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Credit Control Training Course

Our Credit Control Course will give you valuable guidelines on how to deal with debtors who are slow to pay, while maintaining good customer relations. You will gain an understanding of how to be both firm and persuasive, so as to engineer a positive outcome in your credit control interactions.

Credit Control is only available as a customised, in-company programme. We deliver training exclusively to your team, at your premises or a venue chosen by you. You choose the training dates, which means that disruption to your team is minimised.

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What are the benefits of attending this Credit Control Course?

  • Improved Credit Control Flow

    We give you practical credit control skills that can be applied instantly in your workplace. With consistent application, you will see improvements in your credit control process.
  • Proven Techniques

    Our trainers come from an accounting and credit control background. They teach proven, effective techniques for credit control.
  • Handle Difficult Situations

    Credit Control can lead to challenging situations when a debtor is becoming difficult to deal with or is reluctant to pay. This course will give you skills and methods for handling these matters professionally.
  • Tailoring and Date Flexibility

    When delivering in-company training, we customise the credit control course content to reflect the day-to-day events and challenges of your business. You also gain the flexibility of choosing training dates that work with your schedule.

What is covered on this Credit Control Course?

  • Evaluation of credit control policy
  • Creating a credit control framework
  • Identifying the necessary skill set to maintain efficient credit control
  • Dealing with difficult debtors
  • The importance of language during debt collection calls
  • Face to face debt collection versus phone based debt collection
  • Creating a phone script
  • Escalation of pressure when engaged in debt collection
  • Maintaining control of debt collection calls
  • Evaluating effectiveness of debt collection phone calls

Get the Most from Your In-Company Training

In-company is such an effective training delivery method, and we often find that our clients combine Credit Control with one or more of the options below to gain maximum benefit from each session.

  • Customer Service & Complaint Handling

    Anyone who works with customers, whether by phone, email or in person will benefit from this 1 day, interactive customer service workshop.
  • Time Management

    Your team will define and develop core time management skills during this 1 day course.
  • Communication Skills

    Getting your message across clearly is so important in any role. Our 2 day Communication Skills Course focuses on questioning, listening and core communication skills.

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