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Debt Collection Course

This Debt Collection course is recommended for anyone who manages accounts, or implements debt collection by phone, email or in person. Our course will teach you guidelines for effective, efficient debt collection. We teach best practices for collecting overdue accounts while maintaining positive client relationships. Attention is also given to communication skills, creating a debt collection framework and dealing with difficult debtors.

This course is currently only available for in-company bookings.

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Benefits of Attending this Debt Collection Course

  • Confidence

    Develop confidence in your communication skills and ability to escalate a debt collection process where necessary.
  • Tips & Guidelines

    We give you practical, useful guidelines for creating a solid, effective debt collection policy.
  • Challenging Situations

    Learn how to handle tricky debt collection situations and understand the best approaches for delivering a positive outcome.
  • Tailored Delivery

    With in-company training, you gain the benefit of course tailoring. We take the standard course content for Debt Collection, and customise it to address any goals you have in mind, or challenges you would like to address.

What is covered on this Debt Collection Course?

  • Evaluation of debt collection policy
  • Creating a debt collection framework
  • Identifying the necessary skill set to be an effective debt collector
  • Dealing with difficult debtors
  • The importance of language during debt collection calls
  • Face to face debt collection versus phone based debt collection
  • Creating a phone script
  • Escalation of pressure when engaged in debt collection
  • Maintaining control of debt collection calls
  • Evaluating effectiveness of debt collection phone calls

Maximise Your In-Company Training

Many of our clients combine Debt Collection training with one of the options listed below. In-company is a high-impact form of training, so it makes sense to get the most from it by introducing other complimentary skills.

  • Customer Service & Complaint Handling

    Designed for anyone who works in a customer or client facing role. We focus on versatile customer service skills during this 1-day workshop.
  • Time Management

    Perfect for teams that want to learn how to prioritise important tasks with ease, and increase productivity in their day.
  • Communication Skills

    During this 2-day workshop, your team will develop clear, effective communication skills. This course can be customised to suit every industry and style of communication.

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