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Management Solutions - Overcome Conflict Resolution Resistance

A Series of Guides & Tips for Effective Managers

No one likes dealing with conflict. Unfortunately, as a manager you have no choice but to address it when conflict rears its troublesome head.

You may find that having guidelines and the know-how for handling conflict will help you approach any sticky issue with more confidence.

Week 4: Overcome Conflict Resolution Resistance

The Problem:

"I find it hard to address any situations that could result in conflict or an awkward conversation."

Let’s Break it Down:

If you're putting off having a difficult conversation, that's completely understandable. However, leaving conflict simmering between team members, or indeed between you and a member of your team will result in poor performance, low morale and disruption for the entire team.

It's your responsibility to tackle any problems that crop up with professionalism and promptness.

Your 3 Step Solution

Get a Handle on Handling Conflict

5 minutes

1. Read Up Now:

Both articles below have reference points and guidance for dealing with conflict in your team.

2 days

2. Fine Tune Your Skills:

Practical learning and guidance from trainers with experience handling conflict in management situations can transform how you tackle a difficult conversation or situation in your working environment.

Our QQI Managing People course covers elements of tackling tricky situations. Take a look at the course content by clicking the "QQI Managing People" button below.
QQI Managing People

3. Practise and Reflect:

Make a commitment to tackle tricky situations as soon as you become aware of them.

This doesn’t mean rushing in all guns blazing. It means beginning to devise the right approach as soon as you spot the problem, and setting a time to speak with those involved as soon as possible.
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