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Course Focus

Project Management Fundamentals Course

Delivery: Live Virtual Classroom Training

Practical project management skills are essential for everybody who interacts with projects in any way. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to gain a strong understanding of, and confidence with the fundamentals of project management. This intensive, 3-day workshop is suitable for all experience levels.

We cover the complete life-cycle of a project, from initiation and planning right through execution to closing a project. We also provide the option to progress to certification for those who wish to do so.

Live Virtual Classroom Training

  • What: Virtual classroom training delivered by experienced project management trainers.
  • When: Click our Next Start Dates to select your preferred training date.
  • How: Connect from wherever you are with any internet-enabled device that has a web camera.

Next Start Dates

29th of April 2020 Virtual Classroom Reserve
10th of June 2020 Virtual Classroom Reserve
11th of August 2020 Dublin Reserve
6th of October 2020 Dublin Reserve
  • What Are the Benefits?
  • Objectives
  • Course Content
  • About Certification

Project Management Fundamentals: Course Benefits

  • Practical Project Management Skills & Confidence

    The syllabus for this course was designed to equip participants with everything they need to hold a confident understanding of best practice project management principles. We focus on a practical style of learning, contributing to confidence in your abilities to implement your new project management skills.
  • Versatility

    Gain skills you can apply to projects of all sizes in any sector. Those who attend this Project Management Fundamentals course will be able to positively contribute to any project team.
  • A Focused, Intensive Approach

    This workshop takes place over 3 consecutive days. Our course format means you won’t need to take extensive time out of your hectic schedule. You’ll be able to hit the ground running and put your new talents into action as soon as training is completed.
  • Advice and Guidance from Expert Trainers

    Our project management trainers have a wealth of experience leading and contributing to projects of all sizes and kinds. Throughout the workshop, they will provide you with guidance and tips for getting the best results from your project work.
  • Options for Progression

    This course runs in tandem with our Certified Project Management Course. Those who wish to progress to certification, can extend the course by 1 extra day. This day is devoted to preparing delegates for the assessment work required to achieve certification.

What Are The Training Objectives?

Following this Project Management Fundamentals Course, you will:

  • Have an introduction to the Project Management Institute (PMI)® Framework

    The syllabus for this course follows the methods outlined in A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). This equips you with a solid, proven structure for managing projects.
  • Be Familiar with Project Management Tools

    We cover a broad variety of essential project management tools during this training. You’ll become familiar with important skills such as developing a project charter and stakeholder plan, project scope, quality, risk, and change management.
  • Understand the Project Lifecycle

    The flow of this course content follows each stage in a project from initiation and planning through execution and closing a project. We go through the processes and techniques needed to navigate each stage successfully. This includes the following stages: Initiation, Planning, Executing, Monitoring, Controlling, and Closing.
  • Gain Confidence to Contribute to Project Teams

    This course is designed to begin building your confidence and capability as a project manager. Following training, you’ll have the understanding and tools to begin contributing to a project team.

What is covered in this Project Management Fundamentals Course?

3 Reasons to Choose This Course:

  • It's a fast, effective way to gain practical project management skills
  • You'll cover the full life-cycle of a project from planning to completion
  • You have the option to progress to a QQI Level 6 certification in project management

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction to this Project Management Course

    The Project Management Framework
    Project Management Institute (PMI)® and A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) - Sixth Edition
  • Module 2 : Project Initiation and Stakeholder Management

    Developing a business case
    Using a project charter
    Governance and Organisational Structures
    The role of the Sponsor, Project Manager, Project Management Team
    Identifying and classifying project stakeholders
    Developing a Stakeholder Management Plan
    Managing Meetings
  • Module 3: Planning The Project

    3A: Project Scope Management

    Planning the Project Scope
    Using a Work Breakdown Schedule (WBS) & a Scope Statement

    3B: Project Scheduling

    Time and Resource Management
    The Time Planning Process
    Scheduling tools
    Creating a schedule baseline

    3C: Project Cost Management

    Estimating Costs
    Developing the budget

    3D: Project Change Management

    Change Control Procedure

    3E: Project Risk Management

    Methodologies to identify risk
    Using a Risk Register
    Analysing Risk
    Developing Risk Responses

    3F: Project Quality Management
    Introduction to quality management
    Defining SMART quality performance metrics
    Quality Assurance and Quality Control tools

    3G: Project Procurement Management
    Contract Types
    Selection Criteria
    Vendor Documents
    Evaluating Tenders using Weighted Grid Techniques
  • Module 4: Executing, Monitoring and Controlling the Project

    Monitoring and controlling the project baselines: Scope, Schedule and Cost
    Controlling changes, assessing impact, updating plans, authorisation and sign off
    Monitoring and controlling risk, procurements, quality and stakeholders
  • Module 5: Closing the Project

    Essential steps to close a project effectively

Progressing to Certification

We run this course alongside our 4-day Certified Project Management Course.

Anyone attending the 3-day Project Management Fundamentals Course has the option to extend their training to include the 4th day of certification preparation.

How Do I Get Certified?

The certification offered with this training is a QQI Level 6 in Project Management (course code: 6N4090).

To achieve this certification, you will need to attend an additional day of training immediately after the 3-day workshop, and complete the required assessment work successfully.

Participants must complete a Project Portfolio of Work (70%) and a Written Assignment (30%) in the 8 weeks that follow training.

We provide guidance and a detailed assessment brief for anyone undertaking the QQI Assessment.

Learn More

You can visit the Certified Project Management Course course page by using the "Learn More" button below.

If you would like to get advice from our team about which course is right for you, you can call us at Freephone 1800 910 810 or click "Which Course for Me?".

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Course Brochure

Project Management Fundamentals Course Brochure

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Project Management Fundamentals - Who Attends?

Who Attends?

We recommend this course for anyone who wants to become confident with the principles and practice of effective project management.

Frequent participants include:

  • Those who would like to become project managers.
  • Those who have recently begun working as a project manager, or as part of a project team.
  • Business owners and directors who want to understand the principles of good project management.
  • Experienced project managers seeking to refresh their skills and gain new ideas and approaches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Although it’s always helpful to have some experience or awareness of how projects run, this course is an excellent foundation for beginners.

This is a very practical course. You will apply your learning to an active or hypothetical project (you choose your project before beginning training). Through applying what you learn to a project you’re familiar with, the training has maximum impact.

Project Management Fundamentals is a skills-based course, without certification. However, we offer a very convenient option for participants to progress to QQI certification (see below).

If you decide to opt for QQI certification, you will need to attend a 4th day of training immediately following the initial 3 days of training. You will also need to complete and submit assessment work in the 8 weeks following training.

There are 2 fast ways to reserve a place on one of our next Project Management Fundamentals dates:

  • Click any of the “Reserve My Place" or “Reserve” buttons on this page.

  • Contact our training consultants at Freephone 1800 910 810 to reserve your spot.

All of our public project management courses take place in Dublin. Our training venues are located within easy reach of the M50, with complimentary parking available for all delegates.

We provide the physical materials (slides, course stationery etc.) for this course. You will need to choose a project to work on during the course. This can be a real or hypothetical project.

Our project management training team are certified and experienced, both in the area of professional training and leading projects.

Yes, all of our training programmes are available as customised, in-house training for groups. You can learn more about our in-company training by visiting our Project Management Foundation course page.

If you have a question we haven’t covered here, we would love to hear from you. You can call us at Freephone 1800 910 810 or click below to ask a quick question.

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