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  • Effective: Time Management Training should leave you with practical skills you can apply now.
  • Action: This Time Management Course equips your team with efficient action plans.
  • In-House: We deliver training to your team on dates you choose, and in your preferred format.
  • You Choose: We offer both classroom (we come to you) and virtual (connect online) training styles.
  • Experts: Our Time Management trainers have extensive experience in this area.

Available training delivery styles:

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    Training exclusively for your team
Time Management Skills
  • Time Management Course
  • Focus: Practical Skills in Action
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Styles: Classroom or Virtual
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In busy work environments, it can often feel like there are not enough hours in the day. This Time Management Course is recommended for anyone who has a need to manage their day more effectively. Taking 1 day to run this workshop in your business equips your team with handy time management skills they can put into action immediately.

Attend a Public Course

Attend a Public Course

We run this Time Management Training exclusively for in-house (also called ‘on-site’ or ‘in-company’) courses. If you are interested in attending training as an individual, take a look at our Public Courses tab below.

How does In-House Time Management Training Work?

About In-House Training

This Time Management Course runs as in-house training only; a style where we deliver the course exclusively to participants from your business on dates and in a format you choose.

We tailor the course content with each delivery, so that the training reflects challenges and goals of your team, and is most relevant to your organisation.

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		Time Management Course

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Time Management Course
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"How Can I Improve Time Management Across My Organisation?"

Everyone needs effective time management skills, yet few feel they “have time” to master them. Our intensive 1-day course is geared towards providing each participant with skills they can utilise instantly, and a framework for managing their time going forward.

Customised for Your Business

By choosing our Time Management Training, you gain the opportunity to tailor the course content around particular goals and day-to-day processes that are relevant to your organisation.

Our in-house, or group training process includes a detailed Training Needs Analysis (TNA), where we will define your aims and objectives for training and discuss any obstacles you would like to address during the training session.

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Class or Virtual Delivery

Delivery style is very important for getting the most from your team’s training. We offer the option of classroom or virtual delivery for our Time Management Course.

With classroom training, we can come to your location anywhere in Ireland. For virtual training, participants will connect with a real-time, trainer-led session online. You can get full details about how our virtual training works by downloading our PDF brochure.

Find Out More

If you’d like to begin organising a Time Management Course for your business, get in touch with our team. You can reach us at Freephone 1800 910 810 during office hours, or click below to request your quotation.

What is Covered on this Time Management Course?

This is an outline of our Time Management training content. For full details on training and delivery, download our PDF brochure.

Your Daily Tasks

  • "Chance favours the prepared mind" : The value of planning your day
  • Self-analysis: How wisely do you manage your time?
  • Learn to prioritise tasks
  • Distinguish between importance and urgency

Time Management Rules

  • Goal Setting: Learn about the benefits of identifying and pursuing clear objectives
  • The importance of creating and maintaining a to-do list
  • Prioritising rational, logical thinking over emotional reaction
  • Saving telephone time: Planning a call in advance

Delegation and Working to Deadlines

  • Discover how to delegate effectively and share work so that everyone benefits
  • Learning to say no: How to deal with inappropriate requests for your time
  • Eliminating time waste and unnecessary interruptions
  • Working effectively under pressure
  • Learn how to identify and deal with procrastination - the thief of time!

Action Plans

  • Creating a plan to put your learning into action instantly

How Can Improved Time Management Help?

Struggling to manage time efficiently seems to be a common challenge in almost every role. Consciously focusing on improving your time management through training and then applying the skills you gain can have a transformative effect on your work.

Here are just a few benefits you will see if you apply the skills you learn during our training to an action plan:

  • Higher Productivity
  • Lower Stress
  • A Reputation for Reliability
  • Improved Accuracy
  • More Free Time and More Options
  • Lean How to Prioritise

Get Started

To ask us about the best way to run a Time Management Course in your business, reach out to our training consultants. They can advise on how to approach the training, and consult with you about any challenges you would like to address in particular. You can call us on Freephone 1800 910 810, or click below to ask a question or request a quote.

Want to Gain Similar Skills on a Public Course?

Our Time Management Course only runs as an in-house training workshop. If you’re seeking to develop your organisational skills, you might find one of our public courses helpful.

Management Skills – 2 Days – Class or Virtual

Our Management Skills Course includes a module called “Organisational Skills and Planning”. The contents of this module focus on managing your time, prioritising tasks, and delegating work.

This is a superb option for anyone in a team leader, supervisory, or leadership role.

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Certified Project Management – 4 Days – Class or Virtual

If you work with projects of any scale or type, this practical, 4-day course in project management will help you to place structure and flow on your work. It incorporates a little focus on time management, but the over-arching skills and knowledge of this course equip you with a solid structure for handling projects successfully.

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Resilience Training – 1 Day – Virtual Workshop

We developed our Resilience Training to support participants in handling challenging times and to provide them with resilience skills for the workplace. It’s a workshop suited to anyone who wishes to develop a strong, versatile toolkit for responding well to tricky situations.

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Ask Us

If you’re not sure what course is right for you, we’ll be happy to help. You can call us at Freephone 1800 910, or click below to ask “Which Course for Me?”.

We love to help!

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