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  • Best-Practices: Your team will learn to collect debts with professionalism and skill.
  • Client Relations: We cover how to maintain good client relationships while debt collecting.
  • In-House: This 1-day Debt Collection Course is available for in-house bookings only.
  • Flexible Style & Dates: You choose the training dates and style (classroom or online virtual).
  • Expert Delivery: Our Debt Collection trainers have robust experience in the financial sector.

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Debt Collection Skills
  • Debt Collection Course
  • Gain: Professional Techniques
  • Duration: 1 Day
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Styles: Classroom or Virtual
  • Locations: Online or Onsite
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This Debt Collection course is recommended for anyone who manages accounts or implements debt collection by phone, email, or in person. Our course will teach participants guidelines for effective, efficient debt collection.

What Will You Learn?

What Will You Learn?

We teach best practices for collecting overdue accounts while maintaining positive client relationships. Attention is also given to communication skills, creating a debt collection framework and dealing with difficult debtors.

How does this Debt Collection Training Work?

Train Your Team

This workshop is extremely effective for businesses of all sizes. We deliver a focused, 1-day course to participants from your organisation. The content is tailored around the kind of debt collection scenarios your team encounters.

You can find out how this will work for your business by clicking “Get a Quote” below.

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		Debt Collection Course

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Debt Collection Course
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What is the Focus of this Debt Collection Course?

Debt collection needn’t be an overwhelming chore or barrier to good client relations. With the right approaches, interacting with debtors and keeping a steady flow of finances to your business can be completely manageable.

During this training, our goal is to equip your team with the knowledge and confidence they need to make this style of debt collection a reality.

4 Benefits of this Debt Collection Training

  • Confidence

    Develop confidence in your communication skills and ability to escalate a debt collection process where necessary.
  • Tips & Guidelines

    We give you practical, useful guidelines for creating a solid debt collection policy.
  • Challenging Situations

    Learn how to handle tricky debt collection situations and understand the best approaches for delivering a positive outcome.
  • Tailored Delivery

    With in-house training, you gain the benefit of course tailoring. We take the standard course content for Debt Collection, and customise it to address any goals you have in mind, or challenges you would like to address.
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Online Virtual Training

We can deliver this Debt Collection workshop in 2 formats: online or classroom. Classroom training means an in-person course where our trainer comes to your location.

Online training is delivered in a live virtual format. This means a real-time, trainer-led course that your team can connect to online. Download our PDF brochure to learn more about virtual training.

Get Started

Get in touch with us to begin planning your Debt Collection Course. You can contact us by phone (Freephone 1800 910 810), or by clicking “Get a Quote” below.

What is covered on this Credit Control Course?

This is our standard Debt Collection course outline. We can customise it to suit the way your business runs, and address any challenges your team face. Download our PDF brochure for full details.

  • Evaluation of debt collection policy
  • Creating a debt collection framework
  • Identifying the necessary skill set to be an effective debt collector
  • Dealing with difficult debtors
  • The importance of language during debt collection calls
  • Face to face debt collection versus phone based debt collection
  • Creating a phone script
  • Escalation of pressure when engaged in debt collection
  • Maintaining control of debt collection calls
  • Evaluating effectiveness of debt collection phone calls

Maximise Your In-House Training

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