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Why Do We Need New Manager Training?

Why Is New Manager Training Important?

We have always championed the practice of sending newly-promoted managers, team leaders and supervisors on some form of management training.

Many managers transition to the role due to length of time or a high level of performance in their knowledge area. However, they may have no experience with managing others, or leading productivity from a management role.

Let’s take a look at how management training can support new or recently promoted managers in making the transition.
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What are the challenges facing new managers?

At a broad level, everything below amounts to the challenge of achieving results and performing well. When you move into a new role, you’ll constantly have that aim in the back of your mind.

Learning how to handle any challenges that crop up, and mastering a new range of skills will help you in your ultimate goal of being a great manager.

1. Finding Your Style

There are so many different management styles. Before you do anything else, it’s really helpful to understand the styles and learn what feels most natural and effective to you. Deciding what kind of manager you will be will inform every other area of your work from here on in.

How can training help?

We cover a full module on what makes a good manager and understanding the different styles.
Finding Your Style

2. Get the Right Tools

The skills required to work as part of a team, and those needed to lead and support the team’s productivity are two very different sets of capabilities.

How can training help?

When you attend our 2-day management workshop, you’ll gain a strong, versatile management tool-kit. This focuses on delegation and time management, communication, problem-solving, and motivating your team.
Get The Right Tools

3. Shifting Perceptions: team member to team manager

This can be a particularly delicate challenge to navigate, particularly if you now manage a team you worked with for a significant length of time.

When you move to a management or team lead role, you need to learn how to subtly shift your role within the team, without instilling a sense of confusion or resentment.

How can training help?

Our management trainers bring their extensive management experience to every single course, and can provide tips and guidelines for handling this tricky process.
Shifting Perceptions

4. Learning to represent your team

Any management role will incorporate communicating across levels within the business, and representing your team’s interest and progress to others.

How can training help?

We dedicate an entire module on our management training to communication skills, with particular focus on clarity and communicating across all levels.
Representing Your Team
Making Training Practical and Relevant

Ensure You Choose Training with Impact

There are so many different options available when choosing training for new managers. It’s important to select an option that helps to meet your top priorities. We’ve chosen to work within the following criteria to make our management training both relevant and engaging for managers:

  • Practical Skills

    It’s no good reading a lot of theory online without understanding how these principles can be applied in real situations. During our workshops, we aim to equip participants with skills they can put into effect immediately within their role.
  • Relevant Material

    We work hard to ensure our materials evolve with changing approaches to management, and explore new ideas through online articles and guides.
  • Guidance from Trainers

    Our trainers enhance the course material with their extensive management experience and knowledge. They are happy to offer guidance and tips on your management situations and goals.
  • Answers to Challenges

    If the training in question doesn’t address the challenges outlined above, your team won’t get the skills they need to manage others with confidence.

Take Action and Overcome the Challenges of New Management!

Training is the first step in overcoming new management obstacles, and in getting into your stride as a manager. We've listed our most popular Management Training options below.

New Manager Course

Practical Skills

Our 2-day workshop offers a focused approach to gaining practical management skills.

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QQI Managing People Course


Take a more in-depth look at management, with our 3-day QQI Certified training.

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Tailored Management Training

Train Your Team

A customised management workshop to suit the goals of your business.

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Practical Skills & Confidence

New Manager Training

  • QQI Certificate: Optional Progression/li>
  • Gain: Practical Skills + Confidence
  • Styles: Classroom, Virtual, In-House
  • Locations: Dublin, Online, Onsite
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