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Build a Strong, Motivated Team

This Team Building Workshop is designed to be effective for teams of all sizes, in every industry. Over 2 days, we'll cover core skills that every successful team needs, such as communicating clearly, problem-solving, and handling conflict easily.

This workshop is available as a tailored, in-company (on-site) training programme in any Cork location. If you'd like to attend a public course, take a quick look at our "Public Course Options" below.

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3 Reasons to Choose Team Building

There are many ways your team will benefit from participating in a team building workshop. Here are our top 3 benefits of choosing customised in-company training:

  • Improved Morale & Motivation:

    The enthusiasm and fresh ideas we see from participants in our team building workshops inevitably lead to a higher level of productivity and employee wellbeing.

  • Addressing Your Team's Challenges:

    Running a customised workshop at your Cork premises enables us to tailor the content to include any goals or issues you are facing in your business environment.

  • Cost-Saving Training Format

    Our per-day in-company training cost makes this a really cost-effective way to train your entire team.

Team Building for Individuals

This particular Team Building Workshop is structured for teams and so is not available for individuals to attend. However, we do offer excellent open (public) courses for managers and team leaders who want to learn how to motivate their teams for best-performance. These courses run in Dublin throughout the year.

QQI Managing People Course

QQI Certified - Duration: 3 Days

Gain a comprehensive management tool kit and work towards a QQI Level 6 certification during this 3-day Managing People workshop. This course is suited to managers and supervisors of all experience levels.
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Management Training Course

Practical Skills - Duration: 2 Days

Over 2 days, you'll gain practical management skills that you can apply in any working environment. We recommend this course for those who want to develop confidence and capability as a manager, but are not seeking certification.
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Communication Skills

Interactive Workshop - 2 Days

Learn to communicate with clarity, listen effectively, and walk the fine line between assertiveness and aggressiveness with this 2-day Communications Skills course.
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