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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

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  • Start Here: Our Yellow Belt Training is a great place to begin Lean Six Sigma training. It’s perfect for beginners.
  • Instant Impact: During this training, you will acquire Lean Six Sigma skills you can apply immediately.
  • Choose Your Style: We offer this course as virtual, classroom, and in-company (in-house) training.
  • Get Certified: You can achieve a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate during this training.
  • Delivered by Experts: Our trainers have a wealth of hands-on experience leading Lean Six Sigma projects.

Choose your training delivery style:

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    Attend in person at our Dublin venues
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    Connect anywhere to real-time, trainer led sessions
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Yellow Belt Certification
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Certificate: Professional Development
  • Exam: Open Book, During Training
  • Styles: Classroom, Virtual, In-House
  • In-House: Tailored training for teams
  • Locations: Dublin, Online, Onsite
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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training is the perfect place to start if you want to know how to make real savings and improvements in any working environment. Our certified, 2-day Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training course is a practical introduction to the methods of Lean and Six Sigma.

Get Practical Skills and Confidence

Practical Skills & Confidence

Our Yellow Belt course is designed to be practical and build confidence so that you can begin to apply the learning to your own processes and start implementing improvements immediately.

How would you like to learn?

Classroom Training Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Classroom Training

  • Tutor-led learning
  • Location: Dublin
  • Duration: 2 Days
  • Focused learning
Save 25%
Live Virtual Training Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Virtual Training

  • Was €450, now €338
  • Live, Tutor-led learning
  • Access from anywhere
  • Duration: 2 Days
In-House Training Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

In-House Training

  • Classroom or Online
  • We come to you
  • Flexible Duration
  • Tailored Team Training

Yellow Belt Training For Your Team

If you want to begin reducing waste and bringing down costs in your workplace, this Yellow Belt Training for Teams is your ideal solution.

After 2 days of Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training, your team will understand the fundamentals of how to identify and eliminate waste, and how to begin improving processes.

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		Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

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Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training
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What is the Focus of this Yellow Belt Course?

This training is designed to introduce you to the core principles of lean and demonstrate how lean methodologies can be implemented effectively in your processes. The skills you learn during this course are relevant to every industry and sector of business.

In order to gain maximum benefit from training, it’s crucial to have clear training objectives for any course. Here are our training objectives for this Yellow Belt training.

Training Objectives

Following this 2-day course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the 8 forms of waste.
  • Understand the DMAIC Lean Six Sigma Problem Solving Framework.
  • Use Lean tools, including improvement charters, process maps, root cause analysis, 5 Whys, and decision-making PICK charts to select appropriate measures to improve your processes.
  • Run small-scale process improvement projects using the DMAIC methodology.
  • Contribute actively to Green and Black Belt projects.
joining virtual training

About Virtual & Classroom Training

The main difference between these 2 training styles is that one is attended in person (classroom), and the other is connected to remotely (live virtual). Both formats offer:

  • Real-time training with our Lean Six Sigma experts.
  • A practical approach incorporating discussions and exercises.
  • Your training, exam, and certification costs included.

During social distancing, all of our Yellow Belt courses are taking place in a virtual format. To read more about how we deliver this course and how to join virtual training, download our PDF brochure.

Who is this Yellow Belt Training designed for?

  • We recommend this course for anyone who is interested in Lean Six Sigma and process improvement.
  • It is most suited to those who have no previous experience with Lean Six Sigma. If you have some experience with process improvement, why not talk to us about our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course?
  • As Yellow Belt training is a very short, focused course, it particularly suits those who want to begin learning how to improve business processes using Lean Six Sigma, putting their skills into action fast.
  • The skills you'll learn are very versatile. They can be used in any sector. This makes our Yellow Belt training ideal for participants in every industry.

Secure Your Place on an Upcoming Date

Use either button below to provisionally reserve a place on our upcoming Yellow Belt Training dates. You can also book your place by calling our team at Freephone 1800 910 810.

What is covered on this Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course?

We have outlined the main modules of our classroom, virtual, and in-house Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt programme. For complete course and certification details, why not download our PDF Yellow Belt Brochure?

  • Module 1: Overview

    Introduction to Lean and Six Sigma
    Introduction to the DMAIC Problem Solving framework
    The 8 Wastes
    Team Creativity Techniques
  • Module 2: Defining & Measuring

    Selecting a process to improve at Yellow Belt level
    Constructing a Problem Statement
    Stakeholder Planning
    Introduction to Process Mapping
  • Module 3: Analyse

    Root Cause Analysis
    5 Whys
    Identifying and prioritising potential solutions
    Using PICK decision making charts
  • Module 4: Implement & Control

    Implementing and controlling the situation
    5S - the fundamentals
    Identify next steps

Tailored Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training for Your Team

Our Lean Six Sigma training is extremely flexible for in-house (often called 'in-company' or 'on-site') training. We can tailor the content to be most relevant to your team's daily work. We can also extend the programme to incorporate particular goals or challenges you may have, and begin working on active or planned projects.

If certification is a priority, we can work with you to find the best way to certify your team from yellow to green or black belt level.

Key Benefits & Features of In-House Training

  • An Understanding of Lean Tools

    This Yellow Belt Course is an excellent introduction to Lean and Six Sigma tools. In fact, we recommend running this programme across all personnel for any organisation looking to begin introducing a Lean way of thinking.
  • You Choose the Dates, Venue, and Format

    In-company training minimises disruption to your productivity, delivering training on dates that suit you best. You choose the training venue. We can come to your location or deliver training virtually.
  • Ability to Apply Immediately

    We equip your team with the skills and confidence to begin implementing positive changes in your working environment straight away. We tailor training to begin identifying areas for improvement and looking at possible Lean approaches to making change.
  • Guidance from Experts

    Our Black Belt certified trainers have plenty of experience both in delivering professional Lean Six Sigma programmes and in leading and contributing to process improvement projects.
  • Consistent Team Knowledge

    By choosing an in-company programme, you'll be training your entire team at once. They will receive the same knowledge, terminology, and level of skill. This makes introducing Lean Six Sigma to your organisation a much smoother and more efficient process.

Get Advice for Your Team's Training

We will be happy to help. You can click to ask a question below or call us on Freephone 1800 910 810. You can also use the “Get a Quote” button to request your customised training quotation from our Director of Training.

How is this Yellow Belt Training Delivered?

This course is very practical. There is a strong focus on equipping participants with a strong foundational knowledge and understanding of Lean and Six Sigma tools using the DMAIC process improvement methodology.

During the course, you will learn how to apply the DMAIC problem solving framework through discussion, and individual & group exercises.

You will also complete a short, open book exam which will test your knowledge on the DMAIC methodology. Once you have attended the training and successfully completed the exam, we will award you with a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certification.

Why Our Yellow Belt Course?

  • Understand Lean Six Sigma Tools and Benefits

    This programme introduces participants to essential Lean and Six Sigma tools. It is a great foundation for anyone interested in these cost saving methodologies.
  • Gain Advice from Expert Trainers

    Our Lean Six Sigma trainers have extensive experience, both working on Lean Six Sigma initiatives and delivering training. You'll benefit from their experience and advice during this course.
  • Achieve a Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate

    This Yellow Belt course leads to a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate, your first step in Lean Six Sigma certification. With such a rapid growth in popularity for Lean Six Sigma practices, certified practitioners are in demand in every sector.

Option for Progression

If, following this training, you want to dive deeper into Lean Six Sigma skills and knowledge, we recommend our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Course. This 5-day training and certification is a natural progression from Yellow Belt training.

We offer progression right up to an advanced Lean Six Sigma Black Belt through the International Association for Six Sigma Certification (IASSC).

Do You Have Any Questions?

You can ask us anything about our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training by clicking “ask a question” below, or calling our training consultants on Freephone 1800 910 810.

Next Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Dates

Online 3rd of June 2021 Live Virtual Reserve
Online 26th of July 2021 Live Virtual Reserve
Online 2nd of September 2021 Live Virtual Reserve

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Yellow Belt Training serves as a perfect introduction to the process improvement methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma.

We recommend this course for anyone who wants to begin learning how to make improvements in their workplace.

You can achieve a Professional Development Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt in 2 days. At the end of our practical training, we carry out a short exam that tests your understanding of the training.

The “belts” in Lean Six Sigma are certification references to various stages of knowledge and experience with Lean Six Sigma.

They are sometimes called “Six Sigma Belts” or “Lean Six Sigma Belts”, but both terms refer to the same certifications.

You can learn more about what each Lean Six Sigma Belt means in our popular article, “Lean Six Sigma Belts and Roles”.

We have limited places on each Yellow Belt Training date. The fastest ways to reserve a spot are:

  • Use the "Reserve My Place” buttons below to secure your provisional place. You’ll also find all upcoming dates listed on this page.
  • Call us at Freephone 1800 910 810 to speak with our training consultants about our Yellow Belt Training and secure your spot.

Yes; we often deliver our Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt as a tailored programme for in-house (in-company) bookings.

Read more about how in-company Yellow Belt training works in the "In-House Training" tab on this page.

You can connect with our live virtual training from anywhere in the world.

We run our classroom Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt courses in Dublin throughout the year. In-company (in-house) training can be delivered anywhere in Ireland. Our Dublin training venues are situated close to the M50, with free parking provided for all of our delegates.

No previous experience is needed. In fact, this Yellow Belt course is a fantastic introduction to Lean Six Sigma and process improvement.

If you’re new to Lean Six Sigma, or just want a short, practical introduction to the methodology, we recommend starting with Yellow Belt training.

If you have some experience with Lean and / or process improvement, why not talk to us about our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training?

This is a very practical, workshop-style course. Through a blend of theoretical and active learning, you’ll get to grips with the DMAIC Cycle (the framework for problem solving with Lean) and begin learning about Lean Six Sigma tools and benefits.

Our Lean Six Sigma certified trainers are highly experienced, both in the field of process improvement and professional training. They bring that expertise to every training they deliver.

At Yellow Belt level, you’ll be mostly focused on understanding how Lean Six Sigma works and gaining practical skills.

During the second day, we have a short, open-book exam. This exam confirms that you have understood the concepts and tools taught during the course.

If we haven’t answered your question here, we would love to hear from you. You can click below to ask us a quick question or request a call back from us.

To get in touch immediately, you can phone our team at Freephone 1800 910 810 or 01 861 0700.

We love to help!

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