin - Duration: 3 Days

This comprehensive guide to management skills will cover many of the skills you'll need to handle change such as; team building and motivation techniques, communicating with clarity across levels, and resolving low morale.

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QQI Project Management Training Course

Training Venue: Dublin - Duration: 4 Days

Often, change management can feel like managing many projects at once. Our QQI project management course is both practical and engaging, giving you skills to handle any kind of project that crops up.

View Course Webpage

Communication Skills

Training Venue: Dublin - Duration: 2 Days

Strong communication skills can help you navigate change with ease. Our 2-day course is perfect for those with limited time available for training.

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